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  1. The Nolzurs one is a different sculpt. In it Boo is in Minsc’s hand and his sword is resting on his shoulder.
  2. That’s the greatest video game character of all time. Also the ranger he hangs out with. You did a really nice job on that figure.
  3. I accidentally ordered extra triads of the khaki and navy blue during my Xmas orders last year. When I resorted my paints I was upset with myself that I had spent extra money due to my poor organization skills. Now I am feeling much better about it.
  4. I am sure that Reaper bones 5 will put me over a 1000 and that’s not counting the 17 gallon tub I have of mageknight figs in my attic. The saddest part is that I probably only have around 100 of them painted. This is due in part to my deciding to strip almost all of the metal figs I painted during the 90s.
  5. Mythbusters is probably the only show that every one in my family watched. Grant’s legacy will be the thousands of kids who watched Mythbusters and went into the sciences.
  6. Disney was not the first to use the D6 Star Wars RPG. Lucasfilm used them while creating the prequels and Clone Wars. The D6 books were the source of allot of the species, planet, and weapon names. Pablo Hidalgo was a writer for the D6 stuff and is currently a part of the Lucasfilm Story group. Which is why things like the Rogue One, Rebels, and the Mandalorian feel so much like the D6 stuff.
  7. Mantic minis has some baby orcs. They are tiny.
  8. My parents took me to see him at the VP Fair next to the Arch in St. Louis in 92. It was my first real concert and we had really good seats. He played pretty much every song he was known for. It was a good show.
  9. When I heard that he was gone I felt a shadow cross my heart.
  10. The lighting effects on the power suit are really good.
  11. Got my shipping email today. They should arrive on Wednesday. I am pretty excited.
  12. That model falls somewhere between whimsical and terrifying.
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