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  1. This is something I am going to pick up. I have a few demons and devils from reaper kick starters. Also it’s setting ties in nicely with one of the campaigns I am running Plus I like both of the creators’ YouTube channels.
  2. I am going to take a break for a while. I haven’t been getting any hobby hours and work and family stressors are piling up. Something has to give for me right now and this is unfortunately it.
  3. I have not tried it myself but I have seen people use grout though mostly on terrain.
  4. Actual sand always looks too big to me when on a model. It comes off more like gravel. I use Cyanoarcrylate glue and baking soda. This cures very quickly. Tabletop minions YouTube channel did a video on this a few years ago. I’ve used it to base a few armies for bolt action. https://youtu.be/XL_xRxbxnbE
  5. I have been painting up the axe carrying brigand from 77707. I will not get him finished this week as I have gotten called in repeatedly to work extra shifts. Summer season was supposed to open up some free times for me but lately it’s been the opposite.
  6. That’s a great conversion. The middle one especially.
  7. That looks suitably gross. Good job.
  8. Last week I finished painting up Garrin Greystone 03175. I enjoyed painting everything but the axe which didn’t have much in way of detail. Combining that with my still learning Vallejo Metal Colors resulted in a weapon I am not thrilled with. I may weapon swap it out at some point.
  9. I could not sleep very well last night so I got up early and painted on my dwarf. I got his beard done and I re-highlighted his fur cape. I am at work now so I will try and get photos of him tonight as he is mostly completed
  10. I have not gotten much painted this week. My work switched over to summer hours which normally means one extra day of work a week but shorter shifts. Well i agreed to cover another supervisor’s hours all through June, so now my free time is cut down significantly. I did get some paint on a player character dwarf from one of my campaigns. I painted his fur cape and his skin tones and i am gonna give his weapons some painting time next week. No pictures at this time.
  11. I have still been in build mode this week. I built a Hanomag and a maultier for my bolt Action German force. I might pick up another truck for them also. The maltier/ opel blitz kit comes with a ton of options and extra bits. Basing on my germans has progressed. I made a bunch of sprue rubble from the kits i put together this week. I also built some unidentified viking/ barbarian guys i picked up in an open box sale at a local game store. They have a very Elder Scrolls sort of look to them. I think they will work well for the viking raiding party i need for my D&
  12. All my hobby time this week was spent on my Bolt Action Germans. I Took a full 11x14 sheet of craft foam and a small rectangular hole punch and made hundreds of tiny foam bricks. These combined with some broken up cork, sand, small pebbles and my texture rolled bases will provide a nice urban combat setting for my miniatures. I also assembled the 8.8cm Flak 37 for my army. This took way more time than anticipated. Regardless of who makes them, 1/56 scale artillery is always tedious to build. This is my 4th big gun for Bolt action and each and every one of them have had issues.
  13. R2ED, Cinder is a great miniature. If such a term can be applied to something as big as it is. Can’t wait to see your version.
  14. In most cameras the candle mode will set the ISo of the camera up really high, open the lens all the way up and try to account for the orange color temperature of candle light. So the front and back will fall out of focus, the image will be grainy due to cranking up the iso and depending on how close the light source is to daylight will give you blueish colors. The sunset might give better results but those tend to crank up the contrast which will blow out the highlights. The landscape mode might be a good choice or if you have a group portrait mode those would be g
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