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  1. So I got the Graveyard expansion. I've whittled down to just the fence needing paint. Now I hit i bit of a bump. The tops of the inbetween pillar deals are open. The bottoms are solid, but the top is like in the image. There's these weird tabs, one side is all raised up with this thick plastic sprue bit. The other side has the trademark text like the bottom of a standard mini. Anyone has any tips/photos/ideas of what to do? I'm afraid to cut the bigger plastic chunk and break the whole tab.
  2. So I had to come on here and make a comment. Grey Bones, the stiffer ones. I LOVE THEM. Been working on the Scarecrow from wild west Oz. The stiffer material was nice to work with. It feels stiff like a hard plastic, but still has some give. I wish there were more mini's like that. I'm won over with those.
  3. Looks great so far man! Mine was more a bunch of washes. Base coat of silver, drybrushed a bunch of boltgun metal, added three different washes. Arguably My favorite mini from this kickstarter so far.
  4. Except in the Photo's it's this way. The fencing also won't be flush with the wider side down
  5. I came across a weird issue The tops of the cemetery segment pillars has an opening? Do just snap these tabs or file down the Made in china parts? It's strangely placed, almost thought they were upside down.
  6. Well I get to do the fun joy of attempting to Magnetize Ma'al. Base is gonna be glued to the legs/tail. But wings, Arm, and head bits will be removable. YAAAAAY
  7. Am I the only one who thinks it's odd the rest of Kyra and lavarath is softer, but the Pole is rigid? Is that an error or was that planned?
  8. Oh yeah, besides the flag, I love the model. In a worst case scenario, I'll just swap it for a weapon.
  9. I've tried the hot water trick with No luck. had a bowl of just under boiling water, left in for about 20 seconds with no shape change or flexibility. It's not super bent, But I'm a stickler as I'm doing the work on it as a commission
  10. Has anyone put together or really looked at Kyra and Lavarath? Mine has a VERY strange issue. The Flag isn't bones and is a bit bent.
  11. Started doing work. I like the robot from Stoneskull. Compared to a D&D Monster Menagerie II Iron Golem. Gotta say I like the imposing size.
  12. Odd question to throw out there. Just got my groups. The Gray colored bones, Are they any different besides the color?
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