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  1. How do you keep your N95s from leaving the bridge of your nose from bruising or being rubbed raw to the point of bleeding? I've covered it with a band aid, then added some 2mm thick foam with an adhesive backing on top of the band aid (I know, I'm probably compromising the seal), and I'm in agony my shift. Granted, I'm wearing one for a total of 12 hours, with about 30 minutes of break to take it off... I think my face is too big for my 8210 model, moving my jaw to talk yanks the nose piece down and thus ow... and having safety glasses resting on top of that same area probably isn't helping. I'm probably just going to have to shop around and find some that fit better once my nose heals. Until then I'll have to use the KN95s, they hurt far less with the added padding.
  2. This is called "Getting to Know You"... this question just happens to follow the "Firefly" universe's method of getting to know the real you... "Now, we get to know the real you. Tell me, are you familiar with the works of Shan Yu?"
  3. Very glad to hear this. Doing this is becoming a good stress reliever for me on work days, even if it is just for a few minutes to login and post a question before trying to fall asleep.
  4. In retrospect, the new job does have one decent aspect to it: I'm drinking less Coke. I only drink one can a day when I am at work during lunch, to make it through that 12.5 hours and back home, and none on my off days. Which is a significant reduction from 2-3 every day. My dentist will be happy. Silver lining?
  5. I can see what you mean on the brim of the hat, those white chips. Did you use a white primer or was the mini a white plastic/resin model? Just curious, to know if that is just the paint or the actual primer flaking off. The gloss coat is optional, you really don't have to do it. If you aren't going to touch or handle the mini much (i.e. not play games) after painting, a matte finish will probably be enough. But if it gets touched a lot, you'll want the gloss coat, because the matte finish will rub off after a while. That gloss coat just protects the paint job after that happens. It's totally a personal preference. Some people who just paint and rarely handle their minis afterwards don't even use a finish. All depends on what you paint for... and possibly the paint brand you use, some aren't as durable as others. I forgot to say it earlier, but welcome to the forums! Stick around and interact, you can find a lot of wisdom, humor, and nice people here.
  6. Yes, this is the one I use. I usually use it over at least one gloss coat. Gloss will protect your paint from being handled better, and the coat of matte will kill the shine from the gloss. Just don't go crazy with the matte finish, it'll leave what we call "frosting" if you use too much... you'll know it if you see it, looks like white frost on your mini. Other brands might be better at avoiding the frosting effect, but the one you have should work as long as you don't go crazy with it. Not sure how new to painting you are, so we'll run down the standard checklist when it comes to adhesion issues. Did you wash the mini with soap and water and use a toothbrush to gently scrub it? You want to get any release agent the manufacturer used to get the mini out of the mold, and let it dry. Did you wash your hands before you touched the mini after washing/drying? If you have lots of oil on your hands/fingers, it'll transfer back onto the mini and you have the similar effect as if you didn't wash it at all. When you primed, did you give them primer long enough to cure at regular room temperature? The time you need varies by brand, and sometimes by application (regular brush vs airbrush), but you need to give it time to cure/dry, longer than the time with our basic paints. Vallejo primer gets mixed results from people, some people love it, others hate it. See #2 again. Did you touch the mini before painting? Same issue with the oil your skin produces happens even after you prime, or at any stage as you paint. I've used Vallejo airbrush primer for several years (with a regular brush, not an airbrush), and as long as I make sure to wash the mini, not touch the surface I want to prime/paint, and give it at least overnight to cure (I prefer to do a full 24 hours) I haven't had any problems with it coming off. Also try to avoid letting your mini sit where dust/pollen/pet hair can get on it while you are in drying stages/in between painting. You'll see the paint come off if too much dust gets on (don't let it sit for 5 days without dusting it off before you paint/prime). Hope that helps to answer a bit!
  7. Three days of work and finally today and tomorrow off. New job is really exhausting me and a bit of a stressor on many fronts. Both my new boss and one of the trainers are out sick, one with covid and the other testing negative. Leaves me to be trained by the lady who is as hardcore of an anti-vaxxer as you'll find, and who also buys into every bit of misinformation put out there. She was like a pig rolling in muck when the vaccinate or test mandate got overruled. Tried to tell me that masks are responsible for Omicron... yeah, I've heard some disturbing things over the past three days... luckily my expressions are hidden by my own mask. And she wonders why I go out to my car to eat lunch and don't take my mask off inside the plant... Ear problems are taking a bit of a pounding from all of the noise involved. I get ear protection, so that isn't the issue, but I can't wear it and understand people in the lab, and I have to talk louder than I normally have been which pumps my own voice feedback into my ear. Had to switch from my N95 mask to a KN95 mask because the N95 has left the bridge of my nose raw; worried that if I don't get it healed it'll get infected or leave scar tissue. Definitely going to be looking for something else after I get enough time on here to have a short tenure on my resume not look suspicious. Just not sure how long that needs to be. Or I could end up getting fired, I hear our HR manager likes to dock people points for clocking in for lunch even a minute before or after 30 minutes. Cheers, all. Hope you are staying safe as possible.
