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  1. Where were you ten years ago when I started down this rabbit hole of a hobby? See, now this the kind of fatherly advice the Hamsterling has coming towards him.
  2. Can Loki train my cat for me? I'd be happy if he'd do any of those things because you can still be productive. Mine wants to try to lick or try to cover up my wet palette, and bat any brush lying on the table onto the floor. So I can't do anything around him. Is the other rite of passage having to drag/carry your fathers back home to their beds after sampling the wares of such fine distilleries?
  3. I've always been partial to dragonmen. As with most things, it stems from my love of the Dragonlance setting, and the draconians. They had wings (mostly), and each type had consequences to their slayer when they died. They just captivated me. Been wanting for years to make some custom ones, but can't find enough different poses that are easily converted to have a good variety (I want like 10-12ish unique ones). I think one of the first box sets I ever bought from Reaper was the Dragonmen of Varandar (which I obviously never finished painting). One of them had this weird thing on his left eye, which in hindsight might have been a sculpted monocle, but I snipped that off thinking it was flash or a casting flaw. Oops. I'll have to figure out how to sculpt a new eye in that socket. It's on the To Do list. I've been dying to use this meme since the first season of Umbrella Academy, and I finally have an excuse to use it.
  4. Well, that's disappointing. Everything I'd put in wishlist on Amazon to look at for today has actually gone up in price instead of down, one of them by $20 (almost a 50% increase). Oh well, guess I'll save my rewards points for another time.
  5. I mean, it does have masking in the name...
  6. Masking tape should work. I think it's cheaper than the blue painter's tape (been awhile since I've bought either). I've always used the blue tape on something that already had paint on it, I think it's supposed to be better at not peeling up paint that is already on things (but I've only used it on wall paint). If what you are covering up doesn't have any paint on it at all, either will work. Some people also use a blu-tac putty or a low-adhesive putty to mask things. You could try that if you don't have any tape.
  7. Always happy to drop an Archer reference. Just finished the clean up from the meal. Only myself and my parents... still baffled how we used a bajillion pots and pans. First time I ever did a turkey, I'm usually the "jellied cranberry sauce from the can man" and potato masher. Came out decent, tasted like turkey, and made enough gravy so I am content. Totally need to study the art of carving a turkey, I imagine Gordon Ramsey would have been dropping elf bombs the entire time if he saw me. Might have pie later, might wait until tomorrow. Pie, breakfast of champions. Hope everyone had a good, or at least tolerable, day regardless of where you are in the world.
  8. Oh, that's going to be a harsh breakfall on that osoto gari leg sweep. Clearly, that is not the Koala Kai Dojo.
  9. And here I was about to have the famous debate: More of an early fall/autumn person. I don't like hot weather, I don't like cold weather. I like weather where I can have a hooded sweatshirt and jeans. Late fall is too cold and wet here, same for early spring. Score one more point for dogs. Mine don't boak from normal food, and they at least have the courtesy to look sorry/ashamed when they do... unlike a certain cat who cost me three socks today because I stepped in three separate piles on a dark rug.
  10. The camera always adds 10 lbs, this is known. I actually think those scales look really good. Granted, not sure if that's what you were going for, but I do like them. As for the 4 hours, just blame Loki, we'll never know if he did or didn't steal your brushes during that time.
  11. Ahh, just this morning I was wondering to myself "Will Inarah be doing her annual Thanksgiving painting binge?" Asked, and answered. May not get to participate, but looking forward to seeing what you do. I do have several half-finished models that just need to be done.
  12. Do your fur people like steak? Order for two (or three, four, five) and do takeaway. Many moons ago I waited tables for a summer at an open air restaurant in NYC. It was by the river, and dogs were welcome, we had water bowls to give four-legged diners and boxes of treats to give them (if their owners didn't object). Anyways, there was one guy who would always come in with his dog, small enough to fit under his arm, and he'd order two hamburgers, one thoroughly cooked and just on a bun for his dog. He was a cool regular.
  13. You could just sit with her and explain it anyways. They are smarter than they let on. It's always helped to ease my grief when I explain it; when Abby left us, I did that for my black lab Carly and when I broke down crying, she nuzzled closer and licked my tears away. It sure helped me. Just love on Alice as much as possible. Thoughts are with you.
