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  1. VERY nicely done! Nice basing and sculpting. My only note is that the moss seems a little coarse to me, but that's minor!
  2. https://337042985562...&attredirects=0 Click download to view the figure (boobies alert) and I don't think it actually downloads to your hardrive, it just opens a new tab in your browser. Presented for your viewing pleasure, Pearl the Mermaid, with a very tiny diorama of stacked rocks and sand. Thanks for looking.
  3. I built this diorama around the bonecaller figure, also added a ghoul leaving his grave and some Reaper tombstones. Made the tree out of wire under sculpey and the terrain base is foam, epoxy and talus.
  4. Having as much fun making interesting bases and tableaus as the painting!
  5. Awesome. I just thought that when people were referring to "green stuff" that they were talking about the liquid stuff, and it seemed outlandish that they could do some of the things they were saying with it-- this makes more sense!
  6. I'm new to this craft, so when I went into the art store and bought some supplies (almost at random) I threw a bottle of LGS into my basket thinking it was a paint. Got home and checked it out and thought it was too thick to be paint and it sat on my shelf for a few months until I started looking at this forum. It appears it's used as a filler, but it seems to have more uses than that. If you don't mind, I'd love to hear how everyone has used it in it's various ways.
  7. Nice work! The orc is interesting to me because I've painted so many so far as I've been learning technique. Your orc is rendered in simpler, flatter almost cartoonish hues whereas mine was darker and dirtier with lots of washes, drybrushing and the like. The end result is startlingly different from mine-- and I love that you can apprach these in such radically different styles.
  8. I'd like to eventually get some kind of pro or semi-pro macro camera/lens setup, but right now I'm finding the best I can get is from a Sony video camera shooting in still mode using the "tele-macro" setting. This is a craptastic technique for sure, but it kind of works. Thanks for the lighting tips and feedback! You're absolutely right-- some rim lighting would REALLY help-- and that's not the cameras fault, that's just laziness on my part!
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