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  1. I like tangerines personally, but only when they don't bite back. It makes me wonder where they got the idea of tangerine/green/black or whatever colours are officially 'chosen' for their mini goblins/orcs etc from in the first place? I'm trying to think back through the early fantasy stuff I've come across - i'm not even sure if Tolkien prescribed the orcs or goblins as being any particular colour. If someone can find a (even better the first ever) quote from somewhere that says something like "and the goblins did assail them visciously, and they did have nasty tangerine skin in both texture and colour."
  2. Thanks for letting me know, very much appreciated. What browser are you using perchance? I thought I'd scrapped the drop shadow for that very reason, and I don't get it when when I'm using Google's Chrome browser, or the others I tried - but maybe... anyway it's really easy to fix, just gotta go through all my code again YAWN!
  3. Hello people of the Reaper - you may have (or not) been wondering where I got to the last couple of months! Well - let me explain. First up I should mention that I had to spend a fair old while rebuilding my website - ouch - its very time consuming but it now rocks! I had to squeeze that in between various massive army projects. Let me expand on that with some photos: 1) An enormous Chaos Space Marine army of the Thousand Sons/Tzeentch variety: There's a quite a few more shots over here: http://artisans-work...-sons-2012.html. For those that play/know the Warhammer 40K thing, the army clocks in well over 3000pts - with the older rules (i think they've just re-written them - who knows!) Next up was GW Necon Army that looks like this: Of course, there's plenty more info about them on my site. This army looks seriously awesome - I think! Well, all the armies I paint do but y'know - this one's fresh off the press so I'm all excited about it You can imagine that by now blue/gold/yellow combination is getting a little repetetive! Haha - it was fun. Especially after another guy asked me to paint these on very short notice (I found a bit of resolve to squeeze a little overtime out on this one): Seriously - I don't mind, but really think I'm getting a little blue/yellow/gold overload now So, time for something refreshingly fantastical. Next up I had these guys on the table: You gotta love goblins eh? But enough GW stuff already - I hear you say... I've got some more NON-GW models on the painting table right now - but they're not ready yet! They'll be finished in the early days of next week though. Check these out: Its a Rackham model, Confrontation's Meliador le Celeste - in a crazy orange robe. Perhaps a more professional photo would be better - but that's what I got right now and my camera battery is charging up so manana, manana (that's spanglish for tomorrow, tomorrow) I do actually have a couple of Reaper models scheduled in but not for a while. I will of course be here at the forums more often this autumn, now that I've got those heady days of summer behind me. So, in the immortal words of Rimmer: "Smoke me a kipper - I'll be back for breakfast"
  4. awesome basing work. I found a very old, rather rotten bottle cork recently which I've been wanting to use but been indecisive about how/where... until now!
  5. Oooh, love the shiny-shiny! Been thinking of trying out something similar to do beetle-like carapaces so I'm really interested to see how this turns out. If only we could get a 3D view to see how they shimmer...
  6. Because 'twas brillig and the slithy toads did gire and gimble... or something Neat dragon and a totally crazy idea!
  7. I will try heartily to maintain my tongue in cheek attitude! I do try to put forward a little more than a chunk of lead with some fancy coloured plastic splashed over it, and I'm glad that its received well! I've got some serious work to do on Trathus though, the cranky old s d that he is! @Silas - thanks again
  8. I have also stopped using spray primer after too many dodgy cans, poor adhesion and their cost. I do all of mine either by hand (same 3:1 with flow improver and or water and build up 3-4 thin layers) on minis with lots of awkward angles and lots of really fine detail (like masses of braided, layered hair for instance). Mostly, however, I lay it down with an airbrush - which is magnificent. Its quick, very thin coating and, importantly, I can actually control how and where the primer hits the surface, compared to a spray can. I can work it into finer details without clogging them up, and reach safely into areas where a spray can would plaster overlying bits like an arm, for instance, with great clods of paint. Its simply awesome
  9. That is some really cool, and useful info! Like the model too - clean paintwork and crickey does she look angry! I think its from being naked in the snow, she's got a lovely tan so I'm reckon she's just come home from a Caribbean holiday... brrrr, no wonder she's angry!
  10. "He's fought his way to the very top of the podium and you can see how much he's enjoying it - the glory, the power, the fame! Its Kjell the mighty, Kjell the killer, Kjell the greatest Bloodbear of the all (is he enjoying himself, he looks really annoyed, who wrote this script anyway, its awful)" Made the base from scratch in the end, cast up a blob of resin and built some stuff onto it! Not sure I'm as happy as larry wih the grass/mossy stuff, but the dead branch bits are cool. At some point I shall have to try and get a photo where you can actually see his eye. Unfortunately my lamp won't bend down far enough to get any light in there.
  11. Me too, me too. Not very exciting but I was looking for something interesting to paint and came across the site about two years ago. Couldn't find anyone selling UK side after a google search (never the best reflection of what there is!) and turned sadly back to my painting table with whatever cheapo deals I could find! Now I actually know what the internet does, after years living in the dark ages. So I had a scan around a few weeks ago and found Miniature Heroes and some guys on ebay and put some orders in - Sirithis turned up a few days later with Tobias Winterthorn and now they're in the Show Off forum, with two more to appear tomorrow and next week. Got a major, major project on the way too - using entirely Reaper minis - thinking big this time, HUGE in fact. All in all i'm hooked on Reaper Now to go and work out how much it would cost, and how long it would take for me to paint up everything in the catalog that I like... hmm, I don't have enough fingers for this
  12. So, I completely forgot to post finished pictures eh? How unlike me, hahaha! I finished her off last week some time, and since I've done a WIP thread about here I really ought to post the finished work. I never photographed her with the base rim painted black. But, I quite like the dusty grey look. It works better 'in film' than in the real though, so maybe I shall come up with a way of doing that deliberately? I also ended up taking the chains off, since that was what was requested After all that work getting them on really strong and secure I had to butcher them off - and it was tough to do as well so I guess it was mission successful for anyone who followed that thread in the WIP forum! @Lyn - I found a corpse in the end - pretty gruesome huh!
  13. My apologies for not getting more done yet Joshuaslater, and others. Had a crazy couple of days with stuff going on and a whole load of base making experiments! However.... tomorrow I will get some photos of Kjell for the Show-Off gallery. "SCORE". Let's just say for now that those bases arrived, and I didn't think too much of them so decided to cast something special up from odds and ends and some resin! I went a bit crazy with polystyrene and all sorts. Trathus's base attempt was - of course - a complete disaster! He jinxed it and then ran off to hide behind a paint pot, cackling. "It's free, round and nice and smooth. And Kjell's worked perfectly so I'll try it again," I said to myself. I got resin all over the place, the base got stuck in the mold, which was an old lid from a spray can or something... took my Exacto precision correction tool, and started cutting the mold/lid off the base. It wasn't working so I hit it on the table in the hope that it would magically break the curse and drop pleasingly onto the table. Instead it broke the resin and came out in pieces. Oh well, back to the drawing board. The good side of it is (there's alweays a positive) I have loads of chunks of rock stuff wtih jagged edges with which to make an even better base for Trathus! Scores again
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