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  1. Crystal shrugs at Joe. "Is that what I'm doing? I don't know. I guess? But on a trip with what appears to have both a skeleton crew and a skeleton non-Luxor passenger compliment, the opportunity to delve into how well a service robot truly understands he impact the robot's own decisions might have on interactions with and relations to humaniti seems like one of the more fascinating uses of my time that might present itself, does it not?" We have already touched upon the conundrum that the self-chosen designation Wrench might be problematic due to the proverbial connotation of the term."
  2. Crystal shakes her head slightly and replies to Ibanez with a smirk, "Well, I sure hope this trip will go smoothly enough I'm not actually needed here, so unless somebody pinches me and I wake up in a luxury beach resort, I guess I'll have to politely disagree with fate on where I need to be." She turns to the robot, slightly inclining her head, sounding fairly serious as she says,"Say, Wrench, have you considered that management had those legs put on you because somebody thinks a more humaniform, bipedal appearance might feel more familiar to the average cruise ship passenger, tha
  3. Well, I'd certainly be up for a mainland Europe box. As for shipping from the US or from the UK, in theory, it shouldn't make much of a difference at this stage. It's really more like people both sides of the Channel aren't yet used to goods trafficking between the UK and EU facing pretty much the same rules as overseas trade. In practice, of course, the English might not be the most popular folks around the EU atm (I'm pretty sure everyone around my neighborhood was rooting for Italy in that EC final, and half of them don't even like Italy much), so a customs official
  4. Honestly, I had just put it down to Joe doesn't much like talking, but no worries, mate, Crystal does. Specifically played it that way in my last posting, too. So I'd say just jump in when Joe really feels he needs to say something, like he's been there listening all along.
  5. Crystal nods at the robot's response, albeit looking mildly disappointed at the brevity of it. She's pondering what other subject to broach when Ibanez approaches. She briefly glances at Joe, but decides he'd probably prefer to have a bit more time to work on his response, so she addresses the marine in that clear, melodious voice of hers. "Well, truth to be told, I'm just a surfer girl dreaming of a career in musical theater or entertainment", she starts, grinning. "I know, doesn't really sound like quality military material, but my first commander had this idea about me having po
  6. Crystal slightly shakes her head at the tale, then comments, "Hmm, the 'Mistress of Misjumps'? Might have been easier to just market her as that to thrill-seekers, but I guess that wouldn't exactly be a high-paying crowd." She looks thoughtful for a moment, then adds with a mild sigh, "Hmm, you said you like to fix things. Out of curiosity, how often did you work on the old nav computer?" Surely she had to be wrong about this - but what if LLL had changed the computer while keeping the robot-bodied proverbial wrench?
  7. Crystal smiles widely as the calming barkeeper starts talking, and nods in pronounced approval at his refusing to drink on duty. She follows him to the bar and listens to what both man and machine have to say with interest, her eyes widening at the mention of the CEO on board. Talk about a guy to try and make an impression on, entertainer for the high passage VIP crowd aboard a luxury liner, that wouldn't be half bad a gig! Before she can drift off into daydreams about wowing the rich and famous, the conversation turns to the robot's designation, and Crystal quirks a brow at the thing's stated
  8. With bots like those, they might need a morale officer 😜
  9. Well, some party... Crystal thinks and sighs. Either they actually are on a shakedown cruise with a skeleton passenger compliment, or the passengers on this cruise are slightly more boring than an Imperial Navy senior staff meeting. A lot more boring, actually, considering senior officers aren't above keeping up their own morale once the boring part of business has concluded. She waves at Joe with a slight nod. She considers relieving the bartender of his boredom, at least, but halts when she realizes he's having an exchange with a semi-packed robotic overlord that could be straigh
  10. Oh, she'd just as happily chew some NPC's ear off. I'm mostly just trying to figure out if we're thinking of the same bar, just in case a brawl breaks out.
  11. A few moments past 16:00, Crystal emerged from her stateroom and made her way to main bar area. With all the grime of the day washed off and looking well-rested, Crystal might not be immediately recognizable to casual acquaintances who have only seen her in casual blouse and slacks, as she is now decked out in a well-tailored Imperial Navy junior officer's dress uniform, complete with the obligatory Blade, the insignia. Crystal practically made a beeline for the central bar, out to score whatever kind of complimentary drink there might be for the occasion. After the li
  12. Okay, looks like I'll have to "retcon in" what Crystal did prior to the jump. Nothing too spectacular... probably. If Joe is going for the big circular bar on deck 1, he'd probably notice Crystal.
  13. I've been thinking about this, and after some consideration, you could make the original craters idea work by having the city itself *not* be in a crater: instead, have it be in an area *surrounded* by a ring of craters. That would make the crater's inner steep slopes the hurdle would-be attackers have to overcome, while the city could easily do some earth work on the gentler outer slopes, effectively walling the rims up, to improve their strategic advantage. The key drawback would be that the lands surrounding the actual capital won't be quite as defensible due to the rim slopes away from th
  14. Oh, and a rim-walled "capital keep" in a rather small crater, come to think of it. Something with wonderful gardens that, due to being in the crater, are ever hidden from the surrounding outer city's and thus the plebs' view, and surround grandiose fantasy towers that rise far above the walls to be visible across the capital territory.
  15. Hmm. The problem with impact craters is that normally, the outer slope isn't all that steep, while the inner slope is. For an attacking force, it probably wouldn't be worse than any other literal uphill battle, but if they take the cusp, defenders on the inside would barely stand a prayer to repel them - pretty much the exact opposite of what you want. Of course, you could have the capital city situated inside a crater small enough to actually wall the entire rim, so probably no more than maybe a mile radius. You could have a smaller, rainwater reservoir crater inside that. That'd
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