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  1. Hi everyone. With Kuro I also got some of Mantic Game's new minis and am trying to get 'em all banged out and ready for gaming. So here's where I'm at so far. Not sold on the scheme yet. Considering going dark grey and a drab green. Similar placement. Just changing out light grey for drab green. Comments and thoughts on what I should do are appreciated! :)
  2. Thanks everyone for the support! My Wife was originally not sure I should post hers. But I thought she could use some outside encouragement. I keep telling her she's talented....like really talented... @ Thrym: lol that would actually be pretty cool. Sorry for misleading ya. Couldn't think of what else to call the topic. :P @ Youwashock: That would be pretty cool. Would have to have a pretty lengthy deadline for entries though. So hard to find time for things like this these days.
  3. It's been a long time since I posted anything. I got my wife into painting miniatures not too long ago and we painted some new miniatures for my brother's (kuro cleanbrush's) Pathfinder campaign. This miniature was pretty groundbreaking for me. I am quite pleased with the true metallic. For my wife this was her second miniature ever. I was quite impressed. :) Special thanks to Kuro for the pictures! 60113. Gareth, my miniature. I bold and tough fighter. The tank for our group. Married to Vaylia 03006. Vaylia, my wife's miniature. A kind and gentle cleric. The healer for the group. Let me know what you guys think!
  4. Thanks for all of the compliments guys! Glad the color scheme turned out good. I didn't think I could go wrong with Ezio's color scheme, but you never know how it will translate to a model sometimes. @Jordan Peacock: not to toot my own horn, but I was pretty proud of the browns on this model. I used all kinds of colors. GW Scorched Brown, GW Khemri Brown, RMS Bloodstain Red, RMSClotted Red, and GW Bestial brown were all employed. I'm gonna be real sad when my pots of Scorched and Khemri brown are used up. Those two work super well with each other and produce a nice leather look. A final note to those reading: GW Ceremite White is stinking awesome. I haven't dealt with the Reaper whites, but that white worked awesome on this model.
  5. This is the second mini I've painted for an up and coming D&D campaign. This one was a small comission job that I did for a friend. Sarin the ninja elf will be a strange dual personality elf (he swallowed a fairy.... I didn't make the backstory up, the client did) who more or less fails at being a ninja but is a loyal companion to Harken and company. I originally thought about doing more of a traditional black ninja scheme. But the client and I decided that it would better fit the goofy character by doing a "white" ninja look. I then took one of the most competent assassins color schemes and applied it to this mini. He was a lot of fun to paint, and I'm pretty happy with how the white turned out. I don't know if I care for the glowing eyes (it was especially hard to pull off because one of them is covered) but that was one of the most important things for the client to have on the mini. So I rolled with it and did the best I could. Comments and criticisms are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  6. No grey "works best" but having multiple shades of grey means you don't have to mix as much. Just add black to make a darker grey and white to make a lighter grey. To add life to the NMM you can add a tiny bit of blue to the shadows and light blue to the highest highlights. Here's a great NMM article I found while cruising the web. http://warhammer-emp...p?topic=10116.0 The mini is 03148 Jerach the Undead Hunter. A personal favorite of mine from one of my favorite sculpters: Matt Gubser http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/03148 If you need more help, don't be afraid to ask. The people around here are friendly. And, if you post pictures, we can give even feedback and tips that are more specific to your painting.
  7. Shameless self plug here. This is what I did on my last model. I worked up from GW Dheneb stone through white. The best way to do white armor is to make it light enough for register as white, but with only you highest highlights actually being white. You can also use greys and blues to shade white instead of an off white like ivory.
  8. Wow, this is awesome. Amazing work on everything. A few quick questions: are you using an airbrush on the trukk? And is that nmm or true metallics?
  9. Thanks for pushing me to go the extra mile and for the compliments, MonkeySloth.
  10. Ok, per MonkeySloth's advice I went back and worked on the sword a bit. Had some time to kill anyway. I know this isn't a WIP thread so I just reposted the pics with the updated sword. They weren't quite as photo genic, but still good.
  11. It's always a great paint job when you learn something. The metal on the shield looks good and the sword is getting there. The big thing to try next time is to go darker, like really dark. Metals only work if you've got extreme contrasts. Also adding a smidge of blue, purple, or brown into your shading will help the highlights stand out more. Thanks for the advice MonkeySloth. Yeah the sword might could use a bit more shading, but it really depends on how the light hits it. If you look at the sword straight from the side the shading it pretty dark (GW Codex grey if you know how dark that color is). I didn't want to go too dark on the middle side of the sword because I didn't want it to look "depressed" from the rest of the blade when it's really not. But we'll see. I got so frustrated with the sword at one point I was ready to fling the mini against the wall (and believe me, it's very hard to get me to that point). I finally got the blade to a point where I feel at adds and doesn't take away from the model so I'll probably leave it and move on to avoid adding more frustration.
