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  1. Went to renew my driver's license today since I was taking my mom to do hers and mine is due soon anyways. To the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles, aka Hell. I always seem to get the person who'd rather not do their job. Got told one of my ID forms I brought wasn't correct (it was, I checked the website before I left), briefly had to argue back and forth that my bank statement wasn't "a financial statement", it was "just a summary and not acceptable" until I pointed to the word "statement" on it... the value of reading. Oh well, won't have to deal with that for another 8 years. I won
  2. Never had the desire or the need to do either. Probably no to the graveyard (walls are put around them for a reason, to keep people out and spirits in). Likely a no to the forest too; I am not what you'd call an outdoors type, wandering around at night in the woods seems like a good way to sprain or break an ankle.
  3. Tuesday Timeline Trivia begins now for October 26th: 1825 – The Erie Canal opened, allowing direct passage from the Hudson River to Lake Erie. 1874 – Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, American philanthropist and founder of the Museum of Modern Art (the MoMA), was born. 1881 – Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan Earp, along with Doc Holliday, participated in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona.
  4. I was just watching a documentary about the making of that film. Would be a cool place to stay. Unless the dream demons came with the deal, of course... Freddy Krueger, a man who was just encouraging children to dream... (Yup, shamelessly stolen from Rami Malek's SNL monologue a couple weeks ago.)
  5. Has he been working on his resumeow? Work experience is in kitty litter? Skills include coping in a catastrophe? Ok, I'll go home now... tip your waitresses...
  6. Candy, and having one day/evening to be anything you want or something you are not. That's why I love Trick or Treat night, it combines both: candy and getting to see all of the kids' costumes (and their joy when getting candy).
  7. Overslept, definitely gonna be a case of the Mondays... let's jump to the history trivia for October 25th: 1415 – Hundred Years' War: Henry V of England defeated the French in the Battle of Agincourt. 1616 – Dutch sea-captain Dirk Hartog made the second recorded landfall by a European on Australian soil, at the later-named Dirk Hartog Island off the West Australian coast. 2001 – Microsoft released Windows XP, one of Microsoft's most successful operating systems.
  8. Does anyone remember the Garfield Halloween special? Where he and Odie dress up as pirates and go trick or treating? I haven't seen that aired in decades.
  9. Sunday... here's a few things that happened on this day in history, October 24th: 1851 – William Lassell discovered the moons Umbriel and Ariel orbiting Uranus. 1901 – Annie Edson Taylor, on her 63rd birthday, became the first person to survive going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. 1926 – Harry Houdini's last performance took place at the Garrick Theatre in Detroit, Michigan.
  10. I think this looks great, very nicely done. I wouldn't worry too much about this, it doesn't come off much in your photo. Even then, sometimes flesh can be really shiny especially if they've been sweating or just naturally produce lots of skin oil. Maybe's he's been banging on that drum for hours?
  11. I hear you on that one. I keep telling myself I'm going to work on my bingo card to try and finish some thing before the year is up, as well as learn and watch some tutorials for some logo/picture editing software, but there's just never enough time in the day. What I plan to do during the day never gets done. I don't know where the hours go.
  12. Saturday at last... some trivia to read at your leisure for October 23rd: 4004 BC – James Ussher's proposed creation date of the world according to the Bible. 1970 – Gary Gabelich set a land speed record in a rocket-powered automobile called the Blue Flame, fueled with natural gas. 1970 – Grant Imahara, American television presenter and engineer known for his work on Mythbusters and with robotics, was born (rest in peace, Grant).
  13. Went in to remedy this today, and boy was I surprised that I couldn't find a single variety bag containing Reese's cups in the entire store. Yes, yes, the rampant supply chain issues, but this is the first time it's actually hit me where it hurts. No Reese's cups with Kit Kat chasers for Halloween! It's like a kick in the marbles. It's all fun and games until you go messing with my Halloween candy.
  14. I do declare, it appears to be Friday... let's start the historical happenings for October 22nd: 1730 – Construction of the Ladoga Canal was completed, one of the first major canals in Russia to bypass the stormy waters of Lake Ladoga. 1879 – Using a filament of carbonized thread, Thomas Edison tested the first practical electric incandescent light bulb (it lasts 13.5 hours before burning out). 1976 – Red Dye No. 4 was banned by the US Food and Drug Administration after it was discovered that it caused tumors in the bladders of dogs.
  15. See, I have this type of conversation but with adhesives instead. "Whatcha gluin'/tapin'?"
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