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  1. As a follow up to the request for more primitive elves, I’d like to see figures that retain their high fantasy appeal but aren’t classic fantasy or medieval in terms of their clothes and style. For instance the image I’ve attached of an elf artificer/mage/magewright which has a flair of the touch of modern/steampunk.
  2. Every time I look at the earth scion I can’t help but see the impression that Wayne Reynolds’ style has impacted others.
  3. I have two groups that have continued to play in person this entire time; 12 people and everyone is fine. I spent the same as i would have spent otherwise and tbh, I wish I had spent less only due to the fact that I have so many 20 miniatures and I’m beginning to feel like I’m going to drown in them.
  4. I’ve been lamenting shipping costs here in the US as well; it’s all but convinced me that I need a 3d printer, and if that happens, I’m sure I’ll mostly just back STL Kickstarter projects thereafter.
  5. Terrain Essentials - received 1/14/21 Mammoth maps table mat (April 2020) D&D Condition Rings Set - received 1/13/21 Creatures & Monsters (December 2020) Blacklist Miniatures (December 2020) Bones 5 (April 2021) Throne Down Games (April 2021) Immersive Battle Atlas (April 2021) Wildlands by Dwarven Forge (June 2021) The Book of Collected Rumors (June 2021) Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds (July 2021) Dungeon & Lasers 2nd Edition (August 2021) Backed: 68 Delivered: 56 Dead: 2
  6. I doubt most people even remember that they were the person who started a particular thread to even remember to update tags. Yup.
  7. It can get pretty complex as well... for instance, where would one place a board game that also has a ton of miniatures, and includes a miniature-only pledge option, as we’ve seen in the past? I would be in favor of a subforum to which completed projects are moved. I also think that a bunch of stuff could be unpinnned from the top...there are at least three items in this one part of the forum that I’d unpin right now, were it that I had the authority.
  8. I’ll just use them side by side and custom paint the DF stuff to be more “special set piece” as compared to the MFC stuff which will be more of the “daily grinder” terrain.
  9. Oh good to know!! I’ve picked up 3 sets of their trees (autumn and standard) at my FLGS recently and am excited for my winter-themed stuff now that I’ve got my hands on these. I seriously wish I’d of know about this organization before going hard on the DF Wildlands KS like I did. I would have diverted most, if not all monies to MFC instead.
  10. This one doesn’t scratch any particular itch of mine.
  11. This is my final tally; $824.00 without the shipping. I’m so proud of my ability to exercise restraint with respect to little plastic toys. Power Up: Hippocampus Figurehead Option x1 Power Up: Reaper Figurehead Option x1 Bones 5 Core Set x1 Power Up: Demonic Legion Option x1 Power Up: Beastmen Option x1 Valfuryx the Vile x1 Dragon Folk x1 Fire Giant Hellbringer x1 Aganzarax x1 Goroloth x1 Trebuchet x1 Shavynra the Slayer x1 Storm Giant x1 Arakoth the Ancient x1 Pirate Ship x2 Yog-Sothoth x1 Kalanzar the Wicked x1 Brinewind Extras Option x1 Greek Odyssey Expansion x1 Fan Favorites x1 Power Up: Disapproving Hand Spell Effect x1 Extra Walls of Thorns x1 Extra Wraith Dreadnights x2 Extra Walls of Thorns x3 Option: Hammerfist Catapult x4 Option: Townsfolk x1 Option: Deathrattle Ballista x4 Option: Krateryx, Shadow Dragon x1 Expansion: Brinewind, City of Pirates x1 Expansion: Dark Depths x1
  12. Yeah I got mine weeks ago. this should be tagged as complete.
  13. My book shipped on 12/10 and as of 1/9 I still don’t have it. I’m definitely only doing PDF backing moving forward.
  14. I’ve never backed anything by Mierce but I did get burned by Jody Siegel of Imbrian Arts so I sympathize. I’ve grown really concerned about a table-sized battle map that was due in the spring and the creator has repeatedly had issues trying to ship the product. They’ve posted pictures of the completed maps, but the global shipping picture isn’t improving any time soon. As such, I haven’t been backing as many Kickstarters over the past 6 months and don’t see my concerns abating any time soon. The cost of shipping from the EU has gotten so high that I don’t tend to back projects from that part of the world.
  15. Stylistically, they certainly have a bit of an anime flair to them. I like it, but I wonder how they might look next to stuff like my Reaper figures on the game table. I’d love to see some size comparison shots to know whether those dark dwarves would work alongside my existing ones.
  16. Husband made the list; he is thankful just to be there.
  17. The plastic wrap is awesome but as sticky as that stuff is, I think your aged wax paper design would net better results.
  18. As DM, a monster is any size you want or need it to be.
  19. That’s a really solid idea as well!! Perhaps I should order a 3rd!
  20. I don’t really care, mind you. If I end up getting serious motivation I’d be just as likely to paint it up and hang onto it. It doesn’t really matter and any gains by selling an extra wouldn’t be much compared to just working. I’d really like to do one standard and one undead version of the ship. Just need the motivation to make that happen.
  21. I bought 2 knowing I’ll probably only finish one and then can sell the other later
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