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  1. I made a French lentil soup last week which was OK, but not inspiring. About two weeks ago I made a really good, if not entirely authentic Goulash. I don't know what will come next in the soup department, but split pea or oxtail barley would be good. (The latter might be more for me than any of my immediate family members) I have also been asked to make beef rouladen at some point soon, which is at least a braise, if not precisely what I think of as stew. In general, braises and stews are my favorite cooking methodology.
  2. I quite like “Hamlet” You’ll be fine as long as you avoid Danish royalty.
  3. I used to live in Waltham, MA, which is known as "the watch city", in honor of the Waltham Watch company. I personally like the name, and I still think the old Watch factory is a lovely old industrial building, even if it's been converted to apartments and commercial space in the past 10 years.
  4. I don't know if anyone is still waiting on this, but the Mantic/EasyArmy partnership builders is online now for 3rd edition. The way it's set up suggests that they may be planning to add options for their other games too ... some day. I omitted the link because the site includes a paid subscription option, which means commerce, but you can use it for free too.
  5. Yeah, I remember the book from my youth, but I'm not sure I ever knew there was a movie version. I'm not sure what I would choose, but based on the events of the book, nothing that can fly or make a serious ranged attack. I'm in charge here - I'll not risk having my toys overthrow me!
  6. For snacks, I tend towards savory over sweet. It might be beverage-dependent, but I am almost always drinking plain old water at snack time. I wish we could trade for a day. My body manages sodium *pretty* well, but a really salty meal can lead to mild swelling due to retained fluids. It's not likely to have serious short-term effects on me, but it's something to watch. If it starts happening regularly, it's badTM.
  7. You did a wonderful job bringing out the details of its face and expression.
  8. I love the color palette you used. I also really like the sculpt. It definitely holds up as a delightful work.
  9. Just wait until you move on to the "b" section of the library. It'll blow your mind. Don't even get me started on "c"...
  10. The only caveat I can think of is that this is mostly based on the hotel and event space contract. If, for some reason, things are online again, the date could theoretically shift
  11. Oooh yeah. Chestnut gold was another good one. Edit: Based on Reaper_Jon's comments, I wonder if it would be possible/practical to special order a few small-batch classic colors to be delivered at the next in-person ReaperCon. I can't imagine needing 10 bottles of one paint for myself any time soon, but I could imagine finding a group of friends to share them.
  12. I haven't internalized the whole list, but I am going to miss the olive drab triad. I'll miss the Khaki shadow and stained ivory, but I think I can work around them.
  13. Happened to me? Nothing comes to mind. The external events of 2020 have been pretty relentlessly terrible. For things we've done for ourselves, Lady Klarg and I took a vacation back in February which was very nice. I have been able to be there for my father during some of the hardest times of his life.
  14. I have no children - I advise you not to take my advice.
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