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  1. As Crystal waits for her food, scanning the room, she takes note of the ostensibly vocally challenged fellow who didn't seem to greet or approach anyone. Might be another out-of-system traveller lacking local connections. If no other opportunity presents itself, might be worth trying to have a chat with, even if just to see if maybe he's with some civilian ship that might take on an entertainer. Or deckhand. Anything to get off this crummy rock and to a world with actual surf. When the waitress swings by with her food and a description of the regular 'entertainment', Crystal can't
  2. Did a quick PER roll of 6,2,2=10 to see if Crystal was alert enough to do what I'll be having up in a few minutes.
  3. So, for reasons I should be ashamed to admit (mostly trying to decide what a bunch of "stripperific" miniatures from the lead pile could possibly be good for, and deciding that a strippers vs. zombies scenario with a night club as the last bastion of civilizations, or some vague semblance thereof, against the shambling hordes seemed like an obvious answer) and have therefore totally rationalized (hey, a night club would be useful for various cyberpunk/Shadowrun scenarios!), I'm looking to build my own 28mm night club. Except I'm really bad at scratch-building buildings without some pre-made sh
  4. They posted an image (borrowed from idk, they didn't specify) of what is supposedly a SiOCast model in an update: I have to say it looks a far cry above the dross Brückenkopf got from Warlord Games, a much cleaner cast with better detail quality. It's an astounding difference.
  5. To be fair, I guess it might be Warlord Games is doing something wrong, but the pics at Brückenkopf do scream 1/72 plastics with resin-level flash in a worst of both worlds kind of way. I'm absolutely not prepared to pay metal prices for that, least of all when I have a pretty good idea how good the metals should turn out.
  6. I don't have first-hand experience but a couple of weeks back I chanced across a review of Warlord Games 28mm SiOCast Hussars on Brückenkopf. Mentions they feel weird, have all the excess flash of resin and are about as fun to clean as Bones I plastic (okay, they don't actually mention Bones I, I'm just paraphrasing in Reaper terms here ), look rather mediocre and, well, their conclusion is unflattering, to say the least, roughly translating to: The comments section is savage, too. Several people mentioning the material is absolutely horrible to do conversions on, comparisons to
  7. Okay, that practically wrote itself, and I definitely need to add that "Dislikes Crummy Rocks" quirk.
  8. Well, getting dropped off on the least crummy asteroid in an entire belt of crummy asteroids had most definitely not been what Crystal had had in mind when she had agreed to serve out the tail end of her third term in the Imperial Navy in the Spinward Marches and be discharged there. New Rome, just a J-2 away, that would've been good! On the bright side, this probably was as good place as any to meet non-human sophonts. Okay, based on what little she knew about Vargr, they were probably likely to be as pleasant as the next pack of dingoes, but she wouldn't mind chatting up some Aslan. Practice
  9. Alright. Assuming Crystal is effectively a vagrant after her discharge (I mean, why would a surfer girl settle on some broccolity asteroid? Also, maybe I should take Dislikes broccolity Asteroids as a fifth quirk?), she'd have a lot more money to throw at essentials such as the aforementioned computer (still not sure what cost/stats to use). A broccolity asteroid with no oceans to surf on! How about I add that fifth quirk should the group be stuck on Glisten for long? Ah, I forgot: mostly just listing the weapons as carried so GCS actually lists combat stats. Crystal's
  10. Ouch. That sounds like it'd be an awful lot of work (surely I'm not the only one who ever tossed a bunch of unwanted Bones in there as lightweight filler that might actually be more than filler to someone else) for no actual gain, gicen it'd still just mean hoping customs will actually believe it's a box of "one man's trash..." with no appreciable commercial value, instead of asking for non-existent further documentation.
  11. Well, I got things mostly figured out. Arguably my biggest issue is that I'm trying to wrap my head around the needless complexity of GURPS computers rules and how I'd get to a good Traveller hand computer for basic communication, doing calculations, accessing information networks where available, and storing a library of popular (space) naval songs an upstanding citizen might cover when trying to make a living as an entertainer freelancing in spaceport dives presumably frequented by not quit so upstanding ... things. Oh, and a digitized version of the complete works of Shakespear
  12. FWIW, a friend tells me that in theory, the low valuation should be accepted if it's declared as "scrap metal". Of course, he's not a legal expert and it'd fall apart if customs open the box and half the "scrap metal" is wood, plastics and possibly still-blistered miniatures. A different friend raised a better point: surely there's no even halfway decent documentation on what the value of the contents of the box might actually be, because they're basically all "one man's trash...", which in turn is indicative of a low value. Shouldn't customs be able to tell us how to prove that fo
  13. Nah, I'll make her an Imperial Solomani and move a few points around so she speaks both major languages well.
  14. Wait, so we're playing in the Third Imperium period and Crystal should be aligned with the Imperial Navy, not the Terran one, right?
  15. Tbh, I had already been thinking that while SMG was what that life path roll all those years ago included, a pistol would fit the character better. She should have a sidearm, and doesn't really need much else. Given GURPS Traveller IW is a weird book that doesn't bother with setting-specific weapons and I wouldn't know what to use for a Traveller Gauss pistol, I was thinking laser pistol. I'll just replace Guns/SMG with Beam Weapons/Laser, I think. EDIT: I just remembered, in previous editions, GURPS Ultra Tech had Gauss pistols,but I have no idea if that's still true in 4th.
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