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  1. And now I have to hit Etsy for some Dark Sun themed figures. Love me some Dark Sun!!!
  2. As Ron’s unofficial spokesman here on the forums, I authorize you to go ahead and share those details. At ReaperCon I drink a lot, but I do remember something about Dungeon Delver being in next year’s theme. Jon, go ahead and fill in the blanks.
  3. I did a quick paint job on this one just to practice some freehand on the inside of the cloak. Made the skin highlights a little too harsh for my own taste, but this will be used heavily at the game table at ReaperCon 2022.
  4. A thin line running between the nipple covers, raised above the sternum would have created a very sexy gap that would actually amplify the bustiness of the sculpt.
  5. They did an update a few days ago which read much the same. The miniatures are still in transit and there’s really no sign that QML will have them to ship any time soon. My friends and I have all blacklisted Blacklist until we get these figures. They just launched, yet another, Kickstarter and none of us are going to back it.
  6. I love her!! I have a diorama I want to create with her featured in.
  7. Adrift


    Anything goes with aberrations.
  8. A dynamic sculpt and a lot of fun!
  9. Another I base-coated at ReaperCon and then finished when I got home! Played with OSL from the crystal atop the staff. The crystal itself wasn’t the best part of the sculpt and as such, it’s not the best crystal I’ve ever painted.
  10. When I received this Bones 4 mini with my Kickstarter back in the day, he was headless. Reaper sent me a fresh one as they do. I had an extra beholder eyestalk from the Wizkids beholder, and decided to carve it into the head slot and make an aberration!! I’ll paint the normal one to match, and then he’ll be a nice surprise boss in a future dnd game.
  11. Got this pair in my VIP bag when at ReaperCon. Got their base coats done while there and then finished them when I got home. I like the semi-demented look that they have; they could either be secret assassins or some backwoods cooks who just look a little ‘off’.
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dirtcheapdungeons/modular-caverns-and-terrain-system-0/rewards I’ve backed their previous two Kickstarters and their stuff, while a bit simplistic, is quite excellent. Made in USA with all the minimal carbon footprint, etc.
  13. I backed both of their first two Kickstarters. I’ve even painted up the first 5 heroes that I got from that KS. I’ve been very happy with their products, though the umber hulk I just received seems a bit on the small side; which is fine bc it can be a baby of my bigger ones. I probably won’t back this one just due to lack of need, but they’re a solid operation!
  14. When I saw her at ReaperCon, this paint job instantly popped in my head. Hope you like!
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