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  1. I def like to be able to have different clans represented with differing styles.
  2. Removed him from his base and placed him on a Dungeon & Lasers base. Blacklist figures definitely need priming before painting, but the details are good.
  3. Working through the entirety of my goblin collection!
  4. Finished the last of my lycanthropes with these 4.
  5. Birthday gift I just painted up.
  6. I honestly don’t know. He and the skellie pile are resin and his left arm is metal. I feel like this would have been an awesome bones black addition to any of their recent Kickstarters.
  7. Got this at ReaperCon 2014 and finally felt like I could make it worthwhile.
  8. If I was a werebear I’d dual-wield and have a shield on my arm bc I’m a werebear and the rules of puny hoomans do not subjugate me.
  9. Tre Manor has posted a new KS! I have just about all of these, but his evil barbarians are based around Warduke which made me buy a ton, previously. They come in metal which I love. The scale is like 25-28mm but it looks perfect alongside all my other minis. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/redboxgames/barbaria-warbands-of-wrath-and-ruin?ref=activity
  10. Of course you have those files…
  11. Assuming you’re the hobbyist that the rest of us are, adding an extra weapon is as easy as a simple drill and adding something from your extras. Anything off a Bones Bugbear would be a simple swap.
  12. The lighthouse keeper is 🔥 He will for sure be the first thing I paint up. I’m so thrilled he’s undead!!!! bases stls would make me very sated.
  13. Looks an awful lot like a satarre from Kobold Press. I love it.
  14. I scanned it and didn’t see but thought I missed it. I buy Reaper paints bc they make them in Denton. I’m just trying to avoid stuff made in certain countries.
  15. Does it say where they’ll be produced?
  16. And I’m not trying to be unsympathetic to the loss they experienced 6 months ago. Ed was more than just an accountant and despite hanging around them at tons of ReaperCons I was never clear on what role Brother Dave, worked alongside him, etc. I could certainly see Ed piloting every step of their projects inside of spreadsheets along the way. My reference to Base Boss 2 entailed that fact that by the time they lost Ed that project was already not fond of updates, and was 3+ months overdue by the time he passed.
  17. I’d like to see them begin fulfilling Base Boss 2. Their communication has not been great on that project. Plus, it’s just bases and is being done fully in-house. So I was using that project as a gauge for how well they’d be able to handle doing a larger scale fulfillment of Bones USA figures for the Bones 6 KS. Base Boss 2 is way overdue on its fulfillment.
  18. Rebased on one of my few-remaining micro arts studio basing system bases. He’d make a fun vengeance Paladin too. Also used one of the succubus shields from a prior Reaper KS.
  19. I painted them up at ReaperCon last year! I’m eager for more.
  20. The deep ones are right up my alley. I’m not much for stirges, but they could easily be handy for all manner of flying, swarmy substitutions.
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