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  1. Mantic minis has some baby orcs. They are tiny.
  2. My parents took me to see him at the VP Fair next to the Arch in St. Louis in 92. It was my first real concert and we had really good seats. He played pretty much every song he was known for. It was a good show.
  3. When I heard that he was gone I felt a shadow cross my heart.
  4. The lighting effects on the power suit are really good.
  5. Got my shipping email today. They should arrive on Wednesday. I am pretty excited.
  6. That model falls somewhere between whimsical and terrifying.
  7. The use of the jar is pretty smart. It’s something I may have to use for myself as I have a cat who loves to knock minis off of my paint table. I have seen people who have been forced to stop painting and ultimately stop gaming do to health conditions. I am glad you have found a way to keep yourself involved in the hobby.
  8. Not a favorite poem but a favorite poet. I am lucky enough to have had countless conversations with the poet Dr. Eugene Redmond. He was one of favorite customers when I worked in retail.
  9. I like the tattoos and the neon, but really sets this mini apart for me is the details on the gun and the strap. That leather has that old worn leather look. The gun looks like it’s ancient. Makes for a nice contrast with the cyberpunk clothes and armor.
  10. Those freckles are a great touch.
  11. Hibou

    The King in Yellow

    Those worms are beautifully painted. Disgusting and beautiful. Good job.
  12. Both of those look good. I have one left that I have not yet painted. I am thinking of using the gem color technical paints from GW. Then hitting them with a series of washes.
  13. These look great. I have some of the metal ones and they don’t sell the effect nearly as well.
  14. I used to work in photo retail and we constantly had customers who noticed the differences in color between their prints and their monitors at home. Our Dlabs were balanced several times a day but noone balances their home monitors. Smart phones are even worse. They are almost all balanced toward the cooler end of the light spectrum. I always give the colors I see online alot of latitude.
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