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  1. Meanwhile, on the other side of the great pond, I'm fairly thrilled that this year, not doing monthly orders from the US does not mean missing out on cool stuff. Promos like this are also going to mitigate the impact of the EU store being out of 'current' promo items issues. (The cat in a tree dragon never actually was available when I tried ordering during the 12 Days 2019. I missed day 1&2, so maybe there was extremely limited stock that ran out; maybe it didn't make it to the UK at all.) Less exclusive bonus items might be better for strengthening international operations, because us Old Worlders won't need to feel left out as much.
  2. ... except in the sense that half the time, doctors seem to have exactly no clue. Particularly true in orthopedics, believe you me. They're all so bloody clueless I may need to save up to fly down to Birmingham, AL and see if Dr. Andrews is as good as the Tide pay him for.
  3. When I woke up, it felt like this was just another one of those years that don't do much but pile up. But then i saw this, and I guess it might be special:
  4. ... particularly given those guys from Cleveland just lost to the Bengals, showing that despite all the preseason hype, they're still the same old Browns.
  5. Eh, you're just forgetting every home has at least 2 levels of cellars with rats and squatters, plus possibly an entire dungeon filled with assorted inhabitants beneath that. Everyone knows that's Fantasy Building Design 101!
  6. Maybe once you include all the new suburban developments west of that old city center? I mean, those are probably not incorporated, but that number totally was meant for the metropolitan area.
  7. So, with picking a holiday movie to go see before the year is out being all but unavoidable, I finally took the plunge and watched that much-maligned Cats trailer. I can't say I'm scared or disturbed or anything, but Universal Pictures clearly need to fire all the bloody idiots who thought it a good idea to do a Cats film with a visual style vaguely aimed at gamers who're into virtual furries (TES Khajit, STO Caitian/Ferasan, whatever weird mods they use for The Sims 4, I don't care) and can cope with a deep uncanny valley look of anthropomorphic cats. Because no, the CGI fur isn't that bad, actually, but hot damn, that look of the characters is way too deep in the uncanny valley of anthropomorphic cats for anyone with an ounce of competence to think it's right for unleashing on mass market audiences. (Also, Idris Elba looks clearly the sexiest cat, which coming from a straight male not disturbed by the overall style pretty much proves they really are doing just about everything wrong.)
  8. This reminds me of a game I ran in my youth, not letting on the virgin the party of degenerate old perverts in training (what? it sounds way more important than "teenage boys!) was in fact the mayor's son. Biggest booty disappointment ever.
  9. Igor race or the class? What? I might want to do an Aasimar Igor, or possibly Igor Paladin, so an inquiring mind needs to know! But Igors aside, Happy Couple Of Days of Comparative Normality Between Excessive Festivities to one and all!
  10. Reading some Pratchett while the radio was on I realized that "Last Christmas I gave you my heart" is particularly romantic in a mildly creepy Igor way. (Guess I'll have to say Frankenstein when I try to explain that to my family.)
  11. Well, the holdup is on me to some extent, right, with grumpy elf bard still not done because life, it can really get in the way. I really should get back to work on Grumpy Christmas Elf Bard...
  12. Sorry I had to drop off the face of the virtual Earth for a bit. Happy to see the box made it to the Netherlands safely and timely! @Venun, they're technically mostly fairies. The same line of random wee folk packaged in with Foundry's large elves did have a bunch of proper pixies (less wings, more hats and/or booze), too, but regrettably, I barely ever got any of those, myself.
  13. Because nobody seems to have mentioned it yet, it might still be possible to insert you at the tail end of this round.
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