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  1. Yes indeed! Real cloth I stiffened up with Reaper sealer. A single cost worked great.
  2. I love the reddish-purple combined with the green!
  3. Fantastic work on an awesome piece!
  4. I treat discord like a situationship and keep it at a healthy-limited distance. I find that a constant stream of messages with which I need to keep up to be akin to work. just finished 5 more minis from Moonlight Minis, for the game table. Will seal and post later.
  5. Since the mongrelman’s name is Scrub, I felt like he would make an ironic addition to yet another Dwarven Forge Wildlands piece being completed and posted. So he’s providing a scale reference.
  6. Picked up at ReaperCon ‘23 and now ready for the game table! I’m excited to get the other batch of these from Bones 5 in a couple months.
  7. Yes, I fully intend to pull out all of my Wildlands stuff and photographing them on a battle mat!
  8. I love it and never really thought of Kapaks as being stealthy/cunning but it definitely fits.
  9. Another of the Wildlands pieces completed. Only 7 more pieces of terrain and 7 trees and they’re all complete.
  10. The DF stuff is really heavy as compared to a brand like Monster Fight Club. If the DF stuff were to tip over it would be due to grievous user-player error when reaching around the table. I’ve had zero instances of problems.
  11. Yeah I made the banner last and really should have trimmed it a little thinner. Either way, they’ll terrorize my players to no end. 😂
  12. Taking pictures of my battlefields from dnd is a great idea! I’ll happily post some of those.
  13. Don’t turn on the tv. Paint more. Don’t pull up social media. Paint more. Paint. More.
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