  8. I could replace a good portion of it, but the ones I'd want to start with I couldn't. I buy a lot from various vendors, and many of them have gone away. I'd be heartbroken. Possibly say screw it and buy a 3d printer instead.
  9. Yes. Dad's job took him to Berlin, Germany for the last two years of high school. I graduated from the JFK School, which used to be the school for the US Army families during the Cold War and the Berlin Wall. (During that time, it was billed as a German-American school, as it also admitted German students as well, and taught both the American diploma and German Abitur systems, and everyone took English and German classes. I went there post-Cold War, and it was billed as an international school.) Yes, pictures of furry four-legged companions who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. They are gone, but never forgotten. An assortment of magnets to hold them up.
  10. You can still do the previous week, or even the previous month (if we actually had been doing this for that long). That's why I do the answers in spoilers, so anyone playing catch-up doesn't scroll down too far and accidentally read them. It's all for fun, learning, knowledge, memory and all that.
  11. Question 17: Category: Sports He was the first person of African (more specifically, African-American) descent to be ranked #1 in tennis in 1975, and also awarded the inaugural ATP Player of the Year for the same year.
  12. Ugh long day... but time for answers for this round: Answer: Answer: Answer: Answer: Answer: Answer: Answer: Answer: Ok, by my count that's nine questions for the round, at one point each. Total of 9 possible points for this round. Combined with last round's points, there are 17 total points possible. Thanks for the patience! Next round begins tomorrow! I'm off to sleep.
  13. Question 16: Category: Geology/Mineralogy What gives the mineral turquoise its distinctive color?
  14. Sorry, answers for the round will have to wait until Sunday evening... long work hours, won't have time to write them up until then... so this round will have more questions than last one... Question 15: Category: Music and Culture From which South American country does bossa nova dance music originate?
  15. Question 14: Category: Measurements What unit of area was originally the size that a yoke of oxen (driven by one man) could plough in a day? Answers for this round will come tomorrow night (hopefully).
  16. As an athlete, bodybuilder and Mr Universe contestant he had a fair right to wear them. 🙂 And the simple fact that he was Sean Connery. Got the news my sister tested positive for omicron. Had to get a PCR test for a trip (mandated by her company) which is how she found out. Hoping she'll be ok, she has had all of her shots. More worried about her dog, who was dropped off at the kennel since she was en-route to the airport when she found out, and she's left him there... and her significant other hasn't gone to pick him up while she went to isolate.
  17. I feel like saying whether I am or not is going to tempt the universe to go against me, and I've got enough problems already... ironically, answering the way in which I did may place me on a side of that answers your question.
  18. Question 13: Category: Technology What machine, with a "puzzling" name and extensively used in World War II, is pictured below (in spoiler)?
  19. Started new job, first two days done. Today and tomorrow are recovery days before having to do three days in a row. So far not enjoying it, extremely tired. An hour drive there, a 12.5 hour shift (the 0.5 being for lunch) and another hour home makes for a long day. Plus the place is a petri dish for infection, despite what I was told upon interviewing (though granted, Omicron was still in early stages when that happened). Need the money, grateful to have employment, but will hopefully be able to find something closer to home.
  20. Glad to see Tre back. Is he running this under the Red Box Games banner, or starting a new venture? He mentions selling post-kickstarter.
  21. From the car. Most comfortable, and I have my trusty bottle of sanitizer sitting right beside me. It does suck in the winter when you have to let the cold air into the warm car when the window goes down. Homemade. Water in the glass. The milk is usually in my cereal on days that I have that.
  22. Question 12: Category: Landmarks Designed for the 1889 World's Fair, this structure was the first to surpass both the 200 and 300-meter mark in height. Name the structure.
  23. Question 11: Category: Mythology Which handsome god was killed by a twig of mistletoe in Norse mythology?
  24. Question 10: Category: Animals What creature can live the longest period of time without consuming any water (clarification: consuming or requiring an external water source)?
  25. Thank you. Glad to hear there is enjoyment being had by people. As long as that continues, I'll keep doing it. Yeah, there will undoubtedly be unfair advantages for some questions due to locale, no way around it. But it should even out over the year (I hope). Bit surprised though @Cranky Dog, I thought that might have been a decent headline in Canada. It wasn't a major one here, but I saw enough blurbs about it through several news sites I read. And if you don't know Ed Harris, I suggest watching The Abyss or Apollo 13 or The Rock. Some of my favorites. No one get discouraged over scores. Remember, it's all for fun, and there's over 365 points (one a day/question plus any bonus points).
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