  12. Now that you mention it, yeah the gold sorta does. Unintended cool effect :D . Might have been the result of using Reaper New Gold combined with Pearl White for the highlights.
  13. Thanks for the compliments everyone! The white was kinda funny for me. I bought the reaper ivory triad for the job. But that didn't work out...I was too yellow. So I used the out of production GW Dheneb Stone. I don't know what the appropriate reaper color is, but I think it would be in the bone triad over the ivory triad. The biggest thing is it has to be more "brown" and more "cold" than ivory. I think Dheneb stone has some cool colors in it, hence why it worked out. Basically the white is layers of Dheneb Stone mixed with GW Skull White. Dheneb Stone is how dark you start, and pure white reside on the VERY top of edges/surfaces. When necessary, very deep shadows were created by mixing a bit GW Khemri Brown with GW Dheneb Stone.
  14. Another mini for some D&D. I'm quite happy with this one. He was quite the adventure to paint, but at the end I think I learned quite a bit. I'm especially happy with my metallics. I learned quite a lot. The sword took me WAY to many tries but I'm pretty happy with the final results. Sadly it was kinda hard to photograph. It's really a combination of the "front" shot and the "back" shot. The top of the blad is silver, but the rest is NMM exept for the highlight on the lower edge of the second side of the sword (the middle one). My most recent pics have improved quite a bit though. The new camera really helped. Comments and criticisms are welcome.
  15. Sorry for the double post. Just a quick update. The mini is finally done. I went with a silver sword. It took me between 10-15 tries. Somewhere in there I stripped the paint with an X-acto knife and sand paper and tried again. I'm very happy with the final result and I'll try and get some good picks today or tomorrow. EDIT: Final pics here: http://www.reapermin...n-03148-jerach/
  16. Great job, MamaGeek! Been following this for a bit and I have to say I'm not dissapointed with the final result. On the subject of flames I have to agree with TaleSpinner. Just like with smoke, I'm assuming that the flames would sorta "light up" the clouds just like you see in explosions or clould to cloud lightning. Don't know how to go about painting that...but I think if you could, that would totally sell the effect. The clouds just seem too "untainted" considering that there are flames right next to them. Maybe dull orange or red glazes in the crevices of the clouds to simulate the clouds being on top of the flames. You could maybe do a bit more heavy duty OSL work on the side of the coulds facing the open flames. Just a suggestion, but like I said, never had to do anything like that so I dunno .
  17. Thanks for the compliments Metalchaos. Yeah I was talking with my bros more last night and that was the general consensus on the sword. I think the shield is gonna be the ivory and then the angel hooded guy on the front will get white wings and grey or dark blue robes. That's the idea anyway, we'll see. I'll try and finish him today and get some good pictues. Gonna try a different camera this time.
  18. Thanks MonkeySloth :D ! Should have worded my question slightly differently, that's good advice as to how I should paint it, but I was more worried with color ha ha (silver, gold, or red primarily). But thanks for the advice And on the camera stuff. I'm adjusting white balance to flourescent, but is there anything else I should be adjusting? My photography is giving you a good representation of the other stuff, but it IS really washing out the white.
  19. Another quick WIP progress shot. White's are still getting washed out even with me adjusting the lighting to be farther away. I'm very happy with how everything turned out. The gold especially. Just have the sword and shield left. Any suggestions on how I should paint the sword are appreciated.
  20. He's coming along slow but steady. My recent finger injury didn't help at all :P. Still trying to figure out how I want to paint the sword.... Still playing with my lightbox. Seems to be working much better than my old setup. The light from above kinda washed out the armor though. But if did highlight the unhighlighted gold :D . I'll probably try one lamp on each side next time.
  21. That is such an awesome mousling model. Good work! I feel your pain with the darklining of the miniature. That has annoyed me considerably lately.
  22. Using the Jerach model as a paladin in a D&D campaign. Here's my progress so far. Not sure about some of the colors at the moment, but I'll adjust as I go. EDIT: buildt myself a homemade light box. Seemed to work out well. And here's the artwork that I'm basing his scheme off of. Comments and constructive criticism welcome.
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