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  1. My guesstimate of late July/early August stands up!
  2. That would go so well in a Dark Sun campaign
  3. Filled out my survey today for my town pledge: 2 roof, 2 core sewer, 2 Tudor, 3 wooden cottage, townies, and 3 extra sets of bases for miniatures, a set of stairs, stretch goals. Should be a good haul.
  4. Yeah, myself and four other backers haven’t backed any of their follow up kickstarters since this one. None of us are willing to spend money if we don’t have the first ones in our hands. If their latest update is correct, and this arrives around the same time as Bones V, these figures will most assuredly just sit in a box until I decide to sort them. My Bones V will absolutely take precedent.
  5. If you’ve backed any prior KS, you’ll receive an email, a KS activity notification, and will probably see the forums here alight with announcements. Also, come to ReaperCon and learn many secrets.
  6. You need to be pinning, my friend. Every time a Bones fulfillment arrives I’m very excited until I begin the unboxing process and the shipment overtakes my massive gaming table. Then the regret sets in as I pour through the order, sorting and organizing by my RPG standards. Of course, I also have to be checking to make sure everything is intact and that no parts are missing. It takes days, but I love/hate it.
  7. I’m not getting into 3d printing until it is so simple that my technical anxiety is rendered inert.
  8. My hope is that they continue working on the Bones USA line and that IT is their plan for Bones 6 that it be fulfilled by their own factory with marginal reliance on foreign fulfillment.
  9. I like the dragon with the book, but I could easily do the same thing with the stuff I already have. I just really need some open KS projects to fulfill before I back anything else. I just don’t get as excited for new projects when I have such a backlog.
  10. I have him painted in my display case; he was a character in one of my long campaigns back in like 2008-2009, I think. He’s an awesome sculpt!!
  11. Yeah I’ve done the 13 hours to and from Atlanta a few times. I fly now. If I had like 2-3 people with whom to carpool, and we got along well enough, it could be a fun tradition to start. I just don’t know any other local painters.
  12. If I had to put money down I’d bet late July/early August.
  13. Is it possible for them to melt the plastic and reuse it in future Bones USA sculpts?
  14. Even after they get it, it will still have to be unloaded and sorted. Then they’ll spend a day or two test processing a few orders. Then they’ll do 100, next day 300, then up to 600 per day. I’ve been through this 4 times before. Just don’t think about it
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