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  1. I still have 3 dnd groups that get together regularly, all different people. Still painting like a fiend and not making enough time to post pics. I need to do that.
  2. Seconded; the ability to blend except for a few give always like the eyes. could even use a vampire miniature with fangs and not-undead flesh tones.
  3. Excellent use of the purple in the skin and clothing/leather to complement the gold.
  4. I think Monster Fight Club has a whole line of cyberpunk themed figures
  5. Hey all, I took some palm trees that came with one of my son’s army men kits and decided to break them up, do some quick painting/base crafting to create jungle terrain pieces. I also had some decorative Micro Arts Studio ruins pieces that I added to three of the bases. I’m attaching some WIP shots as well.
  6. Got multiple Lysette and Darius figs as part of my order today; I’m going to give 5 away to friends as promo for the Bones USA line and help nudge the painting hobby. I’m currently teaching two friends how to paint figs when we have free time together. Lysette is definitely scaled a bit large as compared to most of my other figures; she resembles more of a 35mm figure in terms of dimensions. Totally fine by me bc I don’t obsess over such things, and all my figs just play side by side on the table. Darius is sized right alongside the other older mags types I got in Bones 4. The Bones Black plastic is definitely more brittle/rigid as compared to traditional Bones but we had that intel a long time ago. Rather than remove bases I’ll either paint what’s there or, add it to another base and use moulding paste to blend it into the scene; I do this on the regular.
  7. Yes they have made other books available via pledge manager in the past and I got down with that action in the last KS. My plan is to buy a second set of The Dungeon map books in the PM this go around.
  8. My plan for all the stump maps is to make use of my trees from Monster Fight Club, as well as Dwarven Forge, in addition to terrain pieces from both companies that act as foliage to ‘spruce’ it up. Any ‘stump’ left visible will be an actual stump and the trees I have will dress up the 3d elements and not make it look like a massive logging operation. But it also gives me the option to horrify a Druid or ranger and just put the map down to indicate some kind of massive deforestation.
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2l6JUNFAJ9o&feature=youtu.be Tom MacDonald
  10. I think some redone familiars with the increased detail of Bones Black would be a welcome addition. I also love the idea of Orc and goblin pirate types as well.
  11. I did the early ‘extended’ to get the little book, which I think is also worth the $9US. Not thrilled to see they’re fulfilling around Christmas because of the trash USPS nowadays but, one can hope.
  12. I have their towns and taverns, the dungeons, the giant book of battle maps, as well as 2 of the little books of maps and they’re wonderful. I use them all the time. i’m definitely going to back this.
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