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  1. ManvsMini

    Tree of Despair Bones 4

    CROM!!! That is awesome.
  2. ManvsMini

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    This is kind of surprising to me that so many people here never watched an episode. But to be fair, when TBBT debuted I had just finished a degree in physics so I was asked by practically everyone who knew that if I watched. I eventually started it when FOX and TBS began re-airing eps and got caught up. Again, watch it for the guest/recurring characters, not the main ones. If there is ONE episode you ever watch, find the one where Sheldon meets James Earl Jones. Season 7 Episode 14. So you're the one responsible?? Finally, my vengeance has a target and shall be unleashed!
  3. ManvsMini

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    That episode of Sheldon as a kid is actually a separate show, if you didn't know: Young Sheldon. They just decided to tie in it's season finale with TBBT's finale. I swore I would never watch it, but when I learned that Wallace Shawn (Vizzini from the Princess Bride) was guest starring regularly, I caved in (I know, INCONCEIVABLE!!) . It doesn't stick true to any of the stories that grown-up Sheldon told about his childhood in TBBT. I believe I have more prepped miniatures than painted ones. I am obsessive about mold lines, joints have to gap-filled, "milliput-juice" filling tiny imperfections, etc. I can spend an hour on a single plastic mini, scraping away. I once thought of selling my services solely as a mini prepper, but given my productivity rate... Anyhow, I always have something ready to paint this way. I have many things prepped for this coming painting binge, as it's the first time I'll be painting in months due to a doctor-ordered lay-off. I have one more mini to actually prep, as a piece for a memorial for a friend.
  4. ManvsMini

    Reaper at Origins 2019?

    Given that they just finished their KS fulfillment, it might just be that they decided to skip Origins so that they can let the crew recover. I am sure that, when they looked at Origins date (in a month roughly) and their projected date of finishing fulfillment (which probably included a couple weeks of wiggle-room), they realized it would be cruel to the con-crew to send them off in a week/2 week notice. Just a matter of prioritizing, and to me it seems they prioritized staff mental/physical health. That said, to the folks at Reaper: if you ever need a hand at a future Origins, hit me up, would love to help out. Even without Reaper, Origins is still fun. Ironwind Metals is usually there (though I personally haven't attended in a few years) so if you like some vintage Ral Partha casts, worth checking them out.
  5. ManvsMini

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    I did. Did it live up to the hype? Nope. Still left loose ends, which I hate in a planned series finale. The whole season was lackluster, so at least the finale was consistent. I honestly tuned in to the show to see my favorite recurring characters (Kripke, Zack, Stuart, Raj's father), they always had the best lines. It's off Netflix? Dangit!!!!
  6. I'm watching the calendar with anticipation. Dusted off some undead skeleton units that never got finished. Started cleaning some moldlines off some new minis, in the unlikely event that I should finish those. Still need to: Shake/mix up paint that's been settled too long. Decide on which movie marathon to play in the background (Marvel is more enjoyable, but DC will get the rage painting flowing to up output). Prime anything else I may want to sneak into the queue. For anyone looking for some disposable brushes for basecoating and large batch painting, this week Hobby Lobby is having 50% off single and packaged sets of brushes from Master's Touch and Fine Touch lines.
  7. With my knowledge, theoretically you are correct: a painted figure, with all those layers of paint, should not come in contact with any harmful chemicals to the Bonesium. Spraying on your sealers should pose no problem. Again, theoretically. But one possible issue remains: how long between letting the paint cure before one applies the sealers, and how long before one layer of sealer dries before the next, and etc? Acrylic paint, while it dries very quickly, can sometimes take a week or longer before it is "fully" cured (i.e. all water/additives evaporated so all the bonds between acrylic molecules are linked). If one was to finish painting their Bones mini in the morning, and then go spray seal it that afternoon, it is possible that some of the harmful chemicals in the spray propellant could penetrate through the paint and do some harm. A chink in the armor, so to speak. Let's say you let your painted Bones mini sit a couple days then go spray seal it. First layer of sealer goes on well, but you want to do a second coat, so you wait the 10-15 minutes that your brand says before you recoat with the second layer. In this case, it's possible that all the nasty chemicals in the first layer of spray didn't have enough time to off-gas before the next coat of sealer gets sprayed on. Now, those solvents are stuck between layers. They have to go somewhere; they might work their way to the surface and through the second coat of sealer before it fully cures, but there is always the chance it goes the other way; down to the paint, never gets released because of the sealer, and works its way to the Bonesium and does some harm. How likely are these scenarios? I can't say, because I haven't experienced them. If you follow the proper temperature/humidity/can distance requirements for your sealers, I'd say minimal for the second scenario. I wait a day between applying layers of sealers. I've never had a problem with my acrylic paint not fully curing before a sealer and I never wait a full week before sealing. I also use Krylon brand sealers, gloss and varnish, the nice big cans available at Walmart. All my Bones figures are first generation (very first Kickstarter). I do prime my Bones figures though, with a brush-on primer. Gives one more layer of protection. A quick bit on what Doug said regarding the plasticizers: it does take time for the plasticizers to leech out on their own. Certain factors can cause that to speed up (storing in warm temperatures, or submerging them in isopropyl alcohol). Only time can tell if that is a possible reason. If anyone has 10 years to spare, they could buy two identical bones figures, do Doug's IPA technique to leech the plasticizers out of one, then paint both the same way and let them sit... Just my thoughts. -MvM
  8. ManvsMini

