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  1. To me it screams rejected Immortan Joe costume design from Mad Max: Fury Road.
  2. Hope the wellness check goes well. If taking care of a newborn is anything like taking care of convalescing dogs (probably harder, I am under no illusions), then I'd go with something that you can start/stop at a moment's notice? Granted, the odds of your newborn licking your fingers is probably slim, so you might actually be able to use greenstuff (whereas my dogs are guaranteed to try licking them). Another tiring day thus far. I'm losing much beauty sleep due to Dixie's medicine schedule and her middle of the night potty walks. It's a good thing I leave my phone across the room when I sleep instead of next to me because I'm getting to the point of wanting to throw it across the room when it rings or when an alarm goes off. She's walking around more than I would like (any time she hears someone getting food or if she thinks someone is getting food). I may try icing her leg where the lymph node was removed because it's pretty swollen (was expected, but they didn't give any discharge instructions). Molly's still got a bit of a scab on her incision that hasn't fallen off yet, and she's almost three weeks out from her surgery. Can't put her collar or harness back on her until it falls off, and she's becoming very rowdy when she gets her potty breaks (still on low exercise restriction for a few more days).
  3. Hey, they managed to return his soul to him. You think someone couldn't conjure up a metabolic disorder for him too?
  4. I had typed it without thinking about it, but reread it before submitting, said "heh, look at that." So, let's call it pseudo-intentional? It did dawn on me that I actually have had physical contact with dad when I am helping get him up and down steps, into the car or shower. But since I'm wearing a mask and those are basically me acting as a support structure, I'm not counting them.
  5. Hopefully finding work again, and possibly getting a hug. I haven't had physical human contact in eight months (that didn't require me to run for soap/water or hand sanitizer). In the words of Janet Weiss/Susan Sarandon from Rocky Horror Picture Show: "Toucha toucha toucha touch me!" (But not in the dirty way.)
  6. It's never truly Halloween for me without at least one viewing of this. I remember being adamant in college about how much I disliked musicals... I mean, come on, how little work would get done if everyone literally stopped to sing about what they were doing or how they felt about it every 5 minutes? But, RHPS is one that I love, and Little Shop of Horrors is another one I enjoy (only version I've seen is the Rick Moranis one). And that's another Halloween movie if you can find it.
  7. A thousand apologies sir! It was the lack of sleep talking. What I meant to say about your cookies is:
  8. The same thought crossed my mind after I posted that, but I figured everybody here is mature and wouldn’t go there. You vastly overestimated.
  9. At least you've tried it, right? That is a success in itself, and the first step towards mastering OSL. In Marike Reimer's Darksword DVD she had some good tips about OSL, but definitely less of a beginner approach. I'll rewatch that section again in the near future to see if I can pull any beginner gems out of it. And go through my stack of other dvds and see what shakes out.
  10. That is high praise, since I love The Boys so much, I now must watch to see how it stacks up. Haven't gotten to watch much of anything lately. I had time to watch a non-political skit from this Saturday's SNL on youtube. Maybe it's the lack of sleep, but Kate McKinnon had tears coming out of my eyes from laughing at her Madame Vivelda fortune teller skit.
  11. It's like puberty all over again, isn't it? Sorry, that was low-hanging fruit (ba-dump ching!)...
  12. I have not engaged this neighbor in conversation, but based on the loud "discussions" I've heard coming from his garage between him and his wife, I don't think I'm missing anything. I don't know how he treats his dog, but he does have one, though I've seen his 10ish year old son running the dog around the neighborhood and not stopping to let it poop; the sidewalks have been littered with poop a few times (and no, they don't clean it up). Allowing that to happen moves the needle towards the "elfhole" direction on the meter, IMO. Otherwise I know that he's the kind of guy who calls people "bro", and about a week ago I heard him through a half-open garage door blaring and drunkenly singing "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd (and ruining the song for me). Everything else I have heard would be rumors, nothing I've witnessed personally. He's not a direct neighbor; he's a few houses away, but since we're situated at a corner, we get the noise from everyone within four houses. The year's been so long I can't remember when they moved in, but I know they weren't here this time last year. Music would be a good idea if I lived by myself; the elder occupants in the house view most music as noise (unless it's Neil Diamond or Mannheim Steamroller Christmas albums). I'll take precautions and have Dixie in the farthest room and be ready to calm her... and if the police get a noise complaint call about fireworks, well, so be it.
  13. No, and we aren't getting one. Too much going on here for any kind of Halloween festivities. It'd probably just get smashed anyways by the elfhole neighbor who set fireworks off at 11:30 at night (he better not do it this Saturday, Dixie is super scared of the noise and I don't want her ripping her stitches). Never roasted a pumpkin. Not a huge fan of pumpkin dishes in general, though my mom makes pumpkin bars with the canned stuff. Basically a pumpkin cake with raisins and cream cheese frosting, sliced into finger-length bars.
  14. On the anniversary of the breaking of my rib, the guy who broke it bought me ribs for lunch. I've no hard feelings towards him at all.
  15. That would make me happy... no idea when it'll next happen for me. I have at least ten days before it could possibly happen... all of Dixie's medicines will have been given at that point. But it's still not guaranteed, as Molly and Dixie's normal potty schedules will have been screwed up by then, so I could still end up having to get up in the middle of the night to let them out.
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