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  1. Many years ago I played the Dragonball Z CCG. I own the level 5 Vegeta personality card from the Cell Saga series (starter decks came with level 1-3). How rare is it? No idea. I opened a lot of booster packs until finding it though. I also own level 4, so he can level up all I want. Or wanted, haven't played that in almost 20 years. For baseball fans, I once owned a Steve Avery baseball card from his rookie year with the Atlanta Braves. I have no idea what happened to it, though I suspect it "found" its way into one of my brothers' collection.
  2. I was thinking along those lines. Like a genuine Larry Elmore fantasy work. An original, not a print.
  3. There are too many to say I have a favorite, but I can share one that comes to mind. My first chocolate lab, Abby, would ask for treats by barking. We wouldn't give her one until she quieted down, and we did this by saying "Ask like a lady." Then her great big WOOF would turn into a barely audible woof. So smart. Genius inventor, on the scale of Tony Stark. Able to build a particle accelerator in my own house, a super battery and power-suit in a cave. In short: genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
  4. Not really. Save the trees for another use, we certainly need them. Plus I don't miss the ink smearing all over my hand from handling the newspaper. Only thing I really miss is the daily crossword, though I can still do that online.
  5. Dating? Who has time for that... I guess it's just the generic texting app that gets used, closely followed by Gmail. I really just use my phone as a communication device, not for games, shopping or anything else.
  6. It depends on what you call a "little mishap." If someone scratches my brand new appliance, I get upset because IT'S BRAND NEW!! I didn't spend my money to buy something, possibly the time to install it, only to have it not look new. You can't argue "wear and tear" with me until it's at least one year old. If I damage it myself, then that's on me, but people with clumsy hands and reckless attitudes need not touch my stuff. I really worry about malfunctioning appliances that have any heating element due to the risk of fire. We had to have the new oven, installed just before Christmas, serviced by a tech because its door-lock feature malfunctioned and wouldn't unlock. We were able to power it down, but lost an entire beef roast that sat in there for three days. All due to a faulty cooling fan. We still haven't used the oven since it was fixed last week.
  7. Contacted them, got a reply back within a few hours. Guy named James replied, still open for business, said he hadn't been keeping up with updating the front page. There is now a new post on their main page dated today that they are still open for business. Asked, and answered. Thanks to everyone.
  8. I am an extroverted introvert. I don't need lots of interaction with people, but a bit here and there helps shake things up every so often. Kind of like certain species of cactus: I just need watered every so often. I'm perfectly fine with it, I find a majority of people I have to interact with these days to be on the annoying spectrum. Currently no place is sacred at home anymore when you have humans and canine companions recovering from surgeries at your own home. Slip away for 5 minutes piece and you only get 3 minutes before someone is hollering for help with one of them. I asked a fast-food restaurant worker if they had an item that wasn't listed on their clearly displayed menu. I genuinely hate asking for things to be made special when the menu is in plain sight. But I was buying dinner for the family to take home, was in a time crunch, and had to find something a diabetic recovering from foot surgery could eat. So I asked if they had anything that wasn't breaded and fried, and it turned out they actually had roasted chicken, it just wasn't on the menu. I had planned to be an Emergency Medicine doctor, possibly an Intensivist. I got sidetracked with other pursuits and never retook my MCAT or reapplied to med school. Then when I decided to go for Physical Therapy school, some family had illness that took precedence, then I got injured and endured some debilitating chronic pain that screwed up my life for several years. So I never achieved that either. I'm most happy that I stayed true to my values. When family needed me, I didn't turn my back on them, despite the personal cost to me. I still have the family member in my life when they needed assistance. I don't have any plans to achieve them. Those goals are out of reach currently, and not even on my radar. Plus, some of that chronic pain is starting to return, hopefully it is fleeting or else I may need more surgeries myself. And keep my job, so I can care for Molly and Dixie.
  9. Anyone happen to know if Miniature-GIANT is still in business? Their website shows up on a search, but my anti-virus/web protection software (Bitdefender) keeps blocking my access due to an "untrusted security certificate." It could be that the certificate is just out of date, but before I override my security software, I'd like to make sure it hasn't gone belly up. It once was a nice place to find all of Reaper's metal product ranges, even the hard to find metal Warlord range (which I've noticed some 9 figure sets on the Reaper store aren't being offered anymore, hence my desire to see if MG can get them). It's been several years since I've gone there though. Thanks in advance for help!
  10. I've lived in both. There's pros and cons for each. Urban the size of NYC is great due to public transportation, but I hate being crammed around everyone. Love rural because I feel I have more privacy, but then I have to drive far to get somethings that aren't available in town or I have to order it. Right now, I prefer rural. I like having a large space that is all mine. Plus, people kind of bite. Literally and figuratively.
  11. Tomato. Any burger needs tomato. Absolutely no mayonnaise. You put mayonnaise on my burger, you and I are going to have issues. Especially because I'll be needing the advice from previous question about gastric illness.
  12. Five, I think? Deathsleet, Ebonwrath, Pathfinder Red Dragon and the two from There Be Dragons add-on from Bones KS1. None of them are painted, but that will be changing soon as I am gearing up to run a Dragonlance campaign. I can't remember if I got a dragon from the failed Drake KS. I was one of the lucky ones who received part of a pledge at all, but I don't think any of the dragons were in it, and I'm not able to go dig through my hoard just now to verify.
  13. Seconded. That's classic southern style dining right there. I am actually eating brisket tonight, but the other two are sadly not on the menu.
  14. Acceptance of getting wet is the first step in winning any battle with water vessels. As my German rowing instructor, Herr Wagner, once told me back when I lived in Berlin and fell out of a racing skiff my first time in one, "Look at the bright side, you're already wet! It doesn't matter if you fall in now." Not really. I could be persuaded to try something new though. Maybe a cryotherapy sauna to ease some pain in my shoulders before it becomes chronic?
  15. I would say the waiting. Waiting for glue to dry, waiting for a layer of paint or wash to dry, putty to cure, and for my miniature orders to arrive. Some of that could be solved or reduced: I could put anything with white glue into a chamber with a desiccant to speed up water removal (untested). Use a hair dryer for paint. I could take a drive to the nearest game store to reduce waiting time, but that's a bit of a haul with no guarantee of getting what I want. And I hate when superglue won't dry while trying to glue pieces together. When it just stays liquid for a minute and won't hold. Time for a fresh bottle. I actually enjoy the assembly process. I destroy all mold lines, love breaking out my needle files, riffler files, sandpaper, dremel, scalpels, seamscraper and pin vise. I can spend 2 hours on a single mini just listening to whatever in the background. Unless it is soft plastic, then I hate it. Probably why I have 90% of my Bones 1 KS pledge sitting there untouched.
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