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  1. I got the base coats put down on Oman Ruul. I am going with a teal cloak and hat. I did not have a ton of time to work on him as my new proxxon foam cutter showed up and needed some assembly.
  2. So for this week I am working on 77662 Oman Ruul, Wizard. Last night I got him primed. Tonight I will start on his face and beard. I’m still thinking about what colors to paint his robes.
  3. Congratulations on the house, Billeecats
  4. I don’t often dry brush. I tend to use stippling for that sort of application so I didn’t even notice.
  5. Here’s the finished product for 14201 Gaaguk Bull Orc Reven Hero. Working with the Vallejo Metal Colors was interesting. They solve the problem I have with most metallics. They go on in super smooth even coats. I only have silver and steel at this time so shading them was a challenge. I ended up doing allot of black ink. Over all I am fairly pleased with him.
  6. So I did not get much painting done today, but I did get to try out the Vallejo Metal color today. That stuff is amazing. I painted all the armor and swords with a single drop of steel with some to spare. I will go back with silver tomorrow to give some highlights.
  7. That’s a great looking goblin.
  8. I had a snow day yesterday and the day off today so I got a fair amount done on Gaaguk. His skin is mostly done. His tongue and teeth are done and i got most of the leather straps, boots and pants completed. Tomorrow i plan on finishing his hair and then i will try out the vallejo metal color on his weapons and armor.
  9. Applying gloss sealers is a step that is often omitted in tutorial videos on YouTube. If you’ve ever wondered why things like GW washes go on so smooth and perfectly a gloss coat is probably the reason. A gloss coat also allows you to use oil washes without fear of it reacting with the acrylics.
  10. As for stripping previous layers with the alcohol paints, my guess is a layer of gloss sealer would prevent that. The only real issue I am aware of with the Metal Colors is that you really don’t want to use your best natural hair brushes with them.
  11. The liquid gold and metal color are two different types of paint. The metal color is a very thin highly pigmented acrylic designed for air brushes. Liquid Gold is an alcohol based paint with high pigmentation.
  12. I ended up getting a snow day today so I primed and got a start on Gaaguk Bull Orc Reven Hero. Right before the cold weather hit, I finally got my hands on some Vallejo Metal Color paints. His weapons and armor are going to be my first real tests for them.
  13. I second the recommendation of stynelrez. I have recently converted to using it. It brushes on pretty smooth. Its what i plan on using when i get the Bones 5 ship.
  14. R2ED, I would not worry to heavily about the color choices for your chaos toad. First off it’s a fantasy figure of an anthropomorphic toad. No color scene is out of bounds for that. Secondly, real life species have quite a wide spectrum of coloration. One of my friends is color blind and he makes great color choices on his minis. He tends towards more vibrant color palettes and allot of contrasting colors.
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