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  1. It does not. You should still do that. Just remember that we want them alive, wolf.
  2. We could have a board where people post Reaperbuck bounties for anyone who brings the right person in for signing… so who’s going to print the “Bounty hunter” ribbon for next year?
  3. If you paint it, bring it with you next year and ask Dave for your prize!
  4. You were the one unchecked box on my card this year. Next time I’m hunting you down early! From Denton’s heart I spit my last paint at thee, so to speak.
  5. Would he consider running a game or two? I chatted with him a bit while you were teaching Thursday and it seemed like he might have been up for an RPG slot if one were available. Running the game guarantees your seat.
  6. In the past I have only really had issues with signing very dark squares (as based on relevant art). Some people solved this with metallic sharpies or other bright colors, but a small white circle would be a great place to check off a square. I recognize that not everyone wants to pay out for a snazzy, personalized stamp for this purpose.
  7. I am jealous of the full week off. I always leave ReaperCon full of project ideas, but here I am stuck in an office not doing hobby things.
  8. Got home a short while ago. Cats don’t seem to have caused undue trouble, but want to talk about the lack of cuddles for the past 5 days.
  9. I breezed through security and boarding at DFW. Should be departing for home soon. No painting this time, I’m going to try to get a nap on the way.
  10. Arrived. Checked in. Had lunch with @Dalok. I'll head downstairs to hangout shortly.
  11. Wow. It’s been a while since I posted anything to show off. A local friend challenged me to paint a mini while flying (via commercial aircraft), and I decided to take her up on the challenge during my 4 hour flight to Denton this year. For once my flight was smooth, on-time, and empty. It’s a spooky experience. I figured I should post the results before something terrible happens to me! Not bad for speed painting in a moving vehicle!. I should note that I had the Darkreach fast palette, pure white, and brown liner with me on the plane. That went a long way towards dictating my color choices. My brown liner sort of exploded from the pressure change, but I was able to keep it pretty contained. We’ll see how it goes when I’m back on the ground. We’re about 250 miles from Dallas now, so I’m packing up. Hopefully I’ll see some of you in a couple of hours!
  12. Getting an early start on the con…
  13. I am at the airport a little tired but generally ok. Flight boards in about 45 minutes update: …and I’m boarded. On to Texas! Holy carp is this flight empty.
  14. I think I’m packed. I know I stopped packing. Hopefully, I’ll be on my way in roughly 10 hours.
  15. I’d give it a shot. I can’t recall my evening schedule off-hand, but I’m sure something is possible. I’ll probably use a pregen, but you never know.
  16. I came to work early do that I would be pleasantly surprised that I only have an hour to go right… about… now. 🎉
  17. The best I can determine is that my plane will be a late flight out of Raleigh tonight. It *should* spend the night here and then head to Dallas first thing in the morning with me aboard. None of that accounts for random cascade effects from shutting down multiple major airports in Florida tonight or tomorrow. It also looks like I could change plans and fly to Dallas at a shockingly low price if I somehow get out of work and leave right now. Perhaps in another life…
  18. Prove to me that you are the size you are and I will award you the coveted new edition “1:1 Scale” ribbon.
  19. By this time tomorrow I should already be angry that my flight has been delayed by an hour. … or I could be on my way. Place your bets.
  20. I hear you can borrow one from @Corsair
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