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  1. Before they leave the med bay, Crystal smiles at Sarah and says, "I am being careful. The injury is fake, the threat to the ship isn't. A tough girl act that leaves me with a hand free is the right call." As they make their way through the ship, she listens to Percy's tale, slightly furrowing at some points, and eventually asks, "Out of curiosity, when exactly did that happen? And remind me to press you on what you think the real story is once we're in our quarters." When Ibanez welcomes them, Crystal gazes at the camera and nods. "Ah, good. This suite really lends itself to turning into a nicely defensible corner of the Star, and I should think in future trips, the extra security features will up the price with a certain VIP clientele." She watches the echange between Ibanez, Percy and Wrench, then shrugs slightly at the steward's question. "I rather doubt it. I think Wrench is trying to adopt non-verbal mannerisms as a way of becoming more of a people person, but I see no reason for him to intentionally go for comic relief with air quote misuse. We'll have to have a talk about that." She smiles at Sarah and Percy, shrugs again, then turns to Ibanez. "Please make sure Percy actually knows how to use that paticular type of pistol. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go see Riggs."
  2. So on July 31st, 2022, in Nashville, TN, “Jim Crockett Promotions Presents: Ric Flair's Last Match". I can't even begin to fathom what's the weirdest thing here, a 73-year old making a comeback in wrestling, his not having retired from in-ring competition for over a decade being a personal best, or someone having dug up a compnay name that's been gone for near on 30 years. But hey, I didn't realize until today Flair had is first match in Rice Lake, WI, apparently otherwise best known for an aging Hanoverian saddler and harness maker having relocated there, a fellow named August Ringling. Apparently he was visited in 1883 by a bunch of his sons, and the bros even put on their budding show there.
  3. Hoshiku nods, looking thoughtful for a moment, then says, "It seems I did not fully grasp Lady North Star's plans, but now I see..." He looks from Kurata to Rothan and Brother Shibata. "Ah, I fear I shall need to repeat my earlier tale to give the Machi-Bugyo some context." He turns back to Kurata. "I did promise to relate to you what brought me to Kasai, well, what I thought it was until just now." He again shares the Tale of the Fall or Morinuhata, then shrugs slightly. "Of course, there aren't just Kitsune and humans in this tale. For Subayai's death, oni-kind owes a debt of blood, and collecting on that is another skill I have tried to cultivate. Surely, my being innocuous preacher in public, yet hidden starknife against the clan's machinations, was Lady North Star's plan all along. I should have realized." He nods, smiling a slightly predatory smile. "I... well, some inconspicuous-looking human, more likely... should spend some time gathering rumors on the things the clan employs. If I could deduct what kinds of yokai exactly they might be, it would allow our allies to prepare to exploit their weaknesses when a confrontation occurs." He turns to Rothan, adding, "For example, if oni are involved, blowing things up in fiery ways really will come in handy."
  4. Crystal ever so slightly shakes her head as the head steward opens her mouth, nodding with a slight smirk as Sarah dresses her down. When the woman is finally out the door, she remarks, "Damn, talk about adding some bite on top of my bark." She grins as the heiress offers Percy a new job, nods at his reply, and chuckles slightly at the bit about the background check, commenting with a slight grin, "Right, I'll have another word with Chief Riggs to be sure, though based on what he said over the comm, I'll go with a soft, sensibly non-commital yes for now." She looks at Sarah, adding, "For what it's worth, I like his performance so far." Crystal seems a bit sceptical at the suggestion of crutches, but before she can say anything, Wrench arrives. She looks amused by the robot's wrestling with the concept of air quotes, and nods as he reports his findings. She listens to Percy's thoughts on the matter, and again nods at Sarah's comment. Looking at Percy, she says, "Yes. Intelligence, information is vital in assessing and dealing with possible threats, and I'm sure you've figured out by now that's what we're trying to help Chief Riggs with." "Now, curious as I am about the head steward, for example, I really would like to meet up with Joe and Martin before discussing things further. So we really should be going." She looks thoughtful for a moment, then grabs one of the crutches. "In hindsight, I'll probably much appreciate you all trying to talk some sense into me, that I should let Wrench carry me, just to be on the safe side. But I'm afraid after that run-in with the head steward I was on a bit of an adrenaline high, going on about how given my position, I need to toughen up and walk it off. One crutch has to do, I need a hand free in case of emergency!" She shrugs. "Okay, maybe laying it on a bit thick there, but given somebody's been sabotaging the Star, I really would prefer to be able to go for my gun at a moment's notice. So, if you're all okay with the explanation, Percy can take my bag, Wrench the steamer, and Sarah can tell me to at least be careful as we head to the suite."
