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  1. Gracias! After taking pics I wasn’t as pleased with the right thumb, but I get less patient as I progress through a piece; personal flaw of my own
  2. I went for a cultist enforcer feel on this fella. To help balance the metallic shades largely at the top half of the piece, I opted to do a use similar colors to freehand a pattern along the bottom to pull your eyes fully through the composition.
  3. I’m really happy with my Game Envy Hobby Holder, but last year after ReaperCon I invested in a couple of large paint racks via Impudent Mortal who is really local to me here in Georgia and I just don’t have a need for any of these offerings. They’re a great company though!!!
  4. That’s an awesome idea!! The things you can do with Bones...
  5. I’m really glad you posted the size comparison picture because I did NOT think that snake was that big
  6. Totally! They’re just occupying a small section of one of my paint desk organizers and aren’t bothering me at all. Many of them are the slotted bases, just FYI.
  7. I was worried that was the case.
  8. Would anyone else be interested in a plastic melt bin for old bases at ReaperCon? I’ve done the metal melt bin for years, but I’m to a point where I have an over abundance of old hard plastic black bases that will never be used from dozens of different manufacturers. Does Thomas the Base Engine accept old plastic bases as tribute?
  9. Makes me think of the cardinal from The Castlevania anime
  10. I agree with @Darcstaar and @KruleBear on all the positive elements. The same faded look that you have on the bottom rear of the cloak isn’t reflected in the front of her along the neckline and based on the sculpting, would appear to be well-worn fabric. On the rear, the bugs are so bright that I find my eye constantly drifting toward them and de-emphasizing the rest of the work you did on the leaves and berries. Commendable work keeping the red and green while not making it come across as Christmas-y.
  11. Adrift

    Captain Razig

    I love this
  12. Looks awesome!! I’m just not using a 3d printer yet and don’t plan on it until it’s something like a replicator from Star Trek.
  13. I’ll def get the Brinewind extras; the main expansion just isn’t my wheelhouse.
  14. Daenerys really let herself go; can’t do that price tag for something I don’t absolutely love, but others may and I acknowledge that.
  15. That’s how I feel about the Dark Depths; I really just want the not-sahuagin and will pick them up retail. I also want a couple Nightgaunts from Chronoscope. Don’t really want anything from Brinewind.
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