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  1. Oh, that's a pretty loaded list right there. But for just a few highlights: - Tre Manor, because he's awesome. - Bob Ridolfi and Julie Guthrie, after learning from a Reaper Live episode that they basically sculpted my childhood toys, I owe them a thank you. - Patrick Keith, seems like a nice guy and I like his artistic style. - Ronnie Renton of Mantic, for going toe-to-toe with the titan in the industry. - Leonidas Vesperini of Mythic Games, because he looks like he genuinely enjoys what he does when promoting the games his company does. I'd be content to have a 10-minute chat over a beverage with any one of the above, and several others mentioned.
  2. You can get one as pictured in the original post from a place called ToolUSA (doesn't look like the same thing Micromark offers, MM's looks less triangular and thinner). Go there and look up "seam scraper", should lead you to a 3pc set that has a straight one, a 45 degree and 90 degree angled. And as of the time of this post, it's in stock. And cheaper, much cheaper than Micromark. It's where I got my set last year. Love it for plastic models. They also have just the straight piece on the site, but it is out of stock. Look up "triangle scriber" for that.
  3. It shouldn't, as long as the Bones material has all been covered by paint. I use it on mine, the aerosol in the dull coat (and most other spray cans) is what reacts with the material, so it would have to eat through all the layers of paint and primer (if you use one, which I do). Or if you are spraying it too close such that it would begin to eat through all of that stuff. Also worth noting that I gloss varnish (by spray can) before I use the dull coat, so there's a lot of layers the aerosol would have to penetrate through before it damages fully covered Bones plastic.
  4. Take them off. The outdoors doesn't need brought indoors. Plus it was ingrained in me to take my shoes off as a child by my mother so as not to dirty her carpet. So much that to this day I cringe whenever I see someone step on carpet with shoes. Now, having a set of shoes that are only for indoor use is perfectly acceptable. But the minute it touches the outside, it becomes an outdoor pair.
  5. The pan flute. So, what you're saying is... you want to be a pianist? *childish giggle at the word*
  6. Once it's fully dried the sweaty hands shouldn't be an issue, but the paint can still rub off or chip, just like the paint on your house, so you do have to be careful of that. Painting grip = something you can attach the mini to, and hold that instead of trying to hold onto the miniature's base. Many reasons people use them, several use them so the holding hand doesn't fatigue from. Some people use poster putty to stick onto a medicine pill bottle, there are several ones available for retail purchase, other people make their own. This is my version that I make and use:
  7. You can also cover your minis that that are in progress when you are not working on them with a lid of some sort, like the kind that come on cakes from grocery store bakeries (the clear, plastic kind, rather tall. Not the sheet-cake kind, might be too short, the kind that come on round layer cakes). Assuming your birds don't move/push things. I cover my peanut butter jars to keep cats out of them, which works well given that I use the lid of the jar as a grip for painting. A veterinarian might be good to consult about the effects of licking dried acrylic paint and birds? Or animals in general? Water soluble paint, for acrylics, means that it has a water base, but once the water evaporates from it an acrylic polymer is formed. Adding water back to the polymer at that point won't reverse the process, unless the water has chemicals that will attack/degrade the polymer. I don't know what bird saliva has though, so I'd ask someone with knowledge on that.
  8. Measured my hand, compared to their dimensions. Wouldn't work for me, my hand is too big, it'd bring back too many hand problems, so it's not a "one-size fits all hands." Will stick with my own design instead. Plus, I hate putty to secure miniatures, never seems to hold for me. I also don't quite understand the magnet. I mean, I get what it's supposed to do, but it seems that once you stick that metal plate onto your work surface, you have to keep it there. No removing it otherwise it'll weaken the adhesive, which means it's not going to help with paint night at a different location (unless you affix the metal plate to something portable, of course). Didn't see an option to buy extra metal docking plates either, but maybe I missed it.
  9. Since I live with parents, and do all of the grocery shopping/errands, I spend most of my time upstairs away from them (it's a big house, got a big family). So a lot more shouting is done now to be heard. It almost sounds like Howard and his mother from The Big Bang Theory. Eating more PopTarts. Foundation of a healthy breakfast. Interestingly, did you know that eating the frosted poptarts yields less calories than the unfrosted ones? I didn't bother to look at the sugar levels in either, so not sure which one is truly better for you. Just an interesting note.
  10. Um, YEAH! I once took a social dance course in college, and loved it. Granted, nowadays my movement is not as smooth or graceful as then due to some nerve injuries and hip-stabilizing ligaments being cut, but I make do. I mean, I had to try that flossing dance craze to see how hard it was. Spoiler alert: easy when you go slow, but hard when you try to pick up some real speed. I end up looking like I'm being electrocuted. Now, twerking... I draw the line there. Nobody, not even empty space, needs to witness that.
  11. Basic math, like multiplication tables and such. You have no idea how many times, when I tutored freshman in college, I saw them reaching for their calculators to do simple math like 3x + 5x, or 4(5xy). Yes, we didn't use the fancy x's and y's in elementary school, but the basic math and addition still holds up! This is on top of the fact that every new freshman class at university was touted as "the brightest class yet." Evidence suggested the contrary. Saw this one pop up a lot from yesterday's question. My question is... would you use it like in Space Balls, to go from one room to the one right next door?
  12. Oh, I've no interest in Matt Damon, just the medical bed... except to maybe force him to play a character called Matt Demon in D&D. Anyone ever seen the tv show Dark Matter? I wouldn't mind having some of those nanites that compose Two's body, which keep her from contracting disease/injury/yadda yadda.
  13. That med bay from Elysium with Matt Damon.
  14. Started and finished the first season of Once Upon a Time. Always meant to watch it back when it first started airing, but for some reason never was able. First season was pretty good, I enjoyed their spin on weaving all of the fairy tale characters together. I've always associated Robert Carlyle with The Full Monty or Formula 51 (aka The 51st State), but what a delightful Rumpelstilskin he makes.
  15. Having a no pants day. Having a dog snuggle up next to you after a nice session of outdoor playtime. Eating Oreo cookies while drinking a glass of cold milk. Putting your feet up, and relaxing while drinking a cold can of Coca Cola... or to quote a '90s slogan, have a Coke and a smile. Yes Also yes. Or as my good friend Conan the Barbarian would put it... crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.
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