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  1. I love, love, love that you pulled out the detail that she has teeth!
  2. Yeah, the exact same ship has Dwarven Forge Wildlands stuff on it too, so I had two Kickstarter updates, from two different companies, about it. Based on what DF said, nothing I would have ordered with my Wildlands was on that particular ship.
  3. I’m just psyched that the company I adore took our feedback and hit the drawing board.
  4. Yeah, I noticed that wording too. Like they’re practically finalized with QML and could potentially have their stuff shipping at some point in the vague, near future.
  5. My friends and I have already blacklisted BLG from Kickstarter, so it doesn’t matter. We just want our stuff after all this time.
  6. I don’t care about size and scale at all. But if the majority do, they should get that right before launching. maybe do a poll and ask???
  7. I’m in the camp that doesn’t care much for Chronoscope. Mind you, I have some from prior Bones KS projects, but it sits in a box. The only thing I wanted from bones 5 from that line was the nightgaunt and my buddy @chaosscorpion was kind enough to send me his. I do like the idea of them tossing chronoscope out as encounter sets vs full on expansions. They should probably toss out a chronoscope encounter set alongside a fantasy set or stretch goal however, given the lack of enthusiasm for that line as a whole.
  8. What about one of the kid heroes from Bones 5 with a little modding and paint for the ghoul effect? or one of the commoner children from the various Bones commoners?
  9. I’m just going to be backing for Bones USA stuff, then. That makes my choices and life a lot simpler, and more cost effective. I hope they have a BONES USA only pledge level.
  10. Is Bones 6 slated to be manufactured in the USA or China?
  11. Blacklist Miniatures (December 2020) Throne Down Games (April 2021) Immersive Battle Atlas (April 2021) Wildlands by Dwarven Forge (June 2021) Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds (July 2021) Fearsome Foes & Where to Fight Them (January 2022) Dangerous Destinations (February 2022) Kobold Press: Tome of Heroes (April 2022) Dungeon & Lasers 3rd Edition (August 2022) 1/14-digital download of Dangerous Destinations received! Deleted several from the prior post that were fulfilled and my list continues to dwindle down.
  12. This is Archon Studios and I’ve backed a couple of their Dungeons & Lasers projects. They’re excellent.
  13. Yeah, I’m glad Tre is back! Looks like he’s back in MS, too. I wonder if he’s actually had any of the digital sculpts crossed over and made into physical sculpts. I know that there’s sometimes issues with that.
  14. Received 1/2 of my Dwarven Forge Wildlands pledge right before Christmas and got my Exemplar wet palette today!! Only 8.5 projects open at this point.
  15. I messaged the creator about where the production of these is slated to happen; some of us care about that these days. He said that the production will occur in Canada.
  16. I wish we could create an online database of peoples that should be avoided on crowdfunding.
  17. The Rappan Athuk one. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/96714-next-level-miniatures-is-on-kickstarter-rappan-athuk-a-giant-dragon-fantasy-minis-galore/
  18. I’m giving this until the end of January. If I have a shipping notice by then, I’ll leave it alone. BLG is going to be retail-only option for my friends and I, moving forward. No more crowd-funding for them. If I’d of known that Frog God Games was going to do something similar, with US-based sciocast fulfillment, I’d of never backed THIS project.
  19. Another dog living a rough, rough life. Just so difficult.
  20. Idk what my brain is doing today, but when I read this I thought it said Baba Yaga instead of Baby Yoda. I dig your work!
  21. The line was acquired by an organization called Broken Arrow (IIRC) a few years ago, almost right after the Kickstarter had gone through and then they figured out they couldn’t fulfill it. I painted and posted the same figure a few years back, different head but about the same concept. I have an extra, if you can’t find one online. Found it, from back in 2015: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63582-fractured-dimension-type-3-demon-glabrezu/
  22. I asked this in another area, but who makes Reaper’s dice and will I see the Sophie’s Lucky Dice at some point?
  23. Who manufactures Reaper’s Pizza Dungeon Dice? Are the Sophie’s Lucky Dice from the Bones 5 Kickstarter being made by them? If so, do we have an ETA on when those dice might find their way to my doorstep?
  24. Only 3 have been stinkers out of over 80!
  25. Marked another one delivered on my list. I’ve become a fan of the products produced by Philip Reed, as supplements for my dnd games. Slowly the list is dwindling down. Throne Down Games is looking like another stinker of the project. I hope nothing happened to the creator but they appeared to have disappeared. I didn’t spend a ton on that project, but it’s still disappointing.
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