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  1. Lots and lots of mini painting videos on the internet.
  2. Thank you for the red flags! I’ll just hold off on this one.
  3. My pledge: forest war game scatter faerie glade conifer tree pack wildlands trees - megapack
  4. Completed my PM last night and stuck to the budget I’d set during the KS of around $450. Between that and some snowy terrain/trees from the Monster Fight Club KS that just finished, I should be good to go with all of the durable terrain I’ll ever need.
  5. You and I have similar consumptive habits it would seem. I also own his book and the Loke ones. And I also agree that some of his maps in the book are a bit cartoony but my players haven’t minded ever. I did click the notify me when he messaged me the link the other day; I’m on the fence on this one having not backed his roller map thing he did. I’m def tempted because I like variety.
  6. I own three of their books and am awaiting these ones now. I’ll definitely back them for the wilderness maps.
  7. According to their last update, I should be getting my download link tomorrow.
  8. I did like $450 on the DF stuff and this will give me some nice snow and ice terrain to fill out my choices for at the gaming table.
  9. The reason I’m doing the $110 level is because for each of the three sets that you’d choose, there are associated free add-ons for each one; the everyone gets them add-ons notwithstanding.
  10. Went ahead and backed it at the $110 level; I would have doubled or tripled that pledge had I not just finished backing the Dwarven Forge one. This will add some nice spice and variety to my gaming table with the winter theme.
  11. Their video amused me far more than I’d like to admit.
  12. I too am awaiting Story Engine. Once I have that product and have had a chance to flesh it out, I’ll look for potential holes in the product that would entice me to pick up secondary products that plug those gaps. My list of open projects has grown to where I’m just not inclined to potentially double down right now.
  13. I’ve been meaning to follow up on my Bones 1-4 core set pledges all these years.
  14. Agreed! I thought they hired a guy to manage social media and external communications. Yet even today, disparate forms of communication and lack thereof in the channel seems to continue. Because this communicating in one place and not through official channels is precisely how it was going before they hired a guy so that job’s not getting done. I’m not going to watch reaper live.
  15. Dwarven Forge Wildlands just closed out a few weeks ago and I backed that hard for trees. It’s a shame this one falls so close lest I would have diversified more.
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