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  1. Well that, or that's one of those customers who started out a complete idiot calling about how to even start the program (and possibly that weird cup holder that sometimes sliedes out of the PC), but has now progressed to only perstering support when there is some semblance of an actual problem (possibly because they got one of those modern no cupholder endpoints). A friend of mine used to get those.
  2. Crypto geeks a bunch of kraut-loving conspirator-perverts. I mean, this "hodling" they talk about is clearly a Bavarian slang term for "teabagging", so it is safe to assume the Oktoberfest is just a cover for crypto geeks "hodling" drunken American tourist to celebrate the ill-gotten gains from crypto mining the Alps using enslaved silicon-based lifeforms! I posted it on the internet so you know it must be true!
  3. Kageku looks on wide-eyed, then quickly and quite loudly exclaims with a tone of shock, "Damn, whatever juice that guy was on, I don't want none!" Sure, that'll draw more attention to his human self than Hoshiku would prefer, but better to quickly put that idea in people's heads than risk their jumping to the conclusion this Western monstrosity had killed a fellow Minkaian. He then shrugs, shakes his head and mutters, ostensibly to himself, if a little too loudly, "Well, uncle Abe, the gyudon here really was great, but you could have warned the place also attracts weird and crazy. Time to pay up and find a less interesting place for evening tea", as he moves to re-enter the ryokan. After all, Kageku really needs to get going if Hoshiku is to be back in time to get his hands on the body before those honorable fools simply drag it off to the authorities.
  4. The really sad thing is that means it was likely a realistic attack, and that by pointing out how bad it was, you probably "volunteered" to be shift security supervisor or some such thing...
  5. So, does beating a dead horse qualify as neighcromancy?
  6. At a glance, none of the dinner guests seem particularly likely to be a plan C. Crystal makes a note of the ones that seem angry rather than stunned, and maintain their appetite; should they wind up needing to recruit people who can take action, those would seem like above-average candidates. Herself, she digs in; no point in letting good food go to waste now, when there absolutely is a chance they might need to ration while limping back from whereever the hell they'll exit hyperspace to Mertcator or Glisten. When the ship somewhat unexpectedly exits hyperspace, she looks a little puzzled, then glances at Riggs and the captain. As the two of them hurry off, she slightly inclines her head, takes another sip of water, then uses her napkin, and stands to speaks to the guests in the room, "Alright folks, listen up! As we do not know at this time where exactly we dropped out of hyperspace, I'm sure Captain MacLeod and Security Chief Riggs will appreciate your retiring to your quarters for the time being, as a safety precaution. This will allow security to maintain a clear picture of where everyone is, while cruise staff can easily attend to your needs. Make sure to turn on the intercom in your quarters, so you will be kept apprised of our current situation as matters become clearer. Feel free to page your stewards if you have concerns or questions, but kindly keep in mind that until Captain MacLeod and Chief Riggs have had a chance to assess our current situation, and passed on initial results to stoff, the stewards will obviously be limited to providing general information on dealing with such exeptional circumstances." Crystal then taps Sarah on the shoulder, "Now, Miss van Horton, we really should be joining Captain MacLeod and Chief Riggs on the bridge. Knowing your father, he's likely a tad upset his business plans seem to have been derailed, and might not be feeling very diplomatic. As such, the captain and chief may appreciate a friendlier face to represent us when we make contact with locals." She looks for the members of her team, looking at her right-hand man and saying, "Ibanez, with us", then telling the others, "the rest of you, assist ship security in ensuring the guests are sheltered, then come join us when your assistance is no longer required." Finally, Crystal leans in to whisper in Sarah's ear, "Say something to reassure the guests before we're off, if you feel up to it?"
  7. It's got to be hard being Charles, given it felt like much of the world, and more importantly the Commonwealth, seemed rather, "The Queen is dead, long live the... eh, whatever", this past week.
