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  1. For a while I was playing a nomadic barbarian in a Pathfinder campaign. He kept wondering why “civilized” folk insisted on building monster-filled stench dungeons beneath their homes.. Just seems like a crazy way to live.
  2. There has definitely been a lot of inflation, but Part of it is that Reaper is simply handing out bigger denominations to start. I don’t think I’ve ever won something purely on the strength of the Reaper bucks I earned during the con. These days, VIPs get 500 Reaper bucks just for showing up, and the one Reaper buck chip is a thing of the past. I also think it’s hard to put enough items into the auction to keep up with the number of attendees, while still keeping the auction to a reasonable amount of time.
  3. Notably, ReaperBucks are the only currency accepted at the auction. Internationally recognized national bank notes need not apply. As @Heisler likes to point out, the only real price at the auction is 'free'.
  4. I have been very close to miniatures being cast at the Reaper factory, but aside from that, not really. I have used some terrain stamps, but I'm not sure that counts. One of these days I'll pick up some Hirst Arts molds and change that answer.
  5. You're entitled to vent occasionally during a long, hard treatment process, and I am glad you're still here talking to us. With any luck, forum shenanigans will cheer you up a little along the way.
  6. I very much like your shading and color contrasts! Great job.
  7. Isn't the BLR-1D from one of the historical books? I think it ditches the missiles for armor and heat sinks
  8. The Regult Scout pod darn near broke me. Get thee back, foul demon of temptation!
  9. Have you recently been stung by any kind of radioactive and/or bioengineered arthropods? Are supervillains common in your neighborhood?
  10. This. @SparrowMarie I only had time for a quick look, but there is a lot of text without much color or imagery on the top level pages. I would suggest adding some photos or graphics. If you are trying to build up commission work, I would suggest putting photos of some of your favorite work on the front page to get people excited about what you can do.
  11. Bones are marketed as "ready to use or paint right out of the package". Whether that is true or not depends a lot on the user, as much as the material, but I think @Smokestack's point is a good one. I have definitely thrown some white plastic Bones on the table with no prep or painting when I needed something to stand in during a game. (I have also painted Bones, both with and without primer.)
  12. 10mm - Dropzone Commander / CAV(?) / GROPOS 6mm [1:285] - Battletech I also paint for some space-based games, which don't always list their specific scale, but often run along 1:1000, 1:10000 or similarly microscopic scale.
  13. I made some minor last-minute updates before things close down. I think everything I am still mulling over is wave two, and can wait.
  14. I hope this isn’t too political, but I am genuinely curious: Isn’t virtually all use of THC already a federal crime on it’s own? Am I out of date?
  15. with different figureheads, they won’t be identical.
  16. I do not have a 3D printer, although I’m sure it will happen some day. I do conversion work, base sculpting, etc. I don’t have any pictures immediately handy though.
  17. Mostly pretty mild reactions in the form of “you painted those?” ”how do you paint so tiny” etc. I guess I’d classify that as benign lack of comprehension. On the other hand, I knew Lady Klarg was a keeper when she saw me put on the optivisor to paint, and didn’t bat an eye.
  18. Both! For RPGs I use a combination of cattle mats, blank maps, printed maps and “theatre of the mind”. Everything is fair game. War games tend to depend much more on the particular game. Battletech is nearly 100% pre-printed maps (I own dozens). Skirmish / mass battles tend to be much more free form. I own a dremel, and use it moderately often. I regularly use an air brush. I mostly use hand tools for the rest, but I have used a power drill in a few basing projects.
  19. Y’all make me feel downright restrained. *looks into closet* ...or perhaps not.
  20. I enjoy seeing other people’s cosplay, providing it is in reasonably good taste. I do not cosplay, partly because I simply don’t have the time or drive to practice all the new skills I would need for costuming. I *might* have a costume for ReaperCon this year, but if so, it will mostly be purchased rather than home made.
  21. How badly do I want a resculpted Marauder II and Crusader? Badly enough to pay for an extra lance pack? Hard to say.
  22. It's great that you checked in! I am glad you are able to get the training you want, and that it's going well, even if it may be overwhelming.
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