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  1. klarg1


    That makes a lot of sense for full-time underwater humanoids. If you treat @Rainbow Sculptor's nereids as somewhat amphibious, wouldn't neck gills displace a bunch of musculature needed to hold up their heads when out of the water?
  2. Im pretty sure it’s already an enthusiast’s hobby. 3D printers probably just need to get a little faster to challenge it in the near future. Still, not sure which I’d choose for myself.
  3. If you need a 4-6" square base, you might want to consider picking up a cheap bathroom or kitchen tile from your local home improvement store. I have used them for palettes in the past, and they rarely cost more than $0.50 at that kind of size. (unless you go for a fancy, specialty tile)
  4. I have definitely repurposed a few Bones for KoW. As a cross-over gamer myself, I would very much love it if Reaper put out variant sculpts for more of their assorted troop/race types, but I suspect that there is a rapid point of diminishing returns once the pure RPG-players and the hobby painters are satisfied. You (usually) really only want 5 or more different poses if you're trying to build whole units.
  5. I bet Lady Klarg would support installing one of those as a custom cat tree
  6. klarg1

    Dwarven Forge KS6 Caverns Deep

    So much yes to this.
  7. I agree that modern and Sci-Fi have trouble selling at the numbers we see for other genres (outside of 40k's market dominance), but I am not so sure that historical gamers are the majority of the miniatures-buying market in terms of dollars spent. Certainly, when I look at game store shelves it does not look that way to me. I strongly suspect that GW fans, role players, and assorted other fictional gamers add up to at least as much, if not significantly more. Now, I have no data to back up my instincts, only anecdotes from local stores and assorted conventions. I'll spare you any of that, because it shouldn't convince you at all. I would be very interested to see data that tells me I'm wrong.
  8. klarg1

    Cloud Giantess: Yephima 2.0

    Awesome work! I love the idea of painting a second one as Athena; would you try to add a classic helmet? I have seen a lot of depictions with a her wearing a helm tipped back to reveal her face. It seems like it would be challenging, but also cool looking.
  9. klarg1

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Back when I was in college, my university's graphics lab was a leader in some elements of VR research. (Actually, they were just good in general. Lots of alumni from that period landed at Pixar, ILM, etc.) I had no involvement in that work at all, but as a student in the department I did get to check out the "CAVE", which was an early VR environment, with a full helmet, control glove, and 3 wall+ceiling screens to create your world. It was very primitive by today's standards, but it was cool at the time. Since then? Not much. I tried out Pokemon Go's AR before I figured out how to turn it off.
  10. I'm reserving judgement until I see more. I truly love Bob's skeletal pirates, but for $50, I need to know what else I'm getting before I decide.
  11. I'm guessing the pre-colored translucents are so-colored so that they will appeal to non-painters, who simply want to drop them on the table. Painters (most people on the forum) can make something else of it, even when re-coloring the tint isn't an option.
  12. Do you think a 25mm base would fit on the deck between the cabin and the rail? That'd be pretty awesome.
  13. Im good with that size. If it was custom made for me, it might be about 10-15% smaller, but I can work with that. Is the arm supposed to bend that far? To my highly untrained eye it looks like it’s about to fail spectacularly. Am I way off base here?
  14. that’s a pity. Still, I can understand not wanting to make multiple versions of such an expensive specialty item. Even if the production cost us the same for both versions, it introduces a bunch of downstream costs. Two versions means two orders at the manufacturer, two SKUs to track, two items to have to stock in the warehouse, etc.