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  1. Commuter vehicle or chauffeur, depending on capability and configuration.
  2. Probably MSP Walnut Brown 9136 Honorable mention to the MSP neutral greys triad (9088, 9089 and 9090)
  3. Probably a 40-ish pound dog. Second place: cats. Third place: squirrels.
  4. I haven't baked anything recently, but I try to bake a few pies every year.
  5. I have not. I can say that my attempts to glue together the gelatinous cube mini were not very successful. I'll go back to it at some point to try again.
  6. Does @buglips*the*goblin count, or is that for April Mascot's Day?
  7. If we ever get out of this blasted quarantine, Islay is on our list. Lady Klarg and I visited in the Speyside region a few years ago and got to visit a few distilleries. We need to get over to the other side of Scotland to experience the peat and smoke first hand. (Plus I needs another bottle of the Aberlour 10. It's surprisingly hard to find around here. )
  8. I do, or at least I did. I haven't played either in quite some time.
  9. The human forearm is very unusual in its ability to rotate to turn the hands all the way up or down, but the wrist joint itself doesn't really turn much. I can't really tell how the monster's radius and ulna have been positioned relative to the palm, but that would be the key to getting it "right". (For some Gygaxian definition of "right")
  10. I don't expect to make any changes until CGL makes some kind of official announcement about shipping/waves/etc.. I don't think we can reliably predict how things will shake out, and I have to believe that a massive delay in wave one will have knock-on effects on wave 2. I remain hopeful, but then - I've been spending my personal lock down painting stuff for my Kings of War army rather than Battletech, so I'm in no rush.
  11. Eaten directly as a dessert, pudding. (especially using the British definition for "pudding", which greatly broadens my options! ) I don't much care for jello. For gelatin-based puddings, I would probably pick chocolate. For anything labeled "pudding" in North America, probably rice pudding or bread pudding. Of course, rendered gelatin is what makes stews, braises and barbecue so delightfully tender and succulent, so if we allow all applications, I'm picking that.
  12. Probably a milkshake, but I am flexible on the subject (although the milkshake must be made with actual ice cream). I don't think I've had a float of any kind in many years.
  13. sausages (normally pork) with enough non-meat starch filler that they swell and partially burst while cooking
  14. I'm sorry Mr. Boot walked into that, and that you both have to deal with it. If it helps, your car probably doesn't have to be quarantined for a full two weeks. As I understand it, inanimate objects are pretty safe after a few hours or days. (Of course, sanitizing the interior couldn't hurt.) Locally, the governor announced a long list of new rules going into effect today or tomorrow. - Schools are closed (they may go online where possible. Daycare is not included in the closure) - Events of 25 people or more are banned - Restaurants can serve take out or delivery, but eat-in dining is banned - Elective, non-urgent surgeries are canceled in the state - Hospitals and nursing homes are to ban visitors to patients (they will try to get technology in to provide virtual visits) - Individual municipalities are "free to add their own restrictions" Lady Klarg and I are staying with my father for unrelated reasons, and all three of us have risk factors for COVID-19. We've been canceling most of our social visits and staying home much more than usual.
  15. There is definitely no standard answer for this. It depends on what's in the fridge to cook, what's in the fridge to reheat, how much energy I have, how may day went, how Lady Klarg's day went, how willing she is to cook, how clean the kitchen is that day, phase of the moon, day of the week, how long it's been since we had delivery, how close I am to a hobby-related deadline, what it says in my horoscope, a reading of the knuckle bones, atmospheric pressure, traditions of the cult of Ba'al, consultation with a priest a rabbi and a horse, how long since I last hobbied, and possibly... whim.
  16. If we’re being technical, I think lack of top crust makes it a tart.
  17. In my experience, an open container of cow's milk begins to smell pretty sour before the "best by" date ever arrives. I will admit that I have not run the experiment of buying a container of milk, keeping it sealed and refrigerated until "best by", and then opening it. I would drink it if it smelled fresh.
  18. I will be having pie, although I did not have time to make it myself. Im not sure what pie I would call “most interesting”. Maybe New Zealand mince? It was suggested by @Dai-Mongar, and was pretty tasty.
  19. I'm also concerned that many smaller restaurants, shops, etc. will simply go out of business if things lock down for very long.
  20. Even on those occasions where I decide to let YouTube adds play out a little bit, they seem to favor showing me extremely long, 2-3 minute ads. SKIP!
  21. Available, and for just $7.99! hmmm... [What? I'm still sitting on nuclear-krill.com. ]
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