  5. Crystal smiles at Percy as she listens to Riggs. She nodd slightly at the extra info about the winner's dinner and just says, "I'm really more the leaning on a friend diva type, and I really don't think it was that bad." After Riggs hangs up, she looks at Sarah and offers, "Well, here's hoping Wrench will find something we can actually use. Well, Riggs can use, really, but..." She trails off as the door opens. She quirks a brow at the woman yelling, and a frown forming on her face as she drags Percy up. Crystal shoots Sarah a mildly apologetic glance as she stands, markedly putting most of her weight on her 'good' foot, grabs the woman's hand, and hisses, "Don't you dare strike a crew member for attending a guest's needs at her request! Perhaps Mr. van Horton would mistake that for leadership, but I assure you Miss van Horton and I do not. I doubt Chief Riggs or Captain MacLeod would, either." She glares at the head steward, shifts more of her weight onto her 'bad' foot, then slightly cocks her head and remarks in a friendlier tone, but with a shark-toothed grin, "Ah, it seems I have to thank you, though, for annoying me enough for the adrenaline to kick in and drown out the pain. Sometimes one's temper flaring really is the best medicine." She lets go of the head steward's hand, looks her in the eyes and says, "Now, how about you just let Steward Percy get back to attending Miss van Horton an I, and be off to find something actually useful to do?"
  6. "Firstly, thank you for sending Stward Percy down", Crystal replies, ready to cut the conversation short and deal with Percy should Riggs indicate he didn't, actually. (assuming that's not necessary) "He just wants to inform you I have sprained my ankle and not to worry if we take a bit longer to get back. I'll try to remember to walk with a limp for a day or three because of it, but that's not important." She sighs. "I am positive the palm pad for accessing my old room was tampered with, and presumably so were those on the boys'. So let's say Steward Percy takes this opportunity to inform you the pads were a bit glitchy when he reset them, and ideally a tech should check them out asap. Sure, Chief Pita has her hands full and surely needs all her techs, but you could borrow Miss van Horton's service bot for an ostensibly trivial diagnostic. Let Wrench know I suspect foul play, and he'll dig deeper, hopefully finding some actual clue." Crystal pauses for a moment, then adds, "Oh, and can you please make looking into the Von Lichtenstein thing a priority? He's holding a prize winner's dinner tonight, and I figure you might want my team to know if we should pay particular attention to him or any of his 'lucky' winners." (unless Riggs says anything that requires a different course of action) Crystal looks from Percy, smiling. "Now then, Steward Percy, a bandage to make this look realistic, please. And for the rest of the way, kindly do handle the luggage." She turns to Sarah. "After all, surely you wouldn't want to lug around the steamer when you could be consoling your friend after such a terrible mishap?" She sniffles a bit, then pinches herself in the armpit, grimacing and saying with a mild sob, "Got to go a bit teary-eyed, just in case whoever tampered with the pads got eyes on the corridor."
  7. Crystal nods and smiles, saying, "Don't be sorry for doing fine when you're called on to do a job arguably a bit beyond your normal duties." With that, she dials the combination, holding that security key card ready to supply a vague ID if possible. If not, ah, Riggs can probably figure who'd page him from a med bay near her old quarters.
  8. Hoshiku nods thoughtfully at the mention of black magic, smirks ever so slightly at the idea he might be much like some young samurai (well, maybe in the sense of trying to do the right thing, but surely their paths for getting it done diverge wildely), and nods again at Kurata's approval. When the machi-bugyo is done speaking, he replies, sounding jokular yet thoughtful, "Hmm, I should hope he is not too much like me, as a cunning deceiver no matter how well-meaning would make for a strange samurai." He smiles a vulpine smile. "Be that as it may, dark magic is a concern. I hope that should I be faced with such, Lady Luck willing I will know a trick to counter or mitigate the effects. But as I am quite new to the city, permit me a moment of vulpine curiosity about this. Would any of those rumors point to dealings with or the involvement of dark yokai?" Those last two words, the young Kitsune says with an unusual cadence, reminiscent of a predatory snarl.