    I`m back

    I went looking for your webpage after someone mentioned your tutorial on skin, I recognized many of your minis in your gallery. The Dark Sword Miniature "Female Magic User" by Gael Goumon, the pictures of your paintjob actually made me purchase that mini. So nice to finally meet you! I really love your work. I look forward to reading through your site (with German dictionary nearby), and welcome back to the forums!
  9. Thank you very much, I believe every painter/sculptor is a person versus the mini, LOL. Though admittedly, some make it look effortless. I just found and read some of your "I'm Back" thread, so I'll post more there instead of cluttering up your thread here.
  10. ManvsMini

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    I believe it was called "Epic Spell Wars of the Battle of Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre." Some card game dueling thing, maybe like Magic, but I don't play that so I don't know for sure. My brother sat down to explain it, and we started what I had believed to be a "training round". Apparently I was wrong, because my brother and the other person playing decided to unleash powerful spell combos and knocked me out before it was even my turn. That was the end of that game for me. What is the point/fun of teaching someone to play a game when you don't give them the actual chance to learn to play? Naked Russian Twister Roulette? Isn't that a scandal in the White House?
  11. I just watched your video, and I liked it. I agree with much of the pointers that have already been mentioned, yet I'd still like to offer/reinforce some notes if I may? All comments are meant respectfully and constructively. General things I always look for and appreciate in videos: We've never met (maybe one day at a con perhaps) but I found your voice pleasant - thank you! Your sound quality is excellent. By that I mean you didn't have issues where "p", "s" and other letters came off harsh on your microphone. Your voice wasn't too soft or too loud. Again, thank you. You wore gloves when your hands were shown on the screen, but for me I cringe every time someone does a tutorial where they are zoomed in on their hands and they have (a) untrimmed nails or (b) dirt caked under the nails. So thank you yet again for this. Specific notes on presentation: Yep you could slow down on your talking speed a bit, as mentioned. As we have never met, I have no clue if that is just your normal speed or not. Only advice I can say is just talk like you are having a regular conversation with someone, even if you have a script in front of you. It's a LOT of information for a 7ish minute video. I'm going to have to rewatch it at least twice more to make sure I got it all. You might want to display a brief outline at the beginning of the main points you are covering in the video, i.e. what I took away from this was the topic was pigments. Sometimes the text that describes terms you mention comes and goes too quickly (ex. undertone, masstone, etc). Might want to extend the air time those get, or verbally say what they are, especially since you state this is the criteria you are testing with the paints. Though that may also depend on who you intend to be your audience (beginner/intermediate/advanced painters). I look forward to your next video! -MvM
  12. ManvsMini

    Goblin Musicians

    Gob Marley? If you ever do dark elf musicians: Rage Against the Seldarine.
  13. It does indeed mean that. I see your location is in Germany. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Mann gegen Mini, vielleicht ist besser? My German is unpracticed for many years, but I am always willing to attempt speaking it.
  14. ManvsMini

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    Not playing many board games at all. For computer games, I've been tackling an old favorite Medieval 2: Total War and playing as the Russians or Egyptians. Always challenging due to Mongol invasions in your backyard. The most complicated and brain challenging thing currently? Avoiding all spoilers on Avengers Endgame because I won't get to see it until it's out on home media (can't physically take the lengthy sitting in a theater). Now THAT is hard. Had a close call at Chick-fil-A last week.
  15. That flaming skull on the back of the guitar is amazing. I did a Grandmaster from "Thor: Ragnarok". "I want to go closer, I need to get a closer look at this! Can you take us closer? Thank you." Very cool.