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  1. Same. I have some money in the Pledge Manager to spend and I know enough about how Reaper has done past (additional) unlocks to just wait to see how things look a month before they close the PM out. That might not help their decision-making but it saves me a lot of decision-making when they add more. Ohana means family.
  2. That’s precisely what I thought it might be going toward. Kobold Press really goes hard on that entire mythos and I’d of loved to have seen things I could work with in that vein.
  3. Correct. In previous Kickstarters I’ve just pledged $600 as my core pledge knowing that I’ll spend it all in the Pledge Manager and then be adding even more money during that phase as I make my final selections. Then, I’ll do 2-3 more orders along the way and end up hating myself when I have to sort through 2-3 massive boxes of plastic miniatures when they arrive. 😅
  4. 🙋‍♂️ 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
  5. We’re the most reassuring people in the world, and we’re all massive enablers… 😅 I’m bored. *pulls out stick and pokes Reaper*
  6. Plus, it’s just one figure. If the inclusion of one figure makes someone not buy an expansion then idk how anyone pleases that discerning a palette.
  7. I’d speculate that it’s because they’re only putting one extra of the spellcaster type and then 2 each of the melee types in the extras. Generally, casters are fewer in number in combat scenarios, and he might be more plastic than the rest of them based on the size of his head and the staff, etc.
  8. I’m with you on the core set. I’ve been to so many ReaperCons that I have a bunch of the core set in metal already. Furthermore, I’ve got a ton of stuff from Bones V that was also already owned by me in metal that showed up as plastic. So the core set only has a few niche things that I don’t have and would like to have. I’m not mad about it.
  9. The walrus makes for a handy druid or ranger companion for a sea-based adventuring group. As a DM I could have a lot of fun with that.
  10. That’s just it, the ‘lighthouse’ can be soooo many things for RPG use at my game table. The versatility of such a piece is grossly unconsidered.
  11. Aside from a windmill, they’re a really fun and creepy location out of which cults and undead can operate. I had my doubts, but now I’m beginning to suspect another $100 miniature option. I’m not sure how they’ll top a pirate ship…which I’m painting right now, but I have a feeling it’ll be another biggun they’ll reveal with 48 hours to go. My pledge just went from $36 to $105.
  12. I definitely didn’t see that coming. How does that announcement have relevance to selling miniatures or hyping up the Bones 6 Kickstarter? I don’t want to launch into a bunch of questions and speculation b/c I don’t think it’d be appropriate for this thread. I’m certainly confused. Perhaps Reaper is expecting a downturn in miniature sales over the next decade b/c of STLs and they’re trying to diversify into the market to better position. I foresee a ‘boxed set’ full of terrain and miniatures as part of a future KS, along with rules, monsters, etc. The development costs for such a thing are REALLY extensive. I think.
  13. My reaction was, “FINALLY!!” 😍 I was going to make jokes about it but then @ksbsnowowl posted that sensible blue drake picture above. 😋 Perry the Platypus’ latest disguise. 😅
  14. Andy, everyone knows you’re just trying to get bribes offered for ReaperCon. You should just go ahead and tell us since we see right through your ploy. Sample photos posted directly here would be an appreciated touch. I have a lengthy email chain going with Ron, and he agrees that you should upload some sample photos to help tease up some more excitement for the campaign. We swears on, on…the precious!
  15. I seemed to recall that too, but I’m thankful you responded and didn’t make me have to. 🥰
  16. I hypothesize that the lack of allowing people to add-on groups from the core set is eating up a significant amount of $$ growth during the KS. If they open that option up during the PM phase, I bet they’ll see a tremendous spike. Good for them in the aftermath, not good for the KS campaign and unlocking more goals. I get that it may also be a logistical nightmare for them during fulfillment, but if it adds a couple $100k to the campaign…
  17. I’m sorry but the metal original by Klocke makes me think of the salt bae meme with the Argentinian fella dropping salt on the meat he’s prepping. The new sculpt screams imperious mage who’s about to wreck some lives. Much improved IMO. Reaper did a fire sale on their HD paint line a couple years back and I assumed that was the announcement that they were stopping with the Bones paint line.
  18. I think one of the things I appreciate most about the fire newts is the choice of weaponry. A serrated two-hander, unique staff, scimitar, and the spiky-spiked mace are all great choices.
  19. Yeah, it was a thing where he was shutting down his website and selling off everything he had remaining in stock. I have no idea as to what was going on with life, or what the plan was but I’m glad to see him getting back in the saddle.
  20. I loved Tre Manor’s style with bugbears and gnolls. I have many miniatures from Red Box Games; quite literally #2 behind Reaper in terms of the volume I have.
  21. I’d of much preferred the bugbears being added to the core set and the fire newts being an add-on. I have 8 painted bugbears and the Bones USA one in reserve and just don’t need more of those. The newts are something I don’t have, but is in the minority of things I don’t have among the core set.
  22. Same, but I’d be remiss to see wotc add facing rules to the combat system for dnd. I already suffer from serious edition confusion on the rules at times.
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