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  1. As I am prone to cutting myself (or having several near-misses), I decided to take an idea from work and order myself some cut-resistant gloves for when I remove mold lines especially since I've upgraded to using a scalpel instead of a hobby knife. Haven't gotten the chance to try them yet, but I am hopeful that they are up to the task. I've had the package with my Typhoon vortex mixer sitting here for almost two weeks, but haven't had the chance to open it or test it yet. Super excited to see how it comes to the one I got from Amazon over a year ago. Eager to put it to the test; Robert at Typhoon is confident in his products, so I'm going to test it out on my hardest-to-mix P3 metallic, Brass Balls. If it can mix that, I'm convinced it'll mix anything, and I'll be shilling his products for the rest of my life.
  2. I'm right there with you on the polyester. I actually prefer a polyester/cotton blend t-shirt due to the reduced chance of shrinking... and the price, yes. I just bought 10 print shirts last week for $65 to wear for work. I intend for them to get dirty, so price was definitely a factor, but my wallet is thanking me. Pure cotton just doesn't feel comfortable to me.
  3. And pledge submitted. Luckily I set an alarm to remind me to update it. Was only in for the tavern set, but saw the bugbears and dragons and just couldn't resist.
  4. Question 120: Category: Good Luck Customs Where is smashing plates against your friends’ door a New Year’s Eve custom?
  5. Question 119: Category: Optical Phenomena What color appears in the middle of a rainbow?
  6. Hadn't thought about the handshake, good idea. Though my handshake might already be classified as Diet Firm as I'm typically bigger than most people. I did buy some hand/finger strengtheners the other day to use once the soreness stops. Given the hand issues I've had the past few years, hopefully all of this work will get them back towards normal. I tend to prefer Tiger Balm to Icy/Hot, but right now all I have is the red kind, not the white version. And that'll definitely leave marks on my white uniform. And either one is definitely something to be careful putting on the hands, never know when it may end up on your face or eyes... ouchie... Canine-friendly restaurants are awesome. I worked at an outdoor restaurant years ago in NYC one summer where people brought dogs. We have water bowls and boxes upon boxes of dog treats. Used to have a guy who would always come in and order two hamburgers, one for him and one plain, no bun, for his arm-sized dog.
  7. Without the little dinos, you'd never get the big ones. 😉 Growing pains in the new job. Hands are not happy with me, sore and needing ice, but it was expected to happen at some point. Lots of hand exercises to stretch and strengthen... and ice. We finally had almost a full 8 hours of production last night, enough parts came in so I finally got a feel for what a "normal" shift feels like. No regrets switching jobs; I've been able to spend more time with family (including canine companions) than in at the old job, and I don't miss the drive one bit. Painting will definitely have to wait until the hands are accustomed to everything.
  8. I enjoy assembly. For some reason I like pinning, despite how much of a pain it can be. I like only having to build things once and not worry later. Least favorite part of assembly is mold lines, especially on soft plastic. I like using my seam scraper, and I just can't use it on original Bones. Least favorite part of painting: picking a color scheme. Favorite part of painting: spraying that sealer on it cuz that means another mini is done!
  9. Question 118: Category: Mechanical Advantage The pivot point of a lever is called what?
  10. Question 117: Category: Entertainment What was the name of the first spin-off from the TV show "Law & Order"?
  11. Technically, he's not a robot. He's a droid. 🙂
  12. The STL files they offer look nice for those who have the ability to print them.
  13. Fan of Raphael's right now. I only have a few natural hair brushes, but I like the 8404, I think I have sizes 0, 1 and 2. They aren't my workhorses right now, since they are expensive. The 8394 (Raphael Kaerell) is my workhorse when I practice two-brush blending; it's a synthetic brush, but you don't need the sharpest of points for 2BB. Also a fan of the DaVinci's, but I only have two, and am too lazy to go downstairs to look at what they are. They are shorter bristle-length than the Raphael, which I like for doing more detail work. I like to maintain a bristle length-to-width ratio of 5:1 for detail brushes. And then I have a standard array of synthetic brushes from Hobby Lobby for basecoating and all that stuff.
  14. Question 116: Category: Elemental Isotopes Heavy water contains what isotopic form of hydrogen?
  15. Always separate for a gaming mini because they generally get their own action and need to move about independently. For a display character (which I've never done) I'd put it on the same base.
  16. Round 17! Question 115: Category: Landmarks The Place de l'Etoile is the traffic circle that surrounds what landmark?
  17. I personally love painting minis for other people, particularly new RPG players. I find it really helps them enjoy the experience more, and makes them more likely to want to continue or even learn to paint. But I totally understand where you're coming from. And I've been lucky in that no one has approached me to want a large quantity of minis painted (save for my brother, more on this to follow). I find this a perfectly acceptable offer to make to someone. Explain the time it takes you to do something for them, and what you have to put off doing for yourself. If they're willing to barter... maybe give it a go? I've bartered with my brother before for painting things for him. He typically runs errands to pick up things that are easier to find in a big city than where I live, which I know takes up his time, so I don't mind painting some minis for him. At times when my budget for new hobby supplies has been non-existent, he's bought paints and brushes in exchange for my brush labor. I've never regretted doing it, just have to find out if people are willing to do it. Just lay out the terms and quality of what they can expect in exchange for their sweat equity. I'd personally be willing to mow the lawn of the person who is willing to paint my player character mini. I've done harder things for far less.
  18. I had planned to take a picture of all my boxes/totes and begin with this: ... but I am way too tired and sore to go down to the basement to take a picture. Sorry. Let's just say there's plenty to keep me busy. I always had a plan for each mini/unit/army box purchased. I just really need more time to devote to painting, but it's a bit hard to do when spring comes and housework needs done. Maybe some day.
  19. I spent most of the weekend up on the roof. That probably needs explained. Let me back up slightly. Found some siding panels on the house missing in an out of the way spot yesterday. No idea where or when they disappeared, I spent too much time this winter coming home in the dark and too tired to notice. Had to remove roughly 20 panels to inspect, and sure enough the wood beneath was rotting so it had to get ripped out and dried. Dad did most of the work cutting new pieces, but after his last fall in 2020 involving a ladder I haven't let him more than 2-3 feet off the ground. So, up on the roof I went. If you ever want a leg work out, staying for hours on a slanted roof will do it. Work is going to suck tomorrow, I'm already sore. And they already told me at the new job to expect to be sore for a few weeks, particularly in the hands. At least I get free sodas from the vending machine. I foresee lots of Advil and ice baths in my future. And they'll be there at the bridge, and don't mind waiting for the reunion.
  20. Answer posting time. Question 108: A group of dolphins is called what? Answer: Question 109: Which vegetable is used if a dish is described as "a la Crécy"? Answer: Question 110: Which book by ends with the titular vessel being impaled upon the Empire State Building? Answer: Question 111: Rene Laennec invented which aid for doctors in 1816? Answer: Question 112: The North Star is also known by what other name? Answer: Question 113: Aurum was the old Latin name for which precious metal? Answer: Question 114: Who wrote the operas "The Magic Flute" and "The Marriage of Figaro"? Answer: Same drill as usual. Seven questions worth one point each. Seven points for the round. Brings the current possible point total up to 117.
  21. Question 114: Category: Opera Who wrote the operas "The Magic Flute" and "The Marriage of Figaro"?
  22. Question 113: Category: Periodic Elements Aurum was the old Latin name used in chemistry for which precious metal?
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