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  1. I'm significantly behind on the project I don't really want to work on, but next week is my first planned vacation in a long time, so I'm doing my very best to check out and relax for a while. It's not easy. The silver lining is that nearly all the people I work with seem to take the idea of time off pretty seriously, and genuinely seem to expect people to not work while on vacation. I appreciate the people.
  2. Sshh!! Don’t tell them! Tourist dollars don’t grow on trees* you know! [spoiler] * - Except between late September and mid October. [/spoiler]
  3. You will probably Lose some detail, but it might be worth it. That texture is pretty severe. if you have a brush-on gloss varnish, you could test the process on a big flat area of his coat. Targeted repairs for the sword, coat, and face might go a long way.
  4. Keep in mind that this is also the society that thinks the browser is the Internet.
  5. At one point I was talking to a visitor from Iowa about how far apart various towns in my area were. She became frustrated with me for the fact that my first answer was invariably a measurement of time rather than distance. Why? Where she lived distance was distance. 100 miles would take about 10 times as long to cover as 10. Here in the dense and twisty Northeast, distance is not nearly so helpful. Google says it is around 9.5 miles from my place to my old office, but 6.5 to my dentist. It is much more useful to know that the 9.5 mile trip will take 15 minutes in the middle of the
  6. Re: Defragmentation and using disk for memory (disk swapping) It’s worth noting that modern flash media specifically measures its lifetime by how many times you can write to it before it wears out and stops working. Regularly rearranging your disk can accelerate that quite a lot. Cheap, high capacity disks can also suffer from write wear, although this is not as universal. @SparrowMarie it doesn’t sound like your computer is likely to be suffering from either of these problems. This is more of a general PSA. The advice you’re already getting from other peopl
  7. The blast chiller classrooms are a thing of the past. I cannot stress this change enough as a positive. The basic experience of hanging out with fellow hobbyists and taking classes has not gone away. It's a bit different to do it in a hotel ballroom rather than the factory, but not unrecognizably so.
  8. I'm not sure how the mechanics of transfering a ticket from one person to another would work (I recommend contacting Reaper through their [email protected] address), but you will almost certainly need to go through Growtix for class registration.
  9. How will we get bingo cards!?
  10. I'm not thrilled to have to race for a limited resource, but I’m very happy Reaper is taking things slowly and cautiously. Im also not used to the idea of 1000 people being a “small” ReaperCon. We've come a long way since my first time.
  11. I am still a bit on the fence about going. I'm sticking with a cautiously optimistic "wait and see".
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