  8. Does anyone know what items should eappearing in the UK store and when? With the UK store having IOSS, it wshould be more convenient for those of us in Europe, but given I can't seem to find any clear information, I'm kind of forced to sit on a loaded cart in the US store atm...
  9. While she'd really have preferred to wear one of the dresses Sarah helped her pick out the first week, Crystal opts for full dress uniform including blade; nobody can argue with an former Imperial Navy officer making it abundantly clear why she got her new job, after all, and for a second-rate fighter, not going into a potentially volatile situation completely unarmed seems like a good, or at least less bad, idea. At dinner, it'll be readily apparent to Riggs and the captain that making small talk and putting on big smiles really does appear to be actual forte. She helps guide the conversation toward the big questions, then just smiles knowingly at the not-so-suprising revelations about the winners. She makes a point of looking shocked at Marcus's confession, though, and her head sinks slightly at his stating they are stuck, before putting a hand on Sarah's shoulder, leaning in and putting on her best comforting-looking smile as she whispers, "Please make it look like you actually think we are stuck." As Riggs orders Marcus arrested, Crystal glances around the room, searching for a face looking too unsurprised, or possibly even mildly pleased, with those news. If Miranda was plan A and Marcus was plan B, there might be a plan C - and they really couldn't afford losing another nav computer once such a plan C realizes they are not in fact stuck, just rolling the dice on a back-up. When the Star's chief of security suggests finishing dinner, she glances at him with a "seriously? okay, I know, make the best of it" expression befitting a former Imperial Navy officer who knows they're in a bad spot and resumes eating, still letting her eyes wander, looking for anyone whose reaction seems off.
  10. (ini 15+5... yeesh, I'll have no good rolls left if I ever need to actually hit something) Kageku will just keep playing the curious onlooker, while Hoshiku ponders if the so far lone assailant's uncanny resilience seems somehow familiar (Knowledge 11+8, if one of his knowledges applies). Either way, he'll keep waiting for an opportunity to mess with some villain by causing a slip - be it by greasing that one sandal on the lone attacker or the ground beneath extra assailants' feet.
  11. Kageku squints his eye for a moment, then frowns slightly as Hoshiku ponders whether his mind appears to be playing tricks on him of its own volition or due to outside factors. A shinobi on a rooftop was exactly what he'd been looking for, an observer who might relay to a mastermind how a test of an enemy's capabilities went. So perhaps this lone mad assailant is another test, with a shinobi watching? It might be best if that presumed observer can't gather much useful intel. So how about disrupting the attempt? He hasn't actually tried using that trick with this kind of precision before, but when the crazy one throws another punch, he'll have to put most of his weight on the leading foot. So Greasing a single item, the sandal on said leading foot, at just the right moment, should cause a fight-shortening stumble, with nobody the wiser as to what exactly happened... (No, I've never seen anyone try to use Grease like that before, and the rules clearly weren't written with that kind of idea in mind. Trying to think like a Kitsune trickster certainly is interesting 😁)
  12. (17+6=23 ... what a waste of a good roll ☹️) (edit: actually, if it happens to be against a native outsider, that'd be an extra+2 from favored enemy, and the yokai hunting "yokai" could actually shine!)
  13. Kageku frowns slightly as Hoshiku witnesses the assailant's ostensibly insane bravery. Some drug, maybe, or perhaps possession. They'd have to look into that once the guy is incapacitated. Regardless, for now, the fox keeps hanging back, his human guise just a curious spectator, his eyes darting around nervously, as the trickster tries to make out potential additional attackers he might want to counter-ambush with a bit of bardic sorcery. (He keeps holding ready to potentially Grease the way for extra attackers from the flank.)
