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    I collect and play mostly miniature games. I love the hobby aspect of it and the more of a story you can create with them, the better.

    I really enjoy making terrain. I figure if we put so much effort into painting our figures, they deserve a great place to explore.

    Other interests include going to conventions, movies (I studied film in University) and wine. I am also a foodie who likes to explore places through their food.

    I subscribe to different podcasts and often listen to audio books while painting. My favorite TV shows are Doctor Who, Sherlock, QI, Big Bang Theory and Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

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  1. wow. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I am so far behind on my painting cue that thinking about the next Bones worries me. Then I see the amazing sculpts and know I will be "all in" like all the other times. I miss going to Reapercon.
  2. Very neat project. I'm a little confused about the multiple mat dollar amounts. Is this for multiples of the same graphic or, if you buy multiples, can you pick different images as long as they are the same size?
  3. Awww. Rocket Grapple Arena was awesome. Thanks. I really like that game too. It is really popular when we bring it to other conventions because it is easy to learn and you can trash talk. :) Who know, I may just bring a thing or two for a pick up game. I guess it all depends if Dan is driving or not as I won't do the "flying with a gaming table" again.
  4. Still too early to figure out my flight as I'm not 100% if I will be able to go this year. I have a hotel room booked but I will have to travel solo. If I do go, I will do my normal Wednesday to Monday trip as I like the both the meet and great as well as a relaxing dinner on the Sunday. However, with Brad not going and not knowing Dan's schedule yet, it will be hard to organize any games. It was also really tough to get people to the sessions we ran last year. Decisions, decisions!
  5. I liked the different class formats last year. For sessions that were more designed to be a lecture, they were bigger and had A/V to help people see (it even worked most of the time). For the hands on classes, the size was pretty much the same as previous years. I had a mix of both last year and enjoyed them all. Gotta love artists sharing the love :)
  6. Love the mottled yellow on the underside of the wings.
  7. The triads are a great start for skin tones. Like the others have said, I tend to cover the skin area with the shadow colour and work my way up. The biggest trick for me was not to be afraid of the "ugly" stages. What I mean is when I add the next colour, I block it in without worrying about blending. then I make a think mix of the dark and light colour and smooth out the transition. It works for me. The other tip for doing skin that is not your typical colours is to add a skin tone colour to the mix. So, even if I am doing a red devil or a blue ice giant I mix in a flesh colour into the colours I'm using. It tends to give the skin a more "realistic" look. BTW, most of my skin success has to be given to Wren. She is an amazing painter and I learned a lot from her courses at ReaperCon. Kevin
  8. hmmm.... I guess it is time to start looking for flights. It looks like I might be the only one from my group attending this year. With all the other conventions we go to and the exchange rate, getting to ReaperCon is a bit pricey for the group. Everyone still loves Reapercon - just have to make the finances work.
  9. Yep, still waiting for the rest of my Dungeon Saga stuff. All they sent me was the basic game and none of the add ons. I'm a little concerned on their communication as well as their "oh well" attitude.
  10. I love the Walking Dead but, from my experiences with their other projects, I will not be backing this one. Their fulfillment system is too accident prone and, when mistakes happen, they aren't quick to either respond or resolve. At this point, I will just wait to see if it comes to stores if the product is any good.
  11. No, and makes me wonder what happened. I know I enjoyed talking with them at ReaperCon and after wards. Wow. That explains why communication went silent after ReaperCon. I was talking to them about helping with logistics and production for their Canadian supporters since I own a logistics company and have an 80 Watt CO2 laser. They were really gung ho at the start but everything died down very quickly - Even before we go to negotiating prices. Now I have to look into designing my own stands for my paint and brushes.
  12. I believe Reaper said something earlier about shuttle between the hotel and the convention centre (don't kill me if I'm wrong). If this isn't the case, organizing group transit is not a bad idea. We could also look into a cab rate from the hotel. Many have minivans and it may be even more economical than renting. Just brainstorming.
  13. Well done. You did a great job. One of my pet peeves with stonework is when people paint them all the same colour instead of shading individual stones to break it up. When you add some random coloured stones into the mix, it looks so much more realistic. I can't tell from the last photo - did your final steps hide the stonework you did with the different colours?
  14. Fantastic looking crew. They will look great on any gaming table.
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