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  1. Today I had a preliminary technical interview for a job at a local company. It was my second in the past week. I'm just barely starting out, but I am already sick of interviews.
  2. I'm honestly not sure. Years of traveling to gaming conventions and hanging out at game stores has brought me into contact with a bunch of industry people. There are obviously a lot more whom I haven't met, but I'm not sure who I would put on my wish list. At this stage, I think I would much rather get to hang out socially with Industry people whom I have already met, but only see at mile-a-minute events when they are super busy. (I don't want to name drop, but it would be nice to get to hang out with people like @TaleSpinner at a time when neither of us have to be anywhere for a few hours.) I've met him, and we were both perfectly friendly towards each other, even in the middle of certain crowd-funding... events. It was a side effect of meeting the Chuck Walton at Gencon. Chuck was super nice, and I am delighted to have a photo of the two of us together, and some of his original pencil art hanging on my wall.
  3. Take them off. Indoor slippers / house shoes optional.
  4. I won’t say never, but generally no.
  5. It's hard for me to argue with basic literacy as a foundational element of how I live my life. After that, probably basic social skills.
  6. @TaleSpinner's Goroloth 1. Super-science level medecine (the current crisis did not change this answer) 2. Faster-than-light travel which somehow avoids time travel issues 3. Giant robots
  7. I already answered this, but I will give honorable mentions to: A moose Some big antelope in India's Ranthambore state park. (Way too long ago to remember the species name) A tiger in the same park. (She was with her cubs and clearly eating. Tigers really are hard to spot from a distance.)
  8. I'm going to have to go with this as well. ~35-40 foot humpback whale is probably the biggest animal I have seen anywhere, captive or wild. I've been out whale watching a few times in my life. Once, a large whale cruised right under the boat from port to starboard. That gave me a real appreciation for scale.
  9. This is pretty much my approach.
  10. Yesterday, lasagna. Today for lunch, grilled cheese (made in a pan with plenty of butter). Tomorrow, coq au vin. If the weather holds Monday, we may break out the grill for burgers. If food delivery arrives as anticipated, Tuesday will be Portuguese costeletas de porco a Alentejana.
  11. I don’t know where to begin. Yes: from old favorites to new discoveries, I miss many options.
  12. A t-shirt and sweatpants. I have a few phone calls to make today, but no video, no going out, and nobody to worry about but family and cats. Wait... is hiding in dark alleys and punching people not the accepted form of celebration world-wide?
  13. Mostly normal springtime bird things. Except for the turkeys. The turkeys are taking over man.
  14. Stay awake and hope for the best. If it's really bad, or I am afraid of waking Lady Klarg, I might sneak out to another room to read for an hour or so before trying again.
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