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  1. Question 112: Category: Astronomy The North Star is also known by what other name?
  2. I've been dating myself all year, most recently the past two weeks. The training center for work had a good mixture of age-groups for new hires, but I kept getting put in with kids in their early 20s (and that's generous for a few of them). One individual wanted to talk to me about the latest episode of Attack on Titan (which I know nothing about). Another told me the new Dune movie reminded him too much of Star Wars (the latest ones, not the originals), and his mind was blown when I told him that Dune was adapted from a novel. And even more so when I said it was a novel from the '60s. Then I encountered someone who had heard of Pee-wee Herman, but didn't know the big shoe dance from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure... and yes, I actually said "you know, the dance from the biker bar" and started doing it... you'd think with all their fancy technology they'd look it up before I could explain it. I really need a porch and rocking chair. Get off my lawn, darn kids!
  3. Fantasy: always need more minotaur in more than the barbarian/savage tropes. Sci/Fi: not a big painter for that genre, but I wouldn't mind some type of lizard/dinosaur type species. Kind of in the type of the Sargorn from that movie Jupiter Ascending (look at the pic, don't bother watching the movie).
  4. Question 111: Category: Medical Devices Rene Laennec invented which aid for doctors in 1816?
  5. Given that my current rate of painting is between zero to twenty minis a year, I'm good for a long time (at least 50 years, more like 100). And I just got a new vortex mixer in the mail (a Typhoon) so the paints aren't dying either as long as I have power. Brushes are going to be a sticking point though. Better start buying those like toilet paper in 2020.
  6. Question 110: Category: Literary Fruit Which book by Roald Dahl ends with the titular vessel being impaled upon the Empire State Building?
  7. I've had moments of brilliance with each color, but more catastrophic ones to outnumber those with. I haven't had repeated success with black, yellow or vibrant red yet. Black is tricky because I try to different approaches to highlight it so I can get variety. I have yet to get a brown-highlighted black that I was satisfied with. I know a lot of people like the triad-system, but I've had more success with just mixing my own by using a color wheel. It's hard to trust your eye when painting, but with my previous foray into paint manufacturing, I learned that your eye really will let you know when a color just isn't looking right. Doesn't make it less frustrating when you are trying to paint, but at least tells you that your color choice isn't jiving.
  8. In preparation for tomorrow: Off to bed. Have a good evening/night/morning/afternoon.
  9. Question 109: Category: Culinary Skills Which vegetable is used if a dish is described as "a la Crécy"?
  10. I decided to get it because I do want to build a town/small city to take up most of the basement I hope to have one day, and I'll need a different layout/appearance. Might as well have it on hand in two years. I seem to keep buying bartender minis, they need someplace to work...
  11. Came out from job training to find snow on my car. Not amused, Mother Nature. You've had your laugh, kindly send back sunshine and warmth. Found out that after I transition to my actual work plant from the training/orientation center (which happens after tomorrow) that we still have to do an hour of physical conditioning for two additional weeks. Not the worst thing in the world, as it's to keep my body functioning, but hadn't expected that. Always said I'd love to get paid for exercising, and now that's come true. I just wish it wasn't done in my work uniform, it's a bit tight for certain exercises. @haldir your recaps of D&D are giving me the itch to try and get back into playing. It's still a bit iffy as to gathering with my old group in my area, so it'll have to wait for another few weeks (plus feeling out the, um shall we say, health environment at the new job), but I might reach out to them to see if they need/want an extra player. Though there are still house chores to be done during that time...
  12. Might be better to say that we observe the holiday instead of celebrating. We don't attend church or any service. If it is on one of the channels we'll sometimes watch the service that takes place at the Vatican with the Pope, but that's mostly because it's interesting to see how others celebrate (I just like to know things). We had some turkey and a few other side dishes. Had a last-minute cancellation so it was just myself and my parents. We had a bit of candy, but didn't go crazy. If it is on TV, we'll watch The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston (it wasn't on yesterday, it came on the previous week).
  13. And thanks for participating! Stuff like this is a good way to flex the brain muscles, whether you know the answer or not. I give the questions to my dad so he can keep up his cognitive functioning (another reason we watch Jeopardy each night). I had never even heard of the Telecaster before, so it gave me something else to go read about. Another reason why I like doing this, it becomes a rabbit-hole of learning.
  14. New round of questions. Round 16, I believe. Question 108: Category: Collective Nomenclature What is a group of dolphins called?
  15. I believe it is time for this round's answers: Question 101: Jaime Sommers became "The Bionic Woman" after what type of accident? Answer: Question 102: The word "algebra" comes from what language? Answer: Question 103: The "Maman" sculpture is a giant what? Answer: Question 104: Smallest bones in the human body are where? Answer: Question 105: Fender's follow-up to the "Telecaster" guitar? Answer: Question 106: In what novel is the world divided into the superstates of Oceania, Eastasia and Eurasia? Answer: Question 107: William Schrafft invented what popular Easter candy? Answer: So there's another 7 points, which when added to the running total makes 110 potential points thus far.
  16. Question 107: Category: Holiday Sweets William Schrafft invented what popular Easter candy back in the late 1800s?
  17. Looks good! I got put in charge of napkins... again...
  18. Question 106: Category: Literature In what novel, published in 1949, is the world divided into the superstates of Oceania, Eastasia and Eurasia?
  19. You tried throwing a bottle of paint at the computer monitor again, didn't you? I've told you before, that's not how email works!
  20. Yep, huge fan of the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale series. They were my gateway into D&D, and eventually doing this hobby, though it would take around 12 years between the two (BG came out in 1998, I didn't start playing D&D or acquiring minis until 2010). The original Baldur's Gate is probably my favorite, as BG2 gets a bit railroad-esque with the plot after a certain point. Though IWD can also be argued to be a railroad, though I argue it's a hack 'n slash adventure. I have yet to have done anything specifically inspired by them, but I have had ideas and plans fomenting for a while. Not to be too repetitive, but now that I'm back to working a decent paying job I can hopefully make some of those ideas reality. Possibly even a couple this year.
  21. Question 105: Category: Musical Instruments What did guitar maker Fender name the follow up to their "Telecaster" guitar?
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