  9. Crystal keeps up the sprained ankle act as they make their way to the med bay, even going so far as to loudly pronounce to the hallway and anyone that might care how much she aprreciated steward Percy taking her mind off the pain with that quirky charming story about grandpa in the steamer factory, for a few moments, at least. When they're in the bay, Crystal smiles at Sarah and offers, "No need to worry, boss, this was just in case any creepy guests are indeed surveilling us." She then sits, close to the intercom, playing along with steward Percy's pretend ministration of her 'injured' ankle, while looking at the system and digging out the security card Riggs gave her the other. "Okay, let me see...", she muses, "simply paging Riggs could be overheard by, at least, anyone in his vicinity, even if the system were designed to use his location instead of just broadcasting a page ship-wide. But if we got Riggs to contact this bay specifically, we should be able to have a secure two-way, right, Steward Percy?"
  10. Just take it slow and get better. Spring can be a bit taxing when you're not 20 anymore, trust me on that.
  11. Hoshiku watches, smirking slightly at Rothan's response, nodding when the new gadget is completed, listening to Kurata and the gnome, eventually offering, "So, I take it these creations are not mere marvels of engineering, then, but somehow magic-infused, as well? Most fascinating." He turns his attention to the magistrate. "Be that as it may, Machi-Bugyo, I fear it is not merely connecting with an elder and elder priest, for sharing the wonders our guest from the West brings with him. We have been discussing that there is a young samurai rather outspoken against a certain clan that I understand is inclined to assert its power dramatically. Certain benefactors would like to see the young samurai closely observed to avert potential harm befalling him." He sips on his tea, shrugging ever so slightly. "Now, it so happens that one who can wear a thousand faces clould shadow a samurai in ways that should make it difficult for the other side's shadows to even realize he is in play, which might give those looking to protect the samurai a decisive advantage." He glances over at Brother Shiabata. "However, I would not risk unduly stressing official Kasai's relationship with its Kitsune should something go awry, So I would ask your permission, Kurata-sama, to utilize the full extent of my capacity for trickery in this matter." He takes another sip of tea, then adds, "I shan't bore you with details, though, as what you do not know, you cannot find yourself in a position of having to deny."
  12. Crystal inclines her head slightly at the steward's story, but all things considered, it sounds plausible. Resetting the scanners was a necessary precaution, Riggs would take a bit of time deciding whom to send, and given how much time they spent at Sarah's room, someone dispatched to do it arriving only now didn't seem out of the ordinary. She watches his reaction to the steamer, smiling ever so slightly. Okay, such a love for old steamers seems a bit weird, but if the man isn't actually an afficionado of legacy luggage, he sure is faking the slightly crazy conniseur of strange collectibles well. And the scalded servant, for that matter. Probably time to take a chance. As he turns to walk, Crystal moves up to him and says, in that chirpy party girl tone, "Ah, no worries, Steward Percy. Everyone's got their weird little love of something or other, possibly bordering on objectophilia. I'm more into vintage hardwood surfboards, myself, but...", she appears to stumble, grabbing his arm for support and whispering into his ear, very matter-of-factly, "I need a secure intercom to contact Riggs", before exclaiming, loudly, in a properly whiny party girl voice, "Ow, my ankle. Oh damn, that hurts! Sprained Im sure... maybe worse... I need an ice pack... or maybe even a cast, that'll ruin the cruise... where's the nearest med bay?" She keeps holding on to his arm - to keep up the act of her 'injury' if he really is just a steamer lover steward who should be keen to impress Riggs, or to put him at a mild disadvantage should he be something else and inclined to make a move.
