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  1. Only important ones. Which is basically my parents landline. Once I got a cell phone it all went downhill with regard to memorizing things. As for passwords, also a "only the important ones." Basically things I use every day or that have to do with finances. Everything else is stored in a password vault app on my computer. I only have to remember the password to the vault, and then input what site/account it is for, the username, and the password. When I need to login, I open the vault, double-click on the desired account, it copies my password which I then paste into the password bar, and presto, I'm logged in. The app clears the password from copy memory, so no one can try to copy/paste and see my password. Once I'm done, I can either lock the vault myself, or after 2-3 minutes of inactivity in the vault app it will lock itself. Really handy since everyone now wants special characters in passwords and changing them every 3/6/9 months. Only downside is that if I ever forget the password to the vault, or if my laptop dies, I'm out of luck. You can't save a file of what is stored in there and transfer it to another PC (which would defeat the point of making it secure, right?).
  2. Nope, not as far as all of the above goes. No spouse, no kids, just my dogs, parents and currently my brother as he continues to recuperate. And we don't really do any of that these days. So it's work for now, with probably an additional hour of overtime per day all the way up until July shutdown. I dodged weekend overtime this past week as it was voluntary, but I have a nagging feeling this weekend may become mandatory OT for me. My plans are a stay-cation during the week of shutdown, where I'm hoping to have time to (re)learn Inkscape, though I'll likely end up doing house chores. Paint for the house has been purchased, a bit slapped on, but with all of the cottonwood and other allergens blowing around outside, the painting has been delayed for now.
  3. I pretty much have the same taste in figures. Maybe a few more that I'd like to paint up more artistically, but they're the same ones. Painting styles I have branched out more as the online community has put more content out there from 13 years ago. Thankfully no. I live far inland, hundreds of miles away from the coastline.
  4. Well, last year I happened to run a thread called The Big Fat Quiz Throughout the Year so... I would say I love trivia. L-O-V-E. Pub/bar quizzes are wonderful things. I used to watch Jeopardy every night, but am only able to watch Saturday rerun episodes due to working second shift.
  5. Plan for June is to just make it through June because it's going to be a few rough weeks at work, probably overtime every day which gets exhausting. Then I get a week of paid vacation when the plant does shutdown in July. I'd like to actually paint something during shutdown, but it'll probably end up just being the outside of the house instead of a miniature. Thanks for the questions!
  6. Well, I spent most of it lying down due to my back. Missed work for 2 weeks this month due to it, so I'm a little bit behind on what I'd hoped to earn financially, but not really hurting. I'd been hoping to have an easier time at work so that I could ease back in, but that hasn't happened due to people taking vacations. I have managed to walk 66 miles last week at work (according to my step-counter, which I wear on my ankle for a more accurate count), so fitness it fairly good? The back is doing better, which I'll take. Trying to put some trust back in humanity after the past 3 years by not wearing a mask at work. So far, so good, I'm rarely up in anyone's face and only near people when I answer a help call, so I'm still able to avoid prolonged contact. I went to a friend's house yesterday for the first time in years. We were outside flying his drone and tossing a boomerang around. No hobby goals have been met. I did a little bit of house painting this weekend, so there's some progress. Overall, not a bad month. Could have been better, but also much much worse.
  7. No, I haven't, though I am pretty sure the Monaco Grand Prix is the race featured in Iron Man 2. That's good enough for going there for me. It's been going back and forth between hot and cool and everything in between. That's pretty typical for my area. Today is sunny, and not too hot out, just about the perfect temperature for me for this time of year. But it's not going to last, temps are supposed to get high this week from what I've heard.
  8. For areas that I am familiar with, I measure the length of a drive in time. Big trips are measured in miles. In my area, I consider a short drive to be to any of the surrounding towns, roughly 15-25 miles radius (work is only 13 miles away, but is a 20 minute drive). That distance won't get me to any major city hubs. The closest city is roughly 45 miles away to the outskirts, about a 40 minute drive. To get to most places I need to go in that city it takes pretty much 60 minutes. I'd call that a medium drive. Anything over an hour drive is a long drive for me since I have to get out of the car and stretch out all the achy body parts. I don't think I've done a 2 hour drive in several years because of this. I am not opposed to motorcycles, I have several friends and co-workers that ride, but I'll never own or ride one. My mother's favorite nephew was taken by a motorcycle accident when I was about 10 or 11; he was a safe rider, always wore his helmet and obeyed speed laws, but it didn't save him. She was extremely heartbroken. I made a promise to her after that not to ride so she wouldn't go through that pain again with one of her own children. I try to be a man of my word, and I've kept it for nearly 30 years. Some will say I'm not living life to the fullest, but I've just never given riding motorcycles much interest. Now, fixing them and tearing them apart to see how they work... I'd be open to learning, that's a new fascination since I've begun building and repairing transmissions over the past year. Turns out I really like tinkering and working with my hands, and knowing how everything works.
