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  1. If they have them in time for ReaperCon, I’ll just harass Ron, then. Why make them pay to ship them. Not that I really need more dice.
  2. I haven’t been keeping up; what’s the deal with us all not getting the dice?
  3. Got the entirety of my order yesterday. The UPS truck was sitting outside my house as a buddy and I were returning from Waffle House!!
  4. If I remember correctly, dds1 was metal and a prior offering. Dds2 was a bones offering that came in one of the KS projects. I have it here, somewhere.
  5. Wave 5, got my three shipping notices at 1800 hours. Total of 90lbs coming my way.
  6. One of my favorite sneaky hacks is to take a figure with an integral base (that I don’t care about), and so as to not add height, is to flip a reaper base over, set the integral base down in the reaper one, then base the figure and cover it over.
  7. I don’t wash my miniatures of any make until I decide to paint them. My figures are all organized by RPG needs and categories. Some smaller subsets are kept in bags. However, most of my figures sit loose, by category, in old shoe boxes, plastic bins, etc.
  8. That’s a delicious idea. Consider it stolen and thank you for sharing.
  9. Reaper’s version of the micro arts studio plastic bases where the base is the terrain; ancient temple stone floor, woodlands, rocky grasslands, rocky terrain, pile of skulls, etc.
  10. That’s an awesome take. Plus, not every individual of every species or race is going to reach the maximum potential. So if I have two cloud giants of differing size, so be it!!
  11. Looks fantastic!!
  12. I chose standard delivery for the entirety of my order. I’m drowning in stuff and Bones 5 will be here sooner, rather than later.
  13. Same, I’m expecting more rigid figures.
  14. I’m wave 5 with extras that they probably don’t have yet, so I’ll just be patient and work on the slew of stuff I do have.
  15. I’m thankful my gaming friends and I have only backed FS1. Anything produced by BLG in the future will only be purchased by any of us via direct retail. Per the passive aggressive shipping cost write up, quoted above, my concern is that they’re taking money from newer projects to pay for the changing shipping costs. I’m confident that we will eventually get FS1, but I would not have the same confidence of any of their later projects. I could be completely wrong, and hope I am for the sake of my friends and backers, here. That or later projects will be asked to pony up more money for shipping c
  16. Indeed. Cobra Bromander made it an official declaration that Buglips is to accept the blame for any and all problems. Stormshadow agreed. Someone forgot to put on his tinfoil hat, and Buglips got to his brain. That, or forgot his nose plugs and was tortured into obedience via stanky footwear. In all seriousness though, I’d definitely take another look at the pledge manager again if they re-opened it.
  17. You should also buy 4 additional miniatures.
  18. The solution is simple. Just buy 4 additional miniatures and save them for opening when your KS order arrives.
  19. I think Reaper beginning fulfillment for orders that aren’t missing stuff, they don’t yet have, is a great idea. Crank ‘em out and clear some room in the warehouse, ultimately less orders to fulfill later. If my order is on hold due to missing stock, so be it. My life doesn’t revolve around some plastic toys arriving sooner rather than later.
  20. Ship ASAP so we can see pics and painted stuff.
  21. My guesstimate of late July/early August stands up!
  22. That would go so well in a Dark Sun campaign
  23. Filled out my survey today for my town pledge: 2 roof, 2 core sewer, 2 Tudor, 3 wooden cottage, townies, and 3 extra sets of bases for miniatures, a set of stairs, stretch goals. Should be a good haul.
  24. Yeah, myself and four other backers haven’t backed any of their follow up kickstarters since this one. None of us are willing to spend money if we don’t have the first ones in our hands. If their latest update is correct, and this arrives around the same time as Bones V, these figures will most assuredly just sit in a box until I decide to sort them. My Bones V will absolutely take precedent.
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