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  1. I picked up a MnG ticket. I’ll miss BBQ at the factory, but at least I won’t need to scramble for a ride. ReaperCon is definitely maturing into a bigger category of convention. haven’t decided on the gaming pass yet.
  2. I remember last year being higher grade than just hot dogs and burgers, but that's not a guarantee for this year. Hard to guess, especially if they now have to price in a large-scale mini.
  3. I think my last tour was during the two years at the PEC. Not as long ago, but not recent. It’s like looking in a mirror…
  4. You know? It's been a really long time since I've taken a factory tour. Maybe this year is the time.
  5. I would assume that your games are enough of an institution by now that Reaper will at least try to accommodate your scheduling needs. No?
  6. Weekend badge purchased, expensive out-of-block room booked. Now the waiting can commence in earnest.
  7. klarg1

    Home Safe

    I got home safely about two hours ago. I'm exhausted, but it was wonderful to see so many of you again. I'm already making plans for next year. The only problem along the way was a nail in my dad's tire. We enacted a temporary fix and got Lady Klarg to drive us home the rest of the way. (All of about 30 minutes extra travel time).
  8. Agreed. There were only 2-3 people ahead of me in line in terminal E. Apparently, we’re the only people leaving DFW today.
  9. I saw @Dilvish the Deliverer arriving slightly before you did, so I’m sure it’s in the building somewhere.
  10. Against all expectations, my flight left on time and even arrived 15 minutes early. I am at the Embassy now. It feels odd after so much time. Good, but odd.
  11. Baggage fees, creative packing, and wishful thinking. I am not at all prepared, but I am at the airport waiting to leave.
  12. it’s at the factory, right? If so, I think that’s 9062 Teasley lane, Denton.
  13. @vegascat and @Geoff Davis if we’re all arriving between 11 and noon, Wednesday, I’m game to split a ride three ways from DFW to the Embassy. Currently, I am scheduled to arrive at DFW terminal E at 11:06 on the 31st.
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