  14. Well, so much for just eating up like a hungry but perfectly ordinary traveler, Hoshiku thinks as Kageku pauses his dinner, looking around, watching the warforged and the samurai head outside, and eventually rising to follow them, slowly, in what Hoshiku rather hopes will simply seem like a perfectly ordinary, none-too-brave human letting curiosity get the better of himto other patrons. As such, he keeps a bit of distance, which perfectly suits his purpose. He isn't actually interested in the loudmouth; after all. If it really is just one loudmouth, surely the warriors can deal with him. But if said loudmouth were just a distraction to allow more competent assassins to get into position and strike, someone looking to spot and hinder them would surely be a good idea. And given such additional attackers probably won't be paying some random curious-cowardly human bystander much heed, the fox beneath the mask might just find a perfect opportunity to cause some slip-ups in their plans... (initiative 14+5; hangig back as Kageku, Hoshiku is looking for additional attackers trying to flank the warriors, holding ready to Grease the ground beneath their feet)
  15. ... and flush them down with beer, then! One-handed one-liners are tolerable.
  16. It went well. Can't type worth .... See you in a week or three.
  17. Thanks. Pretty sure the doctors wouldn't recommend intercontinental flights so soon after the procedure. Not that it'd be a particularly sensible undertaking except as part of a longer trip to the US, anyways.
  18. Right, a bit of an "outline" post from me, so you can "intercept" Kageku/Hoshiku at whatever stage anything should catch his attention. If nothing does, just decide when you want the fox to be back. Due to an upcoming medical procedure on my arm, I'll have to limit my screen time starting August 18th, presumably for 2-4 weeks. I'm pretty sure forum RPG will be out for the first week or two, though it might actually be just the thing to ease back into screen work with limited typing after that. I'll see what the doctor orders.
  19. Well, the gyudon certainly lives up to "uncle Abe's" makeblieve and, more importantly, Hamasaki-sama's real recommendation. The weary traveler is clearly enjoying his food, though the young Tien-Min frowns ever so slightly at the awfully loud conversation between those yokai-looking fellows. He sighs ever so slightly. Kageku should probably finish up and leave, so Hoshiku can get back here. The fox needs to have a word with everyone about how they really need Brasdir to secure the back room for conversations with Six, because you never know who is listening in, and more importantly, people don't even need to be actively listening in to hear every damn word the living construct without volume control says. The name Audra, the link to an obscure, or more precisely strictly Western, redeemer-healer sun goddess ((OOC: Knowledge Religion 18+8) and a hatred for orcs are enough for a clever scoundrel to try and weasel their way into Six's confidence, for crying out loud! Still, given Tchono and Hoshiku didn't spot any particularly clever-looking observers in the Ryokan earlier, and certainly not ones he'd expect to have any clue what a Sarenrae is, it'll probably better to simply eat up at the measured pace of a hungry-but-civilized traveler so as to not draw unnecessary attention to Kageku. Once he leaves, he'll need to stop by the sandal maker on his way out, to thank the man for the gyudon recommendation to further establish his human face as a real person. Once that's taken care of, Hoshiku can circle back to the rear entrance, shifting his guise back to that of the dead youngster from Morinuhata somewhere along the way, before returning to his preacher-self in the back of the establishment.
  20. Hearing Six's proclamation, Hoshiku the fox can't help but wonder if these Western warforged also come in variants suitable to tasks such as reconnaisance, observation, or pretty much anything else that does not depend mostly on being big and LOUD. Meanwhile, Kageku the perfectly ordinary human's eyes widen at the sight of the constructed yokai, the greenish yokai and the most honorable samurai keeping such strange company, muttering to himself, "By the Goddess, what strangeness..." He finds a seat by himself, waving the old prorietor over and saying, "Might I get some of the gyudon said to be so excellent both by keen travellers and old locals, Oba-san? And some tea, please." The young Tien-Min looks around like he's just taking unfamiliar surroundings in, generally averting his gaze quickly when it would fall on that weird group with those yokai-looking fellows, and generally minding his own business, whatever that might be. Hoshiku, meanwhile, is mostly just looking forward to dinner. It's been a while since he had good gyudon.
