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  1. I do not have any children, and would get some strange looks if I attempted to participate. I imagine I will get an invite to a friend/family member's kids event at some point, and I would probably attend. Right now, most of the likeliest candidates are still in the 2-5 year old zone, and not ready for major athletics.
  2. If we allow for submerged depth, I think , my personal record is somewhere around 30 feet. In my defense, I had breathing gear, but no submarine. I was roughly 7 when my friend Tim got me into Dungeons and Dragons (to the extent that we were capable of absorbing the rules). I didn't do anything miniatures-related at that time, but I assembled a few model kits around that age too. We mixed red box Basic D&D with AD&D pretty freely at the time. I think I painted my first miniature around age 12 or 13. It would have been for Battletech, which I got into some time around age 12 with the 2nd edition box set.
  3. As crazy as it may sound to some, especially first time attendees planning their trip: The main reason I go to ReaperCon these days is to hang out with friends and artists (and friends who are artists) in the main painting area. Classes and games are icing on the cake.
  4. Interesting measurement. Starting in less than a week, my east-west bounds will be Kailua-Kona to Auckland (Discounting a plane change in Honolulu). North-south, I get Queenstown, NZ to Seattle, WA. Oslo, NO I have been to Canada several times, but it turns out that Seattle is farther north than Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal or St. Johns. Go figure. Update: In terms of maximum/minimum altitude (measured while standing firmly on dry land), I think my range is from the bottom of Death Valley to roughly the height of Denver. 2nd Update: Oslo has Seattle beat by more than 10 degrees of latitude. I am an idiot.
  5. Not until last year. (January 2019) Lady Klarg and I spent out honeymoon in New Zealand, resulting in two crossings - one to get there, and one to return home. (She actually doubled up by attending a conference in Sydney later that year.)
  6. The March goal always seemed optimistic to me. Catalyst doesn't provide as much tracking information of "boats on the water" as Reaper does, but I was expecting an announcement like this before too long. If they get wave 1 out the door by mid-summer, I shall count it a resounding success.
  7. I just got a shipping notice for my tote bag and die pack.
  8. Yes. Dice are probably the most jealously guarded communal items in gamerdom.
  9. Made a big pot of oxtail and barley soup* yesterday, and just enjoyed a bowlful for lunch. This batch was a new recipe which was more work than previous versions, but which both Lady Klarg and I enjoyed more than the last batch. (Still good, but not as good.) It turns out that a little bourbon added to the soup base brightens things up just enough to bring out all the more complex flavors. Notes have been taken. I wish I had some crusty bread with me.
  10. You know... a Star Colonel should really have a proper cluster to command.
  11. Not in a very, very long time. I *have* purchased a "mug of dice" from the Chessex booth at a major convention, but it was random. I consider that one of those bucket list items checked off. I occasionally purchase individual dice based on color, but through sorted and curated retail displays (again, conventions), not through loose bins.
  12. It varies a bit over time. Certainly, counted by model count, war gaming miniatures dominate. In terms of hours spent painting, it's probably much closet to 50/50. Among the things I would like to do is to arrange my life so that I can have enough regular painting time to make conscious decisions about how to balance such things, rather than trying to cram in quick projects right before deadlines. (tournaments, painting contests, etc.) My regular home RPG group has been running for over 20 years, although membership has ebbed and flowed a bit. I have been gaming with two of the members since high school. (The group, as presently constituted, originates from our college days, and I was not involved in it until a couple of years after it launched.) I have been in other groups which have lasted a couple of years here and there for various purposes. I was in a regular Battletech group for about 5-6 years. I am in a Pathfinder group for about a year and a half now, but the group was going for at least 2-3 years before I showed up.
  13. I know I have a copy which I painted for Warhammer *cough*mumble*cough* years ago some place. Just not sure precisely where. Around here, nobody fielded "special characters", but he made for a decent "generic elf hero on griffon"
  14. He used to be one of their second-tier named heroes. Rode around on a griffon, 'e did.
  15. I am paid to sit in a chair, bathed in fluorescent and LCD screen lighting. If I lean over a bit, I can see out through the windows. It appears to be partly cloudy today. Edit: Actually, looking up, I think the ceiling lights might be LEDs, not fluorescents.Progress?
  16. If there is a place where a deadly spider farm might exist to benefit from a bumper crop, Australia is it.
  17. This is me with just about any 4X game which captures my attention even a little bit.
  18. You see? We didn't even mention a name, just a state, but still we summoned him from the depths!
  19. I haven't booked a flight yet, and probably won't for at least a few months, but I plan to arrive Wednesday afternoon. Like a lot of others, I am open to sharing rides if I can arrange it ahead of time. That discussion usually starts to really heat up a couple of months before the event. @lscrep, you didn't specify where you are coming from in New England, but, for what it's worth, American and JetBlue run a number of direct flights from Boston/Logan to DFW. My favorite flight for ReaperCon arrives around 4pm, but there are several others. There are other forumites coming from CT, NY, etc. You might be able to get flight information from them, if it would be helpful.
  20. Not super often, but it certainly happens. Part of the limitation is probably that I avoid beekeepers, which means (I suspect) that I also avoid many of the most intense and engaged threads.
  21. I usually use fresh cream, a little sugar, and an electric hand mixer. No reason for me to do all the work.
  22. Catalyst sells record sheet books in PDF form. They contain individual record sheets for each variant. For stuff in the original TRO3025, you will want to fund Record Sheets: 3039. You should be able to find them on DrivethruRPG, if Catalyst hasn't changed anything.
  23. For this one, I am genuinely not sure. I've gotten three Bones core sets (starting with the original Vampire box), all at KS prices. I split a Warhammer 4th edition box set with a friend of mine roughly 25 years ago (can't remember the actual retail price of the day). I know I've gotten some metal boxed sets for various games, but I can't specifically recall any topping $100. I feel like there must be a more expensive boxed set in my possession, but nothing comes to mind from memory.
  24. The Ice Hellion logo seems very hard to make out in either photo. Still debating on whether to spend on dice or not, but I am leaning towards "not".
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