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  1. We’re now a little over 50% funded with 16 days and change left to go! Just wanted to say a huge thank you to my group of playtester friends.
  2. I don’t have my woodhaven stuff but D&L are awesome and I’m positive mine will arrive when it does.
  3. A Kickstarter supporter named Egg Embry included our project in a weekly write up of RPG projects on En World!! We’re very appreciative of the support. 😀 https://www.enworld.org/threads/rpg-crowdfunding-news-–-over-the-hill-mythos-monsters-vermin-2047-and-more.689244/
  4. Thank you so much!! Can’t wait to hang at ReaperCon!! Thanks Andy! Secretly, I want you to critique my Open Category entry but it’s not meant to be THAT serious and does involve sculpting. 😜
  5. A co-author and I have started a venture and would appreciate you checking out our RPG supplement!! This is our first KS project, but I’ve been here on the forums for years. We’ve backed tons of projects and all well-versed in KS. Little secret…the project is named in homage to my favorite band. 😆 Please scope out our project! See you at ReaperCon. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adrift/a-game-to-remember-volume-1?ref=project_build
  6. Gamefound has switched from straight fulfillment to basically ‘kickstartering’ projects.
  7. https://b6.reapermini.com For the PM. I read somewhere it was being reworked by Kit but that might have just been for Base Boss. You’ll create a login using the same email address as is tied to your Kickstarter account. You can place as many orders ‘along the way’ as you’d like and they’ll compile those when it’s time to fulfill. The PM has been open since the KS was running, but it might be down for Kit to rework. Again, not sure on that. They haven’t announced any close date yet, but do so repeatedly during updates via KS, so you won’t miss it.
  8. Ah, I’m sympathetic to that stress. I kept my order on the smaller side because Wildlands had just finished a month earlier. I’m waiting to paint my Wildlands so I can see just how much winter terrain/trees I have, and then make a determination as to whether I want to paint any of the Wildlands stuff up to suit.
  9. Got the remainder of my Dwarven Forge Wildlands stuff today!! Can’t wait to paint up these happy trees!!! Blacklist Miniatures (December 2020) Throne Down Games (April 2021) Immersive Battle Atlas (April 2021) Wildlands by Dwarven Forge (June 2021) Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds (July 2021) Kobold Press: Tome of Heroes (April 2022) Dungeon & Lasers 3rd Edition (August 2022) Base Boss 2 (August 2022) Kobold Press: Tome of Beasts 3 (November 2022) Collecting the Art of GI Joe (December 2022) Bones 6 (April 2024)
  10. I don’t get the chibis thing. I like anime and watch some. But how can chibis be a more popular inclusion in a miniatures KS that the entirety of a Chronoscope expansion?
  11. By getting their KS to a certain level and having more in the tank for the pledge manager phase (which is usually quite long), they don’t have to shell out 10% of their haul to KS. Seems pretty saavy to me. And (legally) they can always tell KS, “Look here, we are encouraging our backers to pledge on KS and to get more unlocks…” As a veteran of the 5 prior Bones KSers, I get the frustration of others. I also get the mentality of being thankful for what is there. I also think that Ron is going to get an earful at ReaperCon this year. 😅
  12. Yes. I would just feather a line of neon green along the outer edge of the blade to make it look like a blade. As it stands, it looks like a lightsaber. Agreed, the cross guard is metal and should have a glint, at least along the edge reflecting the color back from the blade. You could or could not do the hand as well, and it’d be fine if you’re just wanting to be done with it.
  13. Per a suggestion in the Bones 6 enthusiasm thread, I’m posting this here: Hun or Mongol raiders on horseback Ancient Persian Ancient Babylonian (anunnaki) South and Central America (couatl) Pan-Polynesian A Chronoscope series specifically targeted at the ancient legends of Atlantis.
  14. Yes, there are a variety of looks to monsters that I’d love to see represented. Sometimes they do that as with their Bones 1 harpy and the updated harpies in Bones 5. They’ve done it with hydras as well. I can think of several legacy inspirational series for future KSers: Hun or Mongol raiders on horseback Ancient Persian Ancient Babylonian (anunnaki) South and Central America (couatl) Pan-Polynesian A Chronoscope series specifically targeted at the ancient legends of Atlantis would have me throwing heaps of money at Reaper. The artists could let their imaginations run wild.
  15. I actually don’t love the spirals and have considered cutting them off in the past and carefully storing the maps in an organizer so that I can just grab and take the ones I want with me, on the go. Plus, as you pointed out it means you can arrange them however you want.
  16. I’m sure they’re always looking for ways to grow and evolve to make money. They know the numbers that Chronoscope has done in previous Bones KSers, but that was also a situation in which they were ‘competing’ against other sets/add-ons. A stand alone may do surprisingly well with no other competitive pieces to ‘detract’, but it may also do a little as they’ve seen with other Chronoscope offerings. Idk.
  17. I love their work and was astounded when I saw that they were going away from their spiral books to the foldable…something that Yarro Studios did on their last KS. I wish I had the ones from Yarro…but China-shipping delays. I’m definitely wondering how well the edges of the folds are going to hold up with play and over time.
  18. I love the look you pulled off and the orange is quite inspirational. I could be mistaken…was the one on the far right supposed to be a troglodyte?
  19. You can also tell by her left hand and staff that the sculpt isn’t finished yet.
  20. Let’s not forget the legendary middle finger spell effect. I recently inked it, and its brethren spell effects and I’m quite eager to use it for my tiefling sorcerer.
  21. Same. I have some money in the Pledge Manager to spend and I know enough about how Reaper has done past (additional) unlocks to just wait to see how things look a month before they close the PM out. That might not help their decision-making but it saves me a lot of decision-making when they add more. Ohana means family.
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