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  1. I will be at Gencon this weekend so I won’t be posting anything until next week.
  2. Those should work out nicely for me. My brother got me the GW death rattle skeletons for my birthday and I am finally done with working endless overtime. This is where I had to abandoned my undead wolf. I will return to it and get some blood on those ribs and do some black lining around the mouth and put some rosy flesh tone in the inside of the ears.
  3. I’m in just about the same situation as Ambrousis. I am working almost 70 hours this week. I did get one zombie wolf mostly done but i won’t have any more time to paint before Labor Day.
  4. My brother and I saw him play with the Stones on their 1997 tour. That concert was the bar I judged all concerts by for decades. Charlie Watts was a great drummer I am glad I got to see him perform.
  5. I actually skipped a few steps on the leather because I ran out of time. For the next two weeks I am gonna try and paint up all my dread wolves. I have 5 of various sizes. My summer schedule should be letting up in a few weeks and allow for more paining time.
  6. I am in. Western Illinois. no international shipping not a box starter.
  7. This is a shame. They are a good company. I use their pigments and I bought a bag of skulls years ago that I am still using.
  8. This is my grim reaper for last week. Fun fact the farm implement they are using is not used for reaping it is for mowing, but no one would fear the grim mower.
  9. I thought the next two were the basilisk and the bookkeeper.
  10. The wall of brambles can be painful to put together. They are cool and I considered getting more, but not sure now.
  11. So are those two the first two we are painting as a group?
  12. Sophie’s dice rolled very poorly for me when I used them to DM. They are being kept separate from the rest of my dice as to not spread their unluckiness.
  13. The pirate ship is considerable. I need to figure out where I will put it. Right now it’s just hanging out next to my desk.
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