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  1. I like very much. Wonderful colors and excellent blending. Great job.
  2. Saw them as a kid at the local hobby store, had no idea that minis were used to play DnD. Eventually started using them and started painting. The rest is history.
  3. I'm always looking for the 'unexpected' race/class combos. A dwarven druid, halfling paladin, half-orc artificer, stuff like that.
  4. Part of me would love to see an abundance of common items as accessory props for DnD, but then another part of me thinks of the time it would take to paint them, and the fact that they would be cluttering an already crowded gaming table.
  5. There is a bit of a learning curve, but I now know to locate "the craft" under the resources section. I'm glad that there is some condensing of the once laundry list that used to run down the left side of the page, but there are a couple of sections, such as "the craft" that I sort of feel like should be more readily accessible (in terms of ease to locate). I like accessing that and am always looking for new ideas, etc. I'd just like to see resources like that featured directly I guess.
  6. Very nice! I think he'd look great with a bit of drool. There's an awesome article on making realistic drool in The Craft section of the website under Resources.
  7. Hah, thanks! This is my first attempt at doing something more significant with lighting other than doing extra highlights for overhead sunlight.
  8. I decided to try painting this miniature as though she is a warrior making her way toward an opponent or group of enemies in the earliest hours of dawn. The sunrise is just beginning to light the day. I just felt like her movement forward was so dramatic that it required something special. Compliments and constructive feedback appreciated.
  9. Agreed on the pictures. I have a hard time discerning much detail. It looks like you left metal areas completely unpainted?
  10. Very well done! In my heart I'll always struggle to imagine a frost giant with anything other than bluish skin. :)
  11. Excellent work! I really like the details on the axe blade. Lol, the hammer dwarf does appear to have taken in one too many tankards before trying to smash an enemy.
  12. My honest to goodness problem with 4e is simple. When they announced it at Gen Con the promise was that everything was going to be simpler, more streamlined, etc. In practice, 4e characters have a ridiculous amount of options, monsters are complicated as hell to run, and combats last hours & hours...despite our groups best efforts to expedite the process. If you're running a group of 3 players, everything is fine. But 4+ players at your table at higher levels and the game turns into a non-stop storm of immediate interrupt actions on both the player and monster side of the table. I love that they made all the classes fundamentally valuable to a party and that it is much harder for people to munchkin the system...even the two power gamers in my group struggle around it. But, as time would have it, the more feats they release the more loopholes exist for munchkins to do what they do best.
  13. Thank you so much for the suggestions! I'll be sure to work that in next time!!
  14. I like what you've done with the base and honestly, this is a mini I would have previously overlooked were it not for your work. Nothing related to your painting, but I've never liked the cloak on this mini b/c it is so stiff it makes me think he's standing in a typhoon or something.
  15. That's hilarious! I tried convincing the player in question to let me paint it with a winter wolf feel of bluish tones, but her character is known as the Emerald Queen and insisted on the green. :)
  16. Agreed on the plethora of options! And thanks!
  17. I have looked at almost every single miniature on the Reaper site...b/c I'm a complete dork like that. I've seen the horsemen as per the Reaper sculpts, but I decided to find my own versions per my own interpretations. It's been great b/c it keeps my players guessing.
  18. I like what you've done here with a darker appearance as though he's stalking amidst the shadows looking for his target. I very much enjoy the robes. Are the purple, blue, dirty, is it just dark? Very excellent.
  19. As with the Hound of Judgement mini I posted, this mini is being used in my DnD game to represent the "Horseman" of Pestilence.
  20. The version of this sampled on the website inspired my own version, but I loved painting this mini b/c I could make it as supernatural as I wanted. For the current DnD game I'm running, this mini represents the "Horseman" of Conquest and is known in my world as the Hound of Conquest.
  21. One of the characters in my DnD game has magically and permanently befriended a winter wolf as a companion. This is a newer model and with the armor and all, it really suited the player's style perfectly. I wanted more white, but she insisted on significant darker tones so that it wouldn't stand out too badly when they weren't in snowy terrain. Hope you enjoy.
  22. At present I just use a spreadsheet to keep track of hero-types, villain-types, a rough reminder "description" of the mini so that I have a memory jogging device, the cost, and the ID number. It works for my purposes...but I'm glad to hear that something is in the works.
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