  9. Pretty rotten. Nagging long-lasting injuries keep causing me troubles. I missed four weeks of work due to a back injury, coming back from that, this is my second week back. My back hurts during the shift, but thankfully doesn't hurt upon waking. My shoulder bothers me every time I move a transmission. My finger joints do feel better, so that's a plus. I'm on muscle relaxers and prescription anti-inflammatories, plus physical therapy. Will likely be on a revolving door of treatment for those as long as I am working, which is a few more decades. It could be worse for my last year before turning 40. Trying to be positive that the next decade will be better than the last one.
  10. TV: Wheel of Time season 2, The Witcher season 3 Movie: Kraven the Hunter, Aquaman 2 Book: not really, the author's I'm waiting to release the next book in line tend to have large gaps, so I don't hold my breath Video game: I don't really game these days.
  11. I'd be horrible at it if I worked from home. Luckily I work on-site, so I'm pretty good at it. Mail arrives about an hour before I have to head to work, so not much time to do anything other than open the box and confirm it's the new shiny I ordered.
  12. I try to prime my minis in a color that the miniature isn't i.e. if it is black plastic, I go with grey or white, if grey plastic, white or black, and so forth. This way I can make sure I get total primer coverage. I tend to go for grey primer if the casting color isn't an obstacle. I find it's easier on my eyes to see all the details. No need to zenithal prime with grey. White tends to hurt my eyes under the lights, and black can be too shiny under the lights. I've tried black primer with a white zenithal, and while I can see the details, I don't photograph and the zenithal gets covered by the base coat. For mass/army painting, I go with black and deal with the shine until everything gets base coated.
  13. Nope. I avoid that button like the plague, and multi-person conversations in general. If I do have to send a reply all, I always verify who I want to send it to. Not so much that, more of "where am I going to put it?" This was the case when I ordered my FDM 3D printer last year. I had a few options of where I could put it, but I moved back in with my parents several years ago for mutual benefits. They aren't of a generation to appreciate advanced technology, and one fears fire hazards and things that generate fumes/smells very much. So explaining that I had something with a heating element that I might need to leave unattended for several hours, and that might generate an odor in the air (albeit a fairly sweet odor) did not go over very well... especially now that mice are periodically getting into the basement where I would like to set it up, and that is the most unattended area in the house. We did have a deal that once the basement was cleaned up that it could go in there, but injuries first to my shoulder and now my back prevented me from doing that during winter and spring... and now with warm weather, I need to focus on house-upkeep. Result: the printer still hasn't been set up, the location I want to put it is too cluttered right now with stuff , and I'm not risking mice running all over it even when it isn't in use. (I intend to get a cover for it, but I need to actually set it up and measure to get the right size). Plus I'm also wanting a resin printer now, which is yet another issue due to the odor. One battle at a time, right? Sleep in, especially if it is raining hard enough to hear hitting the roof. If there's thunder even better, I love sleeping to the sounds of a storm. Otherwise I'm up and spending the time with my Labradors, treats hugs and being a human pillow. I don't hobby near them, I worry about demolding/filing/flash residue getting near them to breathe, despite working in a tray to contain most residues.
  14. It depends on where I am at and what I have access to. I tend to snack at home if there is trail mix in the pantry, or excess donuts left about. So maybe I am a "shame to let that go to waste" snacker. Once I am at work, I only get a snack during break time, as I technically need to be there when the assembly line is running. I could abuse my offline position and snack whenever I feel like it, but I don't. Food isn't even supposed to be out of designated break areas, yet I still see people who work on the line popping candy into their mouths... without taking off their oily protective gloves... ewww.
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