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  1. Okay, from what I could find on the quick, it looks like private gifts valued below 100 CHF are supposed to be excempt from import tax. @Samedi, it might be worth seeing if you can confirm that, and if so, inquiring about how likely Swiss customs are to go, "What, a random assortment of plastic, pewter and some MDF, surely that's worth more than that!" Wouldn't much matter if below 100 CHF is import tax free if they'd never buy that valuation. Also, apparently British-made chutneys except for mango chutney would be excempt from Swiss commercial import taxes and tariffs. At least that seems to be the gist of some weird legalese mumbo-jumbo I stumbled across. Perhaps it#s time to smuggle lead-free pewter in mango-free chutney, then?
  2. This would be the way to go for getting the box into/out of Switzerland, as shipping stuff between the EU and Switzerland is maybe mildly less convoluted than ding so between the EU and the UK, though that might just be me being overoptimistic. There's actually shops in Konstanz that make being a pick-up/drop-off location for mail that's supposed to get across the border without customs hassle part of their business model. Unfortunately the connection I had for that dried up a couple of years ago by moving back to the antipode (well, almost, it's just Sydney, AU, not actually Chatham Island, NZ), and Konstanz is a bit of a long drive for me (probably even by Texan standards, actually). Where was I? Oh, right, it might be interesting to see if the non-EU countries of the UK and Switzerland have some kind of bilateral agreement that might make shipping the box from the UK directly to Switzerland, then driving it across the border after, a viable option. Let me check what I can find on that.
  3. Not that we're only on D&D 5e if we start the count with1st edition being AD&D 1e; otherwise, we're on 7e. Now, if he accepts 5e is 5e, you could go dress him down by telling him that if wasn't merely a traditionalist poser, he'd know rangers got spells at higher levels from the very AD&D 1st edition. Oh, and tell him if he wants to make it more interesting, he could always do a half-orc with WIS as his dump stat, as half-orcs were in fact a 1st ed. race by the only count that has 5e being only 5th edition. Does loving to out-geek annoying geeks make me a bad person?
  4. So, today I heard players in an MMO joking about a boss running late like Deutsche Bahn. Well and truly an iconic brand... for all the wrong reasons. Expecting a broccolity game then, ey?
  5. This reminds me, me and some friends had a discussion the other day about the Worst Film Remake Imagineable. Our clear frontfunner was Abrams and Kurtzmann cooperating on a remake of Star Trek V. Next time, we'll probably limit it to films that actually were good the first time around.
  6. Ah, I feel your pain. Spent some of last year traveling through rural Germany - mostly Bavaria - for work, and it's absolutley shocking. It sometimes feels like third world countries have better mobile internet, mostly because there's a surprising number of places where that is literally true. Areas that only have 2G, or have 4G in theory, but that's spottier than 101 Dalmatians.
  7. So... turn it into sort of a guerilla marketing tactic for the Reaper forums? Sure, why not. 😎
  8. Timing is mildly awkward for me, as I don't think I'll get around to stock taking and deciding what I can/should toss into the box before February. Okay, that's not that long from now, but still, I need to get that done before it makes any sense for me to be in.
  9. Actually, that's a pretty rudimentary search engine. Prehistoric Googling was a full microfiche archive.
  10. Meow.* * Translation: "Aight, but once you done that black can opening magic and served as is your calling, you can bugger right off again!"
  11. So, a friend pointed out the other night that, of all the women in fantasy, ironically it's succubi temptresses that don't need to wear stripper heels, thanks to their cloven hoofs. We went to look at my miniatures, and even more ironically, it was pin-up style miniatures that immediately proved him wrong. The ladies from the old Ral Partha Elmore Silver & Steel sets may not be wearing a lot, but unless barefoot, they do wear sensible boots. (Also, centaurs, though their hoofs aren't cloven.) It might be worthwhile cross-referencing the e-mail addresses linked to such "dummy" forum accounts with those of Kickstarter backers. I imagine there could be a number of fair number of backers who went and set up a forum account because why not, but ultimately never used it because forums aren't really their thing.
  12. So, have you noticed how Ryan Gosling's Ken effectively gains more depth and character motivation from being a one-dimensional "just Beach" Barbie accessory than most characters in movies are given theses days? No wonder there seem to be more big budget bombs than blockbusters these days...
  13. So, finished the Star Wars third trilogy. How is it people seem to either love or hate it? What I saw was perfectly mediocre space opera with just what you'd expect from that: maybe midly more action than really necessary, some emotional high notes and a couple of logic holes you could drive a galaxy far, far away through. Okay, maybe making it look like some anonymous rando would be the culmination of a nine-film saga for the first two films of the last triology wasn't the best of ideas; I can see how long-term fans would have disliked that for not feeling like a proper ending to the saga. But I guess they had to hold the granddaddy reveal until the final movie because otherwise it would have pretty much given away that big comeback. At least that's the end of it. They're not going to do another round of films going back to the run-dry Skywalker/Palpatine well or introducing a completely new, completely unexpected, might manage to fail Ori levels badly new villain. ... Whaddya mean, they're planning another Rey film set 15 years later?
  14. If anyone asks, just say it's a Santanic interpretation of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.
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