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  1. At this stage, I’ve come to actively resent the three clocks in our apartment which still do not have the good grace to adjust themselves: The oven, the microwave, and the thermostat.
  2. People have mentioned a lot of shows which I enjoyed as a kid (some of which I still like, others of which I would probably disavow if asked today), but the show I would really go out of my way to never miss was "Star Blazers" / Space Battleship Yamato. There was a lot of imported space anime in the '80's. Not bad? I can't say that I enjoy jet lag, but I usually manage to push through it. I don't have any really deep techniques to it. The big thing is to try to adjust my meal and bedtime schedule to local time as fast as I can, even if it means staying in bed awake for a while. Travel is tiring enough that it usually works out, but not always.
  3. I was within 15 feet of Steven Spielberg three times in the span of 5 years, but never met him.
  4. March might actually be good for me.
  5. Points off for not typing this as "W.A.I.A.P.C.T.A.D.T.T.B.T.D.T."
  6. Based on personal circumstances, which have nothing specifically to do with hobbying, I am hoping to to the reverse. Come in like a comatose lamb, but go out like a lion. (The first part is achieved )
  7. When I first learned how Alfredo sauce was actually made, I became angry I had ever paid for it. ”Heat some butter and cream until they thicken a bit. Add some cheese and maybe a little garlic if you feel fancy.” Of the whole process takes more than ten minutes, something probably went wrong. “That’ll be $17.95. Would you like another glass of marked up wine?”
  8. I never bothered to check before today, but it seems that the nearest Red Lobster to me is over 100 miles away in Connecticut. Needless to say, I’ve never tried it, so I will not even try to judge. Despite being a New Englander, I don’t really much care for lobster, although I don’t think I would have categorized it as “smokey”. If you enjoyed your latest experience, I would encourage you to try it again.
  9. For what it’s worth, there was a metal black orc from the same era which was a very similar sculpt, but with better detail.
  10. Im glad you’re home, fed, and healing. Your ordeal sounded impressively painful, and I am happy to hear that it was treated successfully.
  11. Update on weekend family troubles: No need for anybody to do anything, but your positive thoughts are appreciated.
  12. I agree. Except for the open mouth, it sounds a lot like the basic black orc plastic trooper of the mid-90’s era.
  13. Wargames, yes. Good terrain makes for great tables. For RPGs, I like the look of fancy buildings and things, but almost never make use of it. It's all grids or "theater of the mind". To a large degree, this is because RPGs tend to change location and settings way more often, and require more detail. In combination, that makes the use of beautiful terrain considerably more work.
  14. I have planned on it many times, but never completed it. The closest I came was completing the general model for my old Warhammer Vampire Counts army on Halloween. (More coincidence than plan)
  15. I don't want to bring down anybody's weekend, so I've spoilered all the broccoli below.
  16. Informally yes, very much. I have not really done a lot of formal class instruction from the teacher side.
  17. I've done it,especially in my army painting youth, but I don't do it often outside of army/skirmish games. So... Warhammer, Kings of War, Battletech, Dropzone Commander, etc. If the duplicates are going to appear in the same place at the same time (as with a squad / army), I will often try to customize them in some way (unit numbers, insignia, pose, added gear, etc.)
  18. When you work(ed?) with putty, you have a particularly structured, and naturalistic approach to converting from reference materials, and sculpting anatomy from inside to out. I think a class on "sculpting from nature" (or whatever) which discusses how you go from real-world reference to base anatomy would be really interesting. Given the restrictions of class time, maybe you could handle reference and armature as lecture, and cast some base armatures at home, so students could some hands-on bulking out of basic anatomy in class?
  19. Slow. Every now and then it's fun to try out speed painting (even timed speed painting), but it's really not my style.
  20. for most crock pot type recipes, the texture of the beef depends mostly on cooking it long enough for the collagen in the meat to break down so that it turns from “boot-leather-tough” to “fall-apart-tender”. I usually brown my meat before simmering/braising/whatever, but I agree that it is not a vital step.
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