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  1. Every nurse who's worked a night shift in ICU settings knows well the effects of a full moon on people.
  2. Why the male Efreeti gotta look just like the female version I already have 3 of... I think a domineering pose, arms crossed with his sword sheathed across his back would be awesome! Or maybe a fireball in one hand...
  3. I'd love to see Reaper have made the storm giant a lady and the cloud giant a dude...since they already did the male storm giant and female cloud giant. I get that they want to update the sculpts they did before and add size/improve upon what came before, but it would be cool to see them break they own habit.
  4. Sure am thankful for that Bob Ridolfi interview... (Summary) Ron: So Bob, why did you do XYZ Bob: Because that's what you asked me to do...
  5. Adrift


    I call foul; this doesn't involve a wolf so @Glitterwolfcannot associate. This is fake news.
  6. Adrift

    Agramon, Bones 1 Kickstarter

    Still working on OSL and painting skillz, here's Agramon from the Bones 1 KS (I think). He was a lot of fun!!!
  7. Izzy's dark elves are the only versions IMO that capture the absolute arrogance/broccoli-like appearance and demeanor that I would expect from dark elves.
  8. Mal'Drakar, IIRC came in at $50 a pop, which I was astounded to have paid. Not saying the ship isn't bigger, but I could see the ship coming in more on the affordable side again. If that's the case, I'll be picking up several so I can do them in a variety of motifs.
  9. Adrift

    Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?

    #02 Jody Siegel Imbrian Arts #18 d100 by Ominous Cow Productions #41 Dirt Cheap Dungeons (May 2019) #44 Yarro Studios: Immersive Battle Maps (May 2019) #48 Terrain Essentials (February 2020) #50 Broadsword Magazine (August 2019) #00 CAV SO #3 (backed via pledge manager - September 2019) #51 The Dungeon - Battle Mat Books (September 2019) #52 Galladoria - Rise of the Mimics 2 (September 2019) #53 The Dragon's Garden and 49 Other Forest Encounters (October 2019) #54 The Story Engine (June 2020) #55 Bones 5 (April 2021) Got my first of three editions of #50 Broadsword last week, and #52 Galladoria just fulfilled today! I've gotten my shipping notice that #44 Battle Maps is in transit and should be delivered by Monday!! Got it 10/16!! Hopefully by year's end I'll only have #48, #54 and #55 open and pending. I've written off #2 and #18 and am dropping them off my list.
  10. Adrift

    Midlam Hobgoblin Raiding Party

    Bones 5 has a massive ship forthcoming, and I plan to get several of that one miniature alone. This timing is most terrible.
  11. I tried making them similar, yet dissimilar in a variety of small ways. They all have irregular freckles on the shoulders and upper arms, and I painted the horns light to dark, or dark to light.
  12. Adrift

    Foxtrot by Hasslefree Miniatures

    Nice details such as making the boots dirtied!
  13. Adrift

    Lesser Demons: Warbands of the Dark Beyond

    My goal was to have any blades that may have once been shiny either appear reflective of a hellscape, rusted due to neglect, or just downright vicious due to the forger; the goal being that the viewer decides.
  14. That's what I did years ago after Bones 1. I found that getting rid of the prepainted stuff gave me more incentive to paint what I did have and to relearn the joys of tabletop and tabletop+ painting for my game table. I'm currently working on my 93rd miniature that I've painted this year. My goal was 100 figs this year and I should surpass that nicely.
  15. Adrift

    Old Warrior Bust

    I'm not interested in paying the 15-Euros to have it shipped to the USA.
  16. La pantera is also awesome looking!
  17. I'm watching the video right now, and I'm REALLY wanting to back this. I backed.
  18. Adrift

    Snake Cultists 17108 Bones

    Soon my dnd group will be waging an assault against some Yuan-Ti cultists. Speed painted for tabletop.
  19. On the large size, I'd love to see them do a Demo-dragon; demo-dragon got an update in terms of art on the cover of either Dragon or Dungeon magazine before they went out of publication. Combo that with some of the not-classic heroes from the DND cartoon, Venger and not-Dungeon Master and it would cause much pledge bumping.
  20. Adrift

    Variety of Bones figs!!

    At ReaperCon @Ludo made me do a Sophie Says painting up one of the plaster Lego men; I got to keep the Dwarven Brewer so I painted him up when I got home. He said I loved to argue and rules lawyer, or something like that, but I was too busy trying to figure out how to weasel out of painting the Lego man to listen to his reasons. Love ya man The Death Knight is a kitbash I tossed together at ReaperCon as well; speed painted here at home. Acquired Daschelle at the Con and enjoyed her immensely more than I thought I would. The Hive Warden I did before ReaperCon but was too lazy to post. The Horn Slasher was done at the Con.
  21. Adrift

    Already broke my "reapercon paint poke stick"

    Those are for paint bottles only Maybe you should be more gentle paint.
  22. Adrift

    Snake Cultists 17108 Bones

    I feel like every person has their own journey with respect to OSL, glazing, and all the other techniques that intimidate people. I was the same way for a long time, and I get it. I'm not a natural artist, so I just have to do all the things and keep trying over and over again. For OSL, I first paint the area that will be OSL the darkest color I'll use. So I painted the area that would be OSL'd a dark purple. Then I used a light grey color to cover the dark purple, while leaving a small border of dark purple to bridge between the OSL'd area and the rest of the figure. I then used a mid-green tone to glaze over the grey area. After that dried, I used darker and lighter tones of green to transition. It's important to pay attention to what surfaces the OSL touches. For instance, the metal bracelets on the right wrist are more reflective than the cultist's hood and are therefore a slight degree brighter than even the surrounding scales that are closer to the light source.
  23. Tre Manor is still working to fulfill his Warbands of the Dark Beyond across the pond, but I painted up the zombies to be a higher grade of zombie for my dnd game. I got the chaos bases at ReaperCon and wanted them to look like they were fueled with necrotic energy further powering the zombies!!
  24. Eye glow can be so difficult to pull off. I'm trying to be able to do all the things with loads of practice. I'm not a natural artist, so it requires me doing all the things over and over again!
  25. I’ll knock mine out when I get home today!! Glad to see it moving to conclusion. The shirt is like an expansion set during a Reaper Bones KS. Room for your own personal expansion, Randy.