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    Dwarven Forge KS6 Caverns Deep

    I just got my shipping notice... for a single Ice Tray. I guess I should expect the same thing Talae received?
  2. These figures vary between games and editions too. Reaper gives their best effort, but they are never going to win the "right size" game. I think he looks cool, so I want one. If I actually paint it that will be awesome. If I also get it into a game: bonus!
  3. I do notice that movie people have some impressive arm strength for that kind of thing.
  4. klarg1

    Odd Citadel product

    I don't think so.
  5. Error 65535 seems suspicious. I know nothing about the system in question, but anything which falls on a power-of-two-minus-one boundary tickles my "something blew up in the software" sensors. (65536 being 216)
  6. It is a almost a natural law that all adventurers begin play with a backpack, and no miniature comes with one. Yes, I know there are exceptions to this axiom, but it sure seems to be the norm.
  7. penicillus seems like the best match I could find. Going back Latin->English, one of the suggested translations was "paint brush". To go deeper than that I would have to do research. @strawhat "sicarius penicillum" doesn't seem right, because there is no verb. A direct translation might be to use the genetive plural for penicillus, so "sicarius penicilorum" would literally be "assassin of the paint brushes", but I'm not sure the idom stands in Latin. I think it might just mean "the assassin belonging to the paint brushes", which doesn't seem right. To get something like "one who kills/destroys paint brushes". I think you want something more like interficit penicillos: “[He] kills brushes” Anybody want to correct me? I haven't studied Latin in 25 years. I got help from @Pingo when I was composing the Latin phrase in my own signature. (“Someday it will please us to paint these things”)
  8. Like a lot of people, I am pretty much over zombies in general, not just in miniatures. It actually pains me that I might have to buckle down and buy/paint a pile of them for Kings of War next year. (Oddly, I still cheerfully buy skeletal undead. Go figure.) Beyond that, I feel that the general Tolkien-inspired RPG fantasy races are pretty played out, at least in the traditional Medieval European theme. There have been some interesting efforts at translating them into alternate cultural themes, and I still find some of those appealing.
  9. Definitely yes. I have used many brands over the years, and continue to experiment. My current painting uses a mix of mostly Reaper, with a little bit of Scale75, and a tiny bit of Vallejo, but that is just the paint of the moment. I have at my hobby station, (roughly ordered by quantity from memory): Reaper Master Series Scale 75 (distant second) Reaper HD Reaper Bones Vallejo Model Color Vallejo Model Air Vallejo Game Color Windsor & Newton Artist Oil Secret Weapon Washes Games Workshop Contrast Citadel / Games Workshop (mostly really old) Green Stuff World Army Painter Tamiya Enamel Inks Badger Style & Rez Iron Wind Metals / Ral Partha (bought when the did a re-issue of old paints a few years ago.) Privateer Formula P3 (I think I only have one pot of red paint, but I use it from time to time) I also have some Dwarven Forge terrain paints some place, but I honestly can't remember where. I also have some Golden and Liquitex craft paints, but I almost never use them for anything other than terrain, and not always that. Back in the '90's, I had a couple of Poly-S paints, but never really liked them. They worked well for a while, but no matter how much I mixed them, they always seemed to turn to mud after a while. . . . I... think I might have a problem.
  10. Is that getting changed? I picked up one of the 4 maps + tundra map + map tube packages. I thought maybe those bundles were how they implemented the free tubes.
  11. Not that I recall, although it seems like a fine way to get materials. I suppose I should add that if I ever complete my last diorama project, I specifically designed the dragon in the piece to be removable. In theory, I could build a second base to house it alone.
  12. I am getting most of the miniatures I want with the four packs in my bloodnamed bundle, although the "Inner Sphere Retaliation" pack is tempting. Most of what I still want to add is "other": I would like to give out Urbanmech plushies as gifts to a few select people. I would like duplicates of some of the fancy neoprene maps, so I can double up my play area for certain terrain types. I would like new printings of some of the rulebooks with the latest errata. I would probably like something else I'm forgetting. All that is expensive. Even a pretty conservative reading of what I just wrote runs over $200. Bones add-ons can definitely wait.
  13. I upgraded myself to "bloodnamed", and added a few items. There are a lot of miscellaneous items I'd like to add (more maps, dice, etc.), but I had to draw a line some place. A lot of the things I want are $30-40 items, and add up very quickly if I try to push much beyond my current order. Bones is coming, and I am not made of money.
  14. Sort of. I was stuck on the train, waiting at a train station, because another train in the system was broken and waiting to be cleared. In these situations, they can usually move trains back and forth past blockages, but it slows things way down, and each train has a tendency to reach a station, and then sit there with the doors open for 5+ minutes (rather than 30-ish seconds) before moving on to the next stop. It also means that there are fewer trains per unit time for the same number of passengers, so everything becomes crowded and uncomfortable. I commute on a subway system, which makes clearing disabled trains a major bottleneck to keeping things running on schedule. (Everything is in a closed tunnel, so there are many fewer places to route around problems, or move a crane in from the side to remove obstructions.)
  15. In case anybody is wondering, I did eventually make it to work. It just took an extra 15 minutes or so (on top of a normally 40 minute commute) You can call off your search parties, and/or stop dividing the loot.
  16. Standing around on a crowded subway train because the system is broken this morning. Woo.
  17. I'm glad you're through the test, and feel better than the last time. Awesome! Time to try to relax.
  18. klarg1

    The Making of Arakoth the Ancient

    My purpose is much more about drawing/sculpting arachnids in the future. Cutaway views are less common that whole photographs, and I am unwilling to dismember a real spider to see it. It'd be cool to see a final version too.
  19. Sort of? I backed CMON's Rising Sun Kickstarter primarily for the miniatures, but so far I have played the game a lot more than I have painted the minis.
  20. If this doesn’t show up as a playable game in 2020, I shall be very disappointed.
  21. klarg1

    The Making of Arakoth the Ancient

    I love the sculpt, and I think I am also saving your screenshot of the isolated cephalothorax and abdomen with no legs to my own reference library. It's really helpful to have a view of where all the various appendages attach to the body with nothing in the way.
  22. klarg1

    The Making of the Bones V Goroloth

    Thanks for the history, Andy! I'll echo what others have said: I love the Goroloth, and I was happy to see it early in the Bones V campaign. It was one of the first things in the project that grabbed me as new, different, and must-have. I doubt I'll ever stop buying dragons and other mythical beasts, but there is no shortage of those in the industry. A 'plausible' feeling ancient, alien, fish-monster is much rarer. I don't know that I trust myself to actually paint two of them, but I already have a picture in my head for how I want to paint the first one. I'd love to see a Gorgonopsid (or better, a group 3 in varied poses). Maybe you and Wiebe should just get together and negotiate how to divide up your favorite ancient critters ahead of time.
  23. klarg1

    Battletech Thread

    The Halberd and Khan make a pretty plausible Warhammer and Locust, respectively, especially if you swap the Halberd’s gun pods for single guns. The Imperator would make a good Marauder, if you added a top gun.