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  1. Dayum.... Why doesn't anybody ever give me stuff like that? Well, it was on sale, 40% off. And still is, through the end of January. I've been eyeing it for a couple of years, the deal pops up once or twice each year (usually at Christmas), but I never pulled the trigger on it.
  2. Got a late birthday gift from my brother this week. He gifted me an unlimited lifetime Rosetta Stone subscription! I can learn all the languages I want now. So watch out, one day I hope to speak to all the francophone forumites bilingually, as well as a certain glittery wolf from the Netherlands... Seriously, one of the best birthday gifts I've ever received.
  3. I have, but I have no idea where those photos are as they weren't taken digitally. I went in 2001 on a week class trip to Ireland, and I have no idea which castles we saw, probably Blarney Castle. A bit later I visited Krakow, Poland and saw some things in that area. I've seen German castles. One day I hope to get back to Europe to visit a few more areas, I'd like to see more Eastern European architecture castles from different centuries (Corvin Castle and Castle Bran in Romania come to mind). Areas I REALLY want to see, but likely won't, are the castles that remain in the Levant from the Crusades. I'd love to see Kerak Castle in Jordan or Krak de Chevaliers in Syria.
  4. No, I haven't. I've had Vegemite though, and went to high school with three guys from Australia. And I've seen Crocodile Dundee 1 and 2.
  5. Liam Hemsworth as Geralt of Rivia in future seasons of The Witcher. My magic 8 ball looked into the future and told me the Lesser Hemsworth was not worthy.
  6. Snow on the ground, though it was mostly melted once I got out of work, but I always need sunscreen, I can't remember the last time I had a tan, I just burn. Probably a bit of nosferatu somewhere in my genealogy.
  7. I've said it once, twice, and many other times, and now I shall say it again: KARDASHIANS!!! Any or all of them! I don't want to keep up with them, I don't care what they are doing, I didn't even want to know why or how they got famous. In any and all space-time dimensions and multiverses.
  8. Anyone know if anything is going on at Badger Airbrush? I've been trying to contact them for almost two months to resolve an issue with the quick disconnect that was missing an advertised adapter. I originally heard back from Ken within a day of emailing customer service, sent him back the requested information, and have been ghosted since then. Several emails sent, been trying to call them Friday and today, but their phone options give me the run around or send me to a voicemail. Really starting to annoy me, as I haven't been able to use my airbrush. I need that adapter to have the right connection to my air hose.
  9. Possibly a bit miffed. I just bought about five 5e books to try to run a campaign and get back into having a game with some friends. Now all this is going down after I spend my money. Oh well, such is my luck. Like when I bought a Warhammer fantasy army, and a month or two later a new army book came out. I guess I'll stick to painting minis.
  10. Kickboxing led to D&D in two ways: (1) wanting to make sure I spent/made more time my brother due to my training schedule, so I began playing with him and his friends every other Saturday, and (2) having a training partner who also played a weekly game. Both then led me to discover miniatures, which then led to buying and then to painting. I would like to say the painting has become the hobby, but I just don't seem to be able to find the time to paint for several reasons. So, buying miniatures and paints has become my dominant hobby.🙂 Though there is a chance that D&D may be starting up again after a many-year hiatus. We shall see.
  11. Not currently. I used to play the tenor saxophone, but I haven't touched it in about 20 years.
  12. Never been much of an artist until I started miniatures, so by default it is acrylics. I'd like to do some digital drawing, but am still working on learning software.
  13. Pencil for gaming purposes and anything involving math. Otherwise, I use a ballpoint pen. I carry four pens at work, two for use when needed while wearing oily/greasy gloves, and two for exclusive use with clean hands, kept separate on my uniform shirt pockets. Yes, I have pocket protectors too, with an expanding set of tools in them. I had to write my math exams in pen back in high school. All Klausuren (German for "exams") had to be written in pen, not exactly sure why. I really wanted my pencil for math.
  14. On top. I'm a lefty. I just bought some small ones for work, and had to settle for the side style. *grumble* I truly prefer legal pads instead.
  15. Hercule Poirot. I watch David Suchet's portrayal every weekend on Saturday nights (as long as PBS is running them). Though I will admit, I sometimes get lost as the mystery is being unraveled at the end of the episode. Holmes needs elementary, Poirot observes. Plus he's Belgian, you don't see enough characters being written from Belgium.
  16. I don't really watch scary movies intentionally. That's more of a, while I am flipping channels, "hey what's this?" And then I say nope, not doing that. I did briefly skip through the movie The Witch on my brother's tablet last year. No idea if it was good or not, I just cut across the entire movie in small chunks.
  17. Mom used to make a casserole with macaroni and cheese mixed with ground beef cooked with maybe garlic and onion (finely diced), and topped with homemade garlic croutons she made with the last pieces of a loaf of sliced bread.
  18. I only know which planets I don't want to live on. Never go to LV-426, that's where the xenomorphs and facehuggers will get you (Alien & Aliens). Pandora seems overrated and in constant strife with the locals (Avatar). Vormir only has a creepy flying man with a red skull who knows too much about you... and also an infinity stone that you may or may not retrieve (Avengers). Sakaar would have great combat sporting events, but I could end up having to fight in one (Thor: Ragnarok). M6-117 has that nasty months-long total eclipse every 22 years where the bioraptors come out and kill everything (Pitch Black). Miranda is home to a nasty bio agent that was tested on it, and turns a tenth of a percent into crazed space Reavers (Serenity).
  19. If I sit around in my bathrobe does that count as the Dude from The Big Lebowski? No. Though I want to make a few character props from movies and games, so learning to sew an entire costume may not be far behind.
  20. Truth, 3d printing and Etsy have made my quest for the unobtainable easier. I still would like to see better monk figures. A lot of dynamic monk prints don't fit well on a 25 or 30mm base, they hang over too much and nudge into neighboring minis. I have found several on Etsy. Search for corpse pile or corpse/dead body scatter. 1) Never to coffee, and no to tea at the start of the day. I hold off on my caffeine until around the afternoon. I will drink tea during the winter during the day, provided I have some local honey (to warm up, and assist with allergy season). 2) The one that says "JUZBOX." I made it in college. In a biophysics class, the 20 amino acids are assigned a letter from the English alphabet that we had to know. My professor told us to remember that those six letters weren't used for the 20, and said "there is no JUZBOX." So I made one, so now there exists one. And it's handwash only, no dishwasher.
  21. A better question might be was there one I didn't watch. My streaming platforms got a lot of use. It's all rather blurred together so I don't remember exactly what I watched at that time. There was a lot, though I also kept busy as dad had broken his leg in winter 2020.
  22. No, I don't have one that is local. The closest one to me that I know of is an hour's drive away in a bigger city. I don't go that way very often these days, and if I do, the shop is not in the area of the city that I am in. So my hobby shopping is done 99% online.
  23. Neatly rummage, snarling at any other patrons who dare to come near it. Once I have what I want, I return it to the chaos from whence it came.
  24. Give all of my paints a good turn on the vortex mixer. I haven't touched them in almost a full year, they deserve a good spin on my Typhoon (which also hasn't seen action).
  25. Lovely paint jobs! One can never have too many townsfolk. A must for any RPG adventure with town combat or a tavern brawl.
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