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About Me

I have a degree in physics and chemistry, neither of which I am currently using... but I'd sure like to use them. I really like history, too, particularly before the invention of gunpowder.


I've collected miniatures since 2010, and have been painting inconsistently since that time. I chose the name ManVsMini because that's pretty much my painting style; fighting with the mini until one of us emerges triumphant. Sometimes I win and get my way, other times the mini takes the contest. Maybe it's because I try things beyond my skill level...


Here's some lightning round questions:

1 ) Why do you collect miniatures?  Because it makes me feel like Odin, gathering warriors to Valhalla for Ragnarok.

2 ) Best part of waking up?  Seeing a Labrador Retriever's face staring right at me.

3 ) One thing the world needs?  More tin. More tin = more pewter = more minis. Oh, and world peace.

4 ) Best movie watched in 2021 thus far?  Haven't watched many new ones, so maybe Gunpowder Milkshake?

5 ) Best book series read in 2021?  Haven't visited the library in over a year and a half.

6 ) Least favorite house-chore?  Cleaning the gutters.

7 ) Favorite type of food you can't cook yourself?  Asian cuisine, very partial to Chinese takeout, sushi and pho noodle soup.

8 ) Favorite RPG class to play?  Always seem to find myself playing a martial/warrior class of some sort.

9 ) Socks with sandals/crocs?  Wear them, gotta keep the feet clean and warm.

10 ) If it exists, what will hell be like?  Painting an endless army of space marines with a size 10/0 brush. The horror.

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