  21. Hearing about the thugs getting organized, Kageku frowns slightly, and says, "Oh, that is not good to hear. I do not know how things are down here in the South, but I remember when I was a child, every time some group of ruffians got more organized, rumors would start....", he looks around and leans in to whisper, making a common folk warding gesture that to the best of his knowledge is completely ineffective unless perhaps if used by an actual real priest, "... about how they were in league with yokai from the forest up North, or using yokai drugs, or other such vile things." He shudders, thinking of some of the nastier things superstitious humans might do to auburn-furred 'yokai' to make it look convincing, adding, "Okay, maybe they were just rumors to scare us kids, but I assure you, scared I was, Hamasaki-sama." He shrugs ever so slightly, then muses, "Anyways, I think I should go see this mysterious warrior at ryokan Baba. Or at least my stomach says I really should see if the food is as good as uncle Abe and you say." Kageku smiles slightly, again lingering to see if the sandal maker has anything more to add, before leisurely making his way to the ryokan.
  22. Compared to many other female miniatures, Daemonettes of Slaanesh offer the benefit that with them, at least their holding spears like stripper poles kind of makes sense.
  23. Crystal frowns ever so slightly at Miranda's comment, then shrugs and says with a slight grin, "Well, my Aslan's nothing to write home about, either, but at least I look the gender that by their standards is supposed to be doing the thinking, so that might help." She turns to Wrench. "Check if the ship's systems have any linguistics DBs that you could load to serve as an intepreter?" She listens to Riggs, nods and says, "One potential crisis at a time, makes sense. For dinner, I propose that Sarah will insist she's with me because she needs people to know I'm her chief of security. After all, between my not exactly being a combat expert and being slightly hobbled to keep up appearances", she points at her foot, "I'm best utilized to make sure Sarah hits cover in case things do get out of hand." She twirls a lock of hair, looking at Riggs a little uncertainly, adding in a slightly apologetic tone, "I mean, under normal circumstances, playing this by the book I should assign Ibanez to Sarah because he's the best man I have, and I should be free to actually lead my team if needed." She briefly bites her lip, then goes on "But given the specific circumstances, in case something does go down, I believe it will be better if you have Ibanez, plus the rest of my team, directly at your disposal, while I focus on keeping Sarah safe. I should be able to handle that, given I doubt she'd be specifically targeted. Whoever is behind all this seems after major disruption, and simply going after Mr. van Horton's daughter all of a sudden would be a huge shift away from that." She sounds quite sure of that entire assessment, despite the insecurities her body language suggests.
  24. Kageku smiles at the comment about not being local nods and replies, "Indeed I am not, hailing from far North in Sakakabe province. The edge of civilization, you might say, so experiencing Kasai is quite wondrous for me." While not strictly true, that's close enough to barely qualify as bending the truth, Hoshiku ponders; his shadow should probably stick by that origin story. After hearing the rest of the story, he nods again. "Ah, yes, pardon me. Kageku Kagura is my name. So one single warrior scared off these thugs? That sounds like these Laming Fists are, pardon the rural comparison but it is what I know, more like boisterous village ruffians than the well-organized brigands that might beset trade roads? I shan't let them keep me from visitng ryokan Baba, then." He chuckles slightly. "And funny you should mention the gyudon, Hamasaki-sama. That's exactly why uncle Abe said I should give their food a try!" As for new sandals, I think I might just get back to you another day. I'm sure you can imagine mine are rather well-worn after my trip to Kasai." The young man lingers just a little longer, to see if the sandal maker reveals anything more, perhaps on whether the Flaming Fist really are an unaffiliated small time group, before taking his leave and heading for the ryokan. Hoshiku hadn't actually planned on this, but visiting the place for gyudon as a human and later leaving again, passing by the old cobbler on his way out? Might be a way to start establishing Kageku as a real person in Kasai, which might yet come in handy.
  25. Well, Sic is as close to a cyborg ronin as Pathfinder is going toget...
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