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  1. Color on the rifle barrel. Did a couple rounds of glazing on the pants. They definitely look better at table top distance. More jeans look and less urban camo look. And his badge is progressing.
  2. Oh, I've seen that one. :) It's not the only hobby I hoard for...
  3. I could see where 2BB might help, but I think that technique is further down the road of things to learn/try.(What? There are only like 3 techniques in this hobby, right?) NMM is higher up the list, I think. I'll have to look at it from table top distance tonight. And probably re-do the pants a bit. Thanks.
  4. Yeah, the face is a bit soft. Not a lot to do about that. :) More dilution on white-ish paints. I'll try to remember that tip. Good point on being able to do the highlights over. I tend to forget that I can just repaint them. Thanks!
  5. Thanks. I should probably judge it from further away from the figure than a close up photo. Should have time for more painting tonight.
  6. I, ah, might also have a few ship models on various shelves...
  7. I've got all three Bones sets in my hobby room. And a ton of Dark Sword. And the remnants of my GW stuff after they annoyed me enough to get out of their games. In other words, I'll be painting until the heat death of the universe. :)
  8. This will be for use in the game, so the face may not bother me as much as it does in this picture. I'm not sure if it's the sculpt or something I did, or both, that makes it unappealing so far. I'm liking the way the shirt and vest are turning out. The highlighting on the pants just looks weird. It may be better at tabletop distance. Would a glaze of the mid tone over the pants make them look a little less strange? Thoughts?
  9. I like the way the pants have turned out. Not so happy with the eyes at this stage. They may look better when I get the mask done. Hopefully. They're deep in there and a bit of a pain to get to... Does the highlighting on the green shirt look too stark? It really jumps out when I'm looking at it through the magnifier. The pictures look better than that view, I think. Thoughts?
  10. I'm not entirely sure I like the blue of the belt sash. Should I make it a leather brown? Something else? My next step is the cloak, which is going to be a stormy blue/grey. Thoughts?
  11. I think I'm happier with the face than most of the ones I've painted. Haven't gotten to the eyebrows to reverse that trend, though. :) I'm thinking I needed to thin the highlight on the cloak. It appears to be a bit too stark of a transition from the mid tone. Thoughts? Glaze over that color with the mid tone? The staff snapped off the other day. That wasn't an intentional change. :) Thoughts?
  12. That face on Bergun is really nice. I like the white on Kristianna's armor pretty well the way it is. Maybe her headband could use a little detail? I think the squire's tabard might look a little better with more shading down the middle of the while insignia?
  13. Oh, just what I needed: a reason to look at Dark Sword's site again. SIGH. I like the eyes not looking straight ahead.
  14. Thanks! It does seem like more than a few people have painted him.
  15. Simple, clear figure. Took a stab at some OSL on the pitchfork tines. (I confess that a lot of OSL on faces and such just doesn't appeal to my aesthetic.) The eyes look a little off to me. Was following the Betty Davis Eyes article found around here. They look a bit asymmetric, though. Does give him a bit of a wild look, though. Thoughts?
  16. Returning to figures after a multi-year absence seems to be theme tonight. :) I like the one with the flail. I sure hope the hands on that sculpt represent some sort of magic items. Holy not to scale, Batman.
  17. I like this guy. Nice detail without going overboard. I think I got eager to move on to another figure before I was completely done. It shows in the buttons and the pistol. I kicked myself a little when I saw another example the other week where someone has removed the gun from the figure. I should have done that in the beginning. I'm pretty happy with the red jacket and the beard. Comments?
  18. Nothing fancy, just practicing/getting back into the swing of painting.
  19. Started this one a couple, three years ago. Then went on a hobby break. Came back and decided I needed to Get Something Finished. :) The cloak looks a little more chalky in person than in the picture. Probably what I should have done was to have glazed over it in the base blue just to soften that up. I was, though, a wee bit impatient to get the figure done. More practice to get the dark lining more controlled and less messy, too. I was happy with the orbs. Comments?
  20. As a cat dad, I have to say: awesome!
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