  14. I don't get many vouchers to places. I usually end up with the prepaid Visas, which are fine, except I never get ones that work for foreign purchases (so no ordering from any mini companies in Europe with them). I don't mind getting them, I've never used them for anything except online purchasing so it doesn't take up wallet space. And if I end up with such a small amount left on the card, I can transfer the balance onto my Amazon account, so no having to keep cards with small amounts lying about. I think the last voucher I got was 10ish years ago, and it was some type of Groupon (is that even still a thing?) that I ended up giving to someone else; I wasn't going to use it.
  15. Dang, you are correct. I had forgotten about MTV (hasn't everybody by now?)... but at least that programming was confined to a single channel, and you had to have cable to get it.
  16. I've also been told the same, and it works for me. So far, doing pretty good. Arm isn't bothering me at all, everything else feels normal. I'll endorse that pharmacist's advice. I use https://www.seventhsanctum.com/ as starting point for names of all kinds. The generator they use can give you hilarious results but if you work it, it can give you great ideas. This one won't give you a name, but if you need a character concept it can produce some pretty good results (apologies, the address of the website has a curse word, not sure if it'll make it past the filter so it's just linked... said curse word is repeatedly used on the website, fair warning).
  17. Mostly required antennae to receive (unless you had cable), and wasn't available in widescreen aspect ratio. You just like all the big hair and rampant glitter usage... The 90s. First era of beginning to discover music that fit my own taste, loved listening to the top 40 countdown with Casey Kasem each week on the radio. I can mostly find a band from each genre I enjoy from that time. TV-wise, we've got Hercules and Xena, original Power Rangers, a few seasons of Buffy, multiple Star Trek shows... but most importantly, and I really can't stress this enough, no reality television, thus no Kardashians.
  18. The pharmacist who injected mine told me that it helps to use the arm throughout the day. So far it feels good. Maybe try that? It helped that I had 40 pound bags of water softener salt to haul in and load, but I've been waving my arm around periodically, doing arm circles, a few lawnmower starter-pulls, stuff like that.
  19. My heart is breaking for you @Crowley. But you'll be reunited one day, free of pain and illness.
  20. Got my flu shot today while I was out. Haven't had one in about 15 years, so we'll see how I react. Don't have anything against getting one in those years, just by the time I'd remember it'd be at the point where it wouldn't help or it was during times when I had minimal contact with others.
  21. That sucks horribly, I'm sorry. I hope he gets better quickly. It now has me worried for myself. I had chickenpox as a kid, got shingles at age 31 from the stress of family illness, and though there is currently no physical illness here I'm in the same place with the same people who increased the stress back then. They say it's very rare to get shingles a second time, but this proves that there's still a chance. I really don't want shingles again. Where I'm at, things really haven't changed people's habits, except they are back to panic buying. I don't know if everyone is worried we'll go into a full lockdown or something, but it was a madhouse at the stores today. Domestically, I'm getting tired of being yelled at. Another sibling came by, whom I politely asked to wash their hands a few minutes after they entered. Said no, they'd do it later, so we got into a stare off. In an attempt to prove they had the digger bick, they ripped their face mask off to place emphasis on it. I'm the one who gets yelled at by my parents (which is still continuing days later) for provoking it by asking them to do the simplest of precautionary things. My respect and "give an elf" meter for people who enter someone else's home and don't obey safety protocols has reached zero. They say you can't choose family. Well, I can sure choose which family I associate with in the future. And that number is getting smaller. Probably makes me an elfhole, too, but this entire year has shown me a lot about certain people's moral and ethical character.
  22. The tattoos wouldn't be practical because I prefer to wear long sleeves and jeans. It'd neither benefit good deeds nor shame me for evil ones. So I'd have to go with the color changing skin. Mostly it'd be changing to show people when to back off (progressively shades of red from annoyed until we reach full out wrath, for example). I'd also like it to give off more of an aura as it gets stronger, like in Dragon Ball Z. Now, color changing tattoos to show emotion, that's a whole 'nother thing... I'm not a tattooer, but I could probably go for that.
  23. I did a lot of rock climbing in college, it had an indoor climbing center. Loved it so much I had all the certifications to belay (hold the safety rope) and teach it. The misconception with climbing is that it's all in the arms (I blame Stallone in Cliffhanger for that). Grip and arm strength is very important, but rather than pulling yourself up it's more pushing your weight with your legs in most areas. I made the same mistake when I started, my friend and teacher had to point it out to me, and then I noticed it in most of the guys who were beginners. An observation: most women I watched and taught instinctively used their legs more than their arms. They also gave me more sass when I'd shout encouragement to keep going when they stalled so close to the top...
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