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  1. Does any one know the depth of the negative space at the bottom of this base?I am looking to magnetize them and no one local carries them. Looking for the depth in millimeters as that is how the magnets tend to be sold.
  2. I’ve tried reuploading multiple times. Not sure why that pic won’t work. My brother has become quite the dice hoarder and was in need of a new bag so I grabbed it for him.
  3. My pull from the Rat13 box barbarian gnome with warhammer. troll with club. skeleton with halberd reaper brush holder dice bag with suns and moons.
  4. I’m in. south western Illinois. no international not a box starter.
  5. From what I remember you were the box starter and I was second. so if they made it back around to you it means no one in our circuit wanted them. Let your conscience be clear every one in that group had a crack at them so there is no breech in etiquette. All models deserve to be painted and these languished too long under my care. Just seeing you paint them up is worth more than the paltry investment I made in them.
  6. Awesome. I put those in the box of goodwill. I got them for a dollar at one of the discount booths at Gencon and never got around to doing anything with them. I am glad they are finally seeing some paint.
  7. The most interesting thing I have seen in the last few days in regards to Queen Elizabeth 2 is John Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, saying nice things about her. Also watching Operation London Bridge take place after 70 years of planning is pretty fascinating. This is the plan put in place for the replacement of a British monarch. The code name changes but there are already government officials making contingencies for the death of King Charles 3 already.
  8. The outhouse mimic’s door could also make a funny improvised tower shield for a ogre or hill giant. Now I need another one.
  9. I just bought that mimic the other day. The best part is that the door is hinged and can be fully closed so it can be used as a piece of terrain.
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