  13. Crystal nods at Sarah's comments about Luxor employees and shrugs. "Right, can't know everyone. No worries, I fgure Riggs is likely looking into it right now." Inside the room, as she gathers her slightly out-of-place things, she frowns and says, "I don't think the scanner is malfunctioning. It's been tampered with. Somebody's been in here. Damn if I know what they were looking for in my room, though." Crystal shakes her head, then sighs. "Perhaps just trying to figure me out, gauge whether I might be a danger to them." She breaks into a slight grin, starts as if to say something else, then just shakes her head, puts a finger to her lips, and finishes packing. After they step back into the corridor, she again nods at Sarah's words. "Quite possible, I'm afraid. Somebody..." She trails off as the apparent steward unexpectedly arrives. Crystal watches him reset the scanner with a hint of a frown, but breaks into a broad smile of her own before he turns back toward them. "Ah, so good of Chief Riggs to send you down on such short notice", she chirps, "you do tell him we much appreciate it, right? After all, that thing really is rather heavy", she points to Sarah's trunk, "so if you'd kindly handle that?" Given Riggs, unsure of whom he can trust as he was, presumably didn't actually send the guy, Crystal carefully watches his reaction. Sarah really could use a proper chief of security about now, with actual skill at spotting signs of deceit!
  14. Crystal offers a slight shrug at Rigg's security chief comment, then nods and says, "Just trying to live up to expectations. And you're not the first to suggest Pita, so I'm sure S...", she clears her throat ever so slightly, "Miss van Horton will take it into consideration." She makes sure to distribute the key cards, as the boys standing before a locked door with all their stuff wouldn't exactly qualify as productive. She ever so slightly cocks her head at Sarah's request to stand guard outside, but after a chance to check the room does so without further question. When she sees Sarah emerging with the trunk, she quirks a brow and says with a smirk, "Wow, no wonder you had me guard outside. That thing can hold a plethora of heirloom jewellery, raunchy lingerie, luxury contraband, or perfectly ordinary, everyday items so unspeakably normal a spoiled brat would never admit to owning things so horribly mundane." When Marcus intercepts them, Crystal looks surprised at first, then nods and given, he seems in such a rush, just chirps, "Why certainly, Mr. von Lichtenstein!" After he is gone and Sarah voices her unease, she nods slightly and offers, "Close. Space port bar proprietor, actually. Also ran a raffle that put 10 guests on this ship, himself included. Earlier, I told Chief Riggs that draw wasn't a clean random one and could have been used to place an agent on the ship." She shrugs. "Bar not doing so well, I gather, so for all I know, he might have needed to do the Glisten mob a favor." She cocks her head slightly, then adds, "That reminds me, do you happen know of another Mr. von Lichtenstein who happens to be some kind of big wig at Luxor?" The boys not being anywhere near her old room doesn't really concern Crystal. Surely a marine like Ibanez could pack his bags ten times over in the time it took Sarah to sort her trunk; they have probably cleared out their rooms and gone back to the suite already. As she puts her hand on the plam sensor, she looks around for a steward, though; they really should be resetting access rights after she clears out, after all.
  15. Crystal listens to the explanation about what exactly happened. She looks a little lost on the technical explanation, glancing over at Joe and Wrench to see if it seems to make sense to them. She quirks a brow a the mention of the Glisten mob, and she's twirling a lock of hair thoughtfully as Sarah confirms they're relocating to the suite. When Riggs wants to leave, she grabs his arm, leans in and whispers to him, "You know those prize draw winners from Glisten? Marcus von Lichtenstein outright told us that wasn't really a right random draw. His brother is some big wig at LLL, I gather? A bar owner from Glisten might have mob ties, and a big wig far enough up the LLL food chain might gun for Van Horton's chair. Either way, a rigged drawing seems a great way to place an agent on the ship without risking the same scrutiny new crew would get. Maybe worth looking into." She pulls back and lets go of his arm, smiling slightly, takes note of the exchange between Sarah and Miranda, and nods at Sarah, offering in a reassuring tone, "For what it's worth, I suspect you're not of immediate interest to the saboteur, but getting you more safely set up in that suite still seems a good idea. Let's go get your things now, and I'll go fetch mine once I got you back with the boys." As they make their way to Sarah's old room, Crystal asks, "Do you have any idea why your father seemed so very intent on avoiding delays back in the Overnale system? It just felt a bit weird at the time, but now I'm starting to wonder if this trip to Mertactor actually is that damn time critical for some reason..."
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