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  1. I just bought that mimic the other day. The best part is that the door is hinged and can be fully closed so it can be used as a piece of terrain.
  2. Their lack of tails makes me think it’s a battle stack of goblins.
  3. My brother grabbed that skeleton for him to paint up.
  4. The salamanders are a nice edition. I was just commenting to a friend a few days ago that no one makes miniatures for them. So a definite add for me. I hope that the flying carpet and its figure are two separate pieces as that would make that much more versatile.
  5. That group looks great. I love that piggy flesh tone.
  6. My brother is a solid painter. he took a lot of art classes in jr high and high school. He’s let those skills lapse but he still has the core competencies. When he paints minis he does a better job than most but techniques specific to mini painting are foreign to him. Drybrushing, washes, lining are stuff he wants to lean and skeletons are good for that.
  7. R2ED, you are welcome. I haven’t had any time to paint this year. Life out side of the hobby has really cut into free time. I’ve got a bunch of bones skeletons primed up to show my brother a few painting techniques but life just keeps getting in the way.
  8. R2ED, That purple dress looks amazing.
  9. The ended up with the two paint lines I have heavily invested in and I more or less agree with their assessments of each. I understand why allot of YouTubers default to using gw paints as they are trying to appeal to beginners in the hobby a great many of whom are coming in from the GW side of things and who might be turned off by seeing non GW based color recipes. It’s good to see some representation for Reaper on one of the larger miniature hobby channels.
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