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  1. It seems to be quite finished :)
  2. Thanks for the info, it helped a lot :)
  3. Cool, thank you :) Both Chronoscope and Savage Worlds?
  4. What kind of bases does Chronoscope AND Savage Worlds miniatures blisters include... these ones ...or these ones? I would love 'em with the fist ("bordered") one for a cool gaming project :)
  5. These are a couple of easy terrain pieces. Quick to be done and nice (and useful) looking on the battefield. The first one is a weird driftwood and the second one is a group of polyestirene rocks. Both based on old CDs.
  6. This is an old piece of terrain I made years ago (from mid 90s, I think) that I've recently rebased (on a CD) and repainted. Just a poliestirene menhir with a runic mark. Truely easy to do.
  7. [Haven't read it before, sorry for the repost] This is a small feature I would find sweet. Sometimes I spend a loooong time surfing through Reaper's catalogue planning what to add to my next order. But, there are so many miniatures I like, that sometimes I miss a few of them when I finally make my order some days later. It would be a nice (and easy to do) idea to add a wishlist feature. What do you think?
  8. Thanks Anne :) The first piece is made from a vine but I also got a piece made from a bizarre driftwood, hope to show it later ;)
  9. Let's add some stuff to the Terrain forum. Here are a couple of tree terrain models: a fallen tree and a group of chopped trees. Both of them are easy terrain models made with real wood, just glued to the bases and inked to add texture. The fallen tree is based on an old CD (an easy and non-bendable base). The chopped trees may be used on their own as an ex-forest or added to a bigger non-chopped forest to add variety.
  10. It looks really pulp to me :) I would add some fungus-like plants and some swampy areas just like this: http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=39014.0
  11. All the awards for that tartan :) I feel like Metalchaos about the rings.
  12. Is there any clue about when this sweetie will be released? I'm delaying my next buy since I fist saw her and, you know, I need more Reaper minis! :)
  13. Canon colors but the chainmail over gambeson upgrade.
  14. Painted with the canon colors.
  15. The miniature allows you to paint even the eyes, but it would be hard and nobody would see them; I think it works better if you leve it "shadow hoody" :)
  16. Love this model :) Painted on traditional wood elves colors.
  17. Showing the game in cons is great, but it's not the only - nor the best way to make a game popular in 2012. If you conquer the internet you will conquer the real world. I want to follow my example about Corvus Belli. Corvus Belli is a small company in Galicia, Northwest Spain, Europe. It gots familiar origins (a couple of brother and sister and brother in law along with some friends). It isn't really big these days: the whole company employs 17 workers (along with freelance sculptors and painters). They began making 15mm historical miniatures. Thanks to the money they earned with this minis they invested into a ci-fi wargame they were working on for several years: Infinity. I bet you all know about Infinity but, how a humble game like this have become so popular? Internet is the clue. I don't know how popular Infinity is in the US, but in continental Europe (yup, in UK the whole world seems to go 'round GW stuff) it's kicking hard. And no, there was no need of an organized expedition of physical demos to Germany or France: everything gamers needed was online. -All the new realeases were published fully painted on their web each month. -You can buy starter packs AND you can see those packs painted. -You can see all their Infinity catalogue painted, you can swim on their web and see each faction, see each mini... that temptes you to buy this or that army. -You can see battle reports on beautiful tables. If you see pictures of a battle on a huge ci-fi city that moves you, it makes it look cool, not "just another skirmish game". -You can download a free sample pdf rulebook. I must keep focused on how important a free pdf is. People can download a b/w rulebook without full color pictures or so, but they can learn how to play it. Once they have learned about the game they'll buy the miniatures. And, when they are playing it with their friends, they will buy a printed rulebook (yes, because playing with a bunch of photocopies sucks). Please, think about this: you don't want to sell a rulebook and then sit down to see if people jump into your game, you want them to buy your miniatures. Some people will buy the rulebook and some of then will buy miniatures and start playing it but, what if anybody can get the rulebook? Then anybody could star playing (and buying miniatures)! It's not an impossible quest, Reaper could make wonderful things if they spend no more than a week of hard work (mostly taking pictures). I've seen their Youtube videos, I've seen their gaming tables... and they rock! And I bet they (workers or friends) own Warlord warbands: just show them to the world! Make it visually atractive. We live in a visual world. Don't spend time on this, invest time in your game, invest time in your company! I got a halfing warband painted, my gf's crusaders are nearly finished and I'm working on my Darkreach warband. When I got this work finished I'll share it with the spanish-speaking internet comunity. I think the game is really really cool, I think Reaper's miniatures are among the finest fantasy miniatures around the world, and I want to share this amazing finding. I just wish Warlord wasn't so hard to be found. PS. Please excuse my awful English :P
  18. I think this blog may be interesting for you all: http://bloodybeast.com/ (click on Warlord tag) Warlord bands' pics and battle reports... yeah!
  19. Please allow me to point a few things even if I'm quite a newbie here. There is a problem that can't be completly blamed on Reaper: there is no Warlord presence in the internet. I'm trying to aproach Warlord, but I can't find Warlord related material on the web. There is an article at gameboardgeek, and a couple of posts at BoLS. And that's almost all. I would really like to see Warlord on the fans' blog. If I don't now too much about the game I want to see pictures. Pictures are very important in today's world. I want to see pictures about how a Warlord army looks like. I want to see pictures about how a Warlord battle looks like. And I want to read some analysis about the system itself and how a battle works (battle reports). It's not about how "small" the company is: Corvus Belli is a familiar company on a small city in northwest Spain and their Infinty may be found on a myriad of sites around the web. And (this is another different but important point) you can download a free sample rulebook from their web. If you are a miniatures company you want to sell miniatures; a rulebook is really important, but it is a way to get the people into your miniatures. I'm really sorry for my awful English. Greetings from Spain, Europe.
  20. so much to be painted...

  21. A quick look on the first Reaper miniature I've painted. The amount of detail (and those right proportions) is amazing compared to other manufacturers. Humble paintjob anyway :)
  22. In fact I took the pics from the online store, but due to your clues I've found the post you are talking about. Thanks indeed :) http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/43288-14590-liela-dark-elf-sorceress-warlord/page__hl__dks
  23. I really love the look of the skin in this model, but I have no clue which are the colors used to get this. Any idea about what colors are used? Multi brand color equivalence is welcome :)
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