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  1. The series of adventures in Tales of the Old Margreve by Kobold Press has a bee-based adventure within its pages.
  2. You should get a commission off of each one sold since you’re convincing so many people to get it now.
  3. Curiosity finally got the best of me, and I looked at the original art versus the sculpt and I was practically light-blinded at the glaring omission. I’d never really examined dragon wing anatomy before, and now that I’ve seen what you were asking for…I’m thankful Ron agreed to get that straightened out. Thank you for crusading to get it fixed!! 😇
  4. It’s why I haven’t looked it up! Can’t unsee or unlearn it. 😅
  5. I’m in this camp. I’m also not married to base sizes being mathematically perfect, or the same. I don’t care if your hero’s base doesn’t conform to the 1” square on the battle mat. I love the snake-lady. I’d love to have her in humanoid-sized scale for purposes of using her as a Yuan-Ti but I have a feeling she’ll be large-sized in scale. Doesn’t mean I can’t still use her as a more powerful Yuan-ti cult leader or snake god avatar.
  6. It does remind me of a t-Rex as well. That only enhances it’s appeal to me. That dragon is an absolute must-have for me.
  7. I love my Galladoria Games stuff. Did a mousling-themed diorama entry with their stuff a couple years back called Mouslings of Galladoria. Missed ‘em at ReaperCon ‘21. 🥲
  8. That duel-wielding tiefling could easily represent a cambion as well.
  9. TIeflings. Drat. My weakness. They’re by far my favorite race.
  10. After viewing that 3D turnaround of Chonkrondar I have to say that I’d be much less afraid of its jaws and claws, and would be terrified of a tail slap attack. That dragon would be able to tail slap a hero half-way across the continent.
  11. I’d just like to point out that this is by Lucky Duck Games and is where one of the Sadler brothers (Blacklist Games) ended up when Blacklist began its slide.
  12. I don’t give a *explicit* about the tabletop skirmish game that the Sadler brothers dreamed up. I don’t want their rulebook. I want the miniatures I paid for.
  13. I like Chonky. I think I’ll be adding her to the choices. Though, I seriously doubt that those wings could support her mass.
  14. FS1 is supposed to be at QML in Orlando…but who knows if BLG knows how to be honest about anything. The Sadler brothers are nil to me. Any company with whom they’re associated is a hard pass for me (cough,cough) Lucky Duck Games…(cough).
  15. I suggested the same a couple weeks back. Build the BONES USA line, smaller KS campaigns that focus on building that brand and internal production. Stop relying on overseas. Makes one wonder if there’s an addictive factor to having ‘large’ projects?
  16. I’ve only ever had one miniature frost after a sealing coat of dullcote was sprayed on it. It was simply that I had sprayed too much. When I seal a figure nowadays I make sure it is 6-12 inches from the can, and each angle gets one, small burst.
  17. Canadian geese as part of the bog set would be terrifying. They’d be the most dangerous part of any wetlands encounter. Unlike zombies, Canadian geese have a flight speed. Both share a similar mentality for just going where they please, and eating whatever is in their path.
  18. Randy…what happens at ReaperCon stays at ReaperCon.
  19. Agreed. Detestable in a way that I adore.
  20. These guys remind me of a cross between Gannon from Zelda, and the butchers from Little Nightmares.
  21. They’re at least making progress and it is tangible.
  22. I’m still waiting to hear about the other half of my order. I’m assuming it’s in with the containers that are en route or close.
  23. Haha, you got me there! I have no stake in telling people what systems/campaign settings to play. I don’t run in the Greyhawk setting. Thus, I have no input to provide on how to optimally drop it into that setting. However, I didn’t want you to feel unwelcome, or ignored.
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