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  1. I shall find just such a bard to be his first mate!!
  2. Had a feeling you’d be a fan 😂
  3. Per the title…fan favorite from Bones 5.
  4. I rate this mini as being very high on the fun scale for the great detail and the fact that it could be painted so many different ways.
  5. God help me. I resisted Encounters so they added Encounters to this one.
  6. I like what the others have mentioned, but also love the basing elements and the fact that you added some flocking about the ‘wings’ and so on. An excellent piece!
  7. I hit the dollar store on the way to the gym this morning and found a pair of volunteers for my harvesting. They’re both perfectly sized for a 3-inch base and will be almost perfectly sized alongside the dragon’s head and wings. By being able to cut up the bodies, it’ll mean I can institute as dynamic a pose as I want.
  8. That’s a great idea! I’ll definitely but that when it releases next month and harvest it’s head. I’ll save the body for some other potential abomination. Just need a ‘huge’ goat head. Maybe I can hit a dollar store or other hobby outlet for that.
  9. You captured the diminished luster of the steel which one would expect for weapons being displayed indoors. Superior job!
  10. Thanks! I wanted to enhance the fact that this this will be impossible to surprise. 😅
  11. Can’t wait to drop this is my game. Based on an image I found online.
  12. I love it!
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