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  1. Are there any particularly good tutorials or examples of this? I've done some searching and most of the time it is "Here are the colors I used and this is what it looks like when done." This is fine for a good overview but I was looking for a step-by-step if there is a good one. THanks! Harliquinn
  2. Heheh I know the physical differences in appearance. I meant is there a reason why one would be more useful over another? (Besides losing the red caps?).
  3. Is there an actual difference between those and these: Here which is what I ordered? John
  4. Got my 1oz bottles the other day. They are a little bigger than I anticipated but that's okay. I finally got all my Reaper paints poured into these (Including the mixing skulls, can't leave those behind). I did notice some of my paints had gotten some chunks in them, I hope those go away with some addition of extender or float in the future (Would hate to think they were getting too old). Anyways, so far I love the bottles. No more screwing and unscrewing a cap, little to no mess and easier to mix :) I even printed out labels on my printer and had professional looking labels for each bottle (I know too much free time *laugh*). Just wanted to recommend these to others. :) Oh yeah and there are paints I'm missing! John
  5. I know Ral Partha had a great series of Mimics back in the day. They had a chest, a chair and a bed mimic. Very cool looking and there were non-mimic forms for each mini so you could surprise your players. I don't think they are available through Ironwind Metals but you might find some for sale somewhere if they have older stuff... Sorry for all the non-Reaper links *grin* When you've collected minis as long as I have you come across almost everything. John
  6. Well here's some more links: From IronWind Metals (Formally Ral Partha) Pack Animals From my friends at Dragglestown: Multiple Horses, Mule, Horse, Camel, Multiple Mules, Multiple Camels. Hope this helps... Yes, the Squirrel is cute :) Harliquinn
  7. Okay I'll try again :) (Since I enjoy a challenge) How about something from Old Glory? Selection of Chariots John
  8. Walnut...for lining and using as a base for dark colors. I think Hawkwood is a good base for flesh, mixed with a lighter or darker color for tone.
  9. Guessing this is okay... Like these: War Gods or War Gods or Warhammer Not sure if those are what you are looking for... John
  10. Anne and another person at Origins recommended western-plastics.com. I called them and placed an order. However, in 2 days they hadn't gotten back to me about how much the order would be. I checked online and found another distributor (SKS Bottles) and placed an order with them. here is a link to what I ordered (About .30 each with lid and cap) http://www.sks-bottle.com/340c/fin21.html
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