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  1. I saw @Reaper_Jon's Discord announcement, but the RCon website wouldn't load for me. By the time I tried again, it was all sold out. When I looked just now you could get rooms as "low" as $240. (Actually, it dropped to 230/night when I included Sunday night. That night must be extra cheap!) Booked for now, but I'll check back later to see if something better comes up.
  2. @Pegazus What's your print deadline? I'd love to be on the card again, but I am not sure I will be there just yet.
  3. Not very. and the vast array of adhesives I have accumulated through hobbying has made me more dangerous, not more handy.
  4. Bonus question first: Of course I missed you! Who else is going to make me jealous of Dutch cookery this week? Actual question: I basically sat on an anaconda to help it's keepers measure it. If push came to shove, I'm pretty sure it would have held me and not the other way around. Does that still count?
  5. Lady Klarg and I have already gone on one trip as things began to open up. I am also cautiously optimistic that I will get to go to ReaperCon this fall. My flight and hotel are booked, and my con ticket purchased, but conditions could still change in the next five-ish weeks. Fingers crossed! I don't expect to do any other personal travel in 2021, but work travel is a strong possibility. Not sure where that might take me.
  6. Without further context, I will assume some kind of "classic" chili con carne. That's what comes to my mind by default. This list would also work with "Texas Red". Given that, I am likely to have corn bread, shredded cheese, sour cream, and chopped onions on the table. If I'm feeling fancy (Or bored), there are at least half a dozen other optional toppings I might add.
  7. It depends Very much this. I'm just coming up on one year at my current job, and I rather like the company. I think I will eventually want to move on to a slightly different job and industry, but I am in no hurry. Maybe in another year or three. Having said that: To answer the question a little more directly, if a company that interested me came to me with a position better geared towards my current career goals and skills, I might take it sooner. I would almost certainly try to score a 10-20% raise, but most small-medium companies don't pay that well. On the flip side, it turns out that there are a few large tech companies that I shy away from even when there is a prospect of a substantial pay raise. (I haven't actually gotten an offer, but I have had a couple of invitations to go interview)
  8. My town contains two major universities in close proximity. One competes in a famous (but no longer tp-tier) collegiate league which covers all major sports. The other is famous for having clubs for all manor of obscure passtimes. I doubt there are many legal options uncovered. (Depending on whom you believe, many of the illegal ones may also be covered.) Edit: Auto racing is covered, but only in one format. I suppose I could name a Touring, Rally or NASCAR style racing team. Hmmm...
  9. I'm significantly behind on the project I don't really want to work on, but next week is my first planned vacation in a long time, so I'm doing my very best to check out and relax for a while. It's not easy. The silver lining is that nearly all the people I work with seem to take the idea of time off pretty seriously, and genuinely seem to expect people to not work while on vacation. I appreciate the people.
  10. Sshh!! Don’t tell them! Tourist dollars don’t grow on trees* you know! [spoiler] * - Except between late September and mid October. [/spoiler]
  11. You will probably Lose some detail, but it might be worth it. That texture is pretty severe. if you have a brush-on gloss varnish, you could test the process on a big flat area of his coat. Targeted repairs for the sword, coat, and face might go a long way.
  12. Keep in mind that this is also the society that thinks the browser is the Internet.
  13. At one point I was talking to a visitor from Iowa about how far apart various towns in my area were. She became frustrated with me for the fact that my first answer was invariably a measurement of time rather than distance. Why? Where she lived distance was distance. 100 miles would take about 10 times as long to cover as 10. Here in the dense and twisty Northeast, distance is not nearly so helpful. Google says it is around 9.5 miles from my place to my old office, but 6.5 to my dentist. It is much more useful to know that the 9.5 mile trip will take 15 minutes in the middle of the day but the shorter trip will take 20. It’s a funny kind of place.
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