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  1. Wow, first time seeing the female ogre model and you crushed it! Inspiring me to pick it up 😊 You captured the spirit of the mini really well and I love the base.
  2. They say the face is the most important part of a mini and deserves the most attention. On that front you did a great job. I agree with Inarah that the colour swatches may clash somewhat; the top half works because it is cartoony and saturated, and the bottom half works because it's gritty and unsaturated, but together the top half will overpower the bottom half. I bet it looks great on the table though. 😊 I love the pants and the shading on her hair.
  3. OMG this looks amazing. Furiously takes notes You have outdone yourself yet again metalchaos
  4. Just outstanding, metalchaos. I still remember some of your early posts on this forum and you were amazing back then too. This one I particularly like the brushed bronze effect on the blade. Excellent edit: also i think a great thing of this colour scheme is that it has a "slimming" effect on the pole. The all-black approach doesn't hide the thickness of the pole, whereas yours minimizes it in the background. The focus is placed on the armour, face, and blade head. Looks great
  5. nice gems, cool hair, stunning highlights
  6. You're completely insane. Everything is beautiful and wonderful. Sorry to hear you were in the hospital. Hope you get better soon.
  7. Looks incredible actually. I especially love the green body fading toward the brown neck and red head. Splendid details.
  8. Vibrant graveyard scene. Welcome to the forum!
  9. Awesome job dude. Love the sculpt and the striking paintjob.
  10. WWX Western Cottages from Micro Art Studio. I'm using them for fantasy. They also all have lights in them with a switch at the bottom, I'll post a dark shot later. I added a textured roof for each made of milliput or styrene. The bases are milliput+styrene cut to a 1" grid.
  11. Couldn't have done it without you or without this forum. Thanks again!
  12. Great colours on the robe -- lot of depth to it. More than the sum of its parts!
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