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  1. Nah, that's too much of a hassle. Thanks for letting me know though. Ugh facebook. Alright, what's the name? And is it for Reaper minis?
  2. Aight. Thanks. Is there any part of the forum where that is allowed?
  3. I have a rule question. Is it allowed to discuss selling and/or trading kickstarter miniatures here?
  4. Hello. I'm trying to find this boat but I'm having a hard time. Can anyone tell me where this is from? So apparently I wasn't looking hard enough. I just found it in the Brinewind set. My apologies for this redundant thread. Ok, follow-up question. I'm interested in acquiring such a boat, but I'm not interested in the other parts of the set. Is anyone interested in splitting a set with me? Or does anyone already own the set but don't want to keep the boat? Let me know!
  5. Linky no worky any more... This. I can't find the bones minis on the site.
  6. Where did the minis go? I can't find them on the page. :(
  7. Awesome move, Reaper. My hat off to you as soon as I've located my wallet.
  8. Thanks. I'm still hoping for an answer on those two minis though. But I'll be checking the ones you mentioned out anyway. EDIT: Ah, I've been to that site before. They have one possible candidate: I would prefer to not have to order one mini from each site however, but in a pinch she'll do. I like the realism of Red-Box's minis. While for example GW are at the WoW end of the spectrum Red Box are in a way closer to reality. At least inspiration-wise, which I like a lot.
  9. They mark half inches. The problem is you can't see where in relation to the mini the little markers are positioned which leaves a lot of room for skewed perspective. My search is over already. I wanted the first two. They turned out too large. The other two are ok as well for my purpose so they're substitutes sort of. The reason this is important is that the project I'm going to use them for kicks off fairly soon and I need to have them painted and ready by then. That includes some conversion work as well. If my two "substitutes" won't work I'll have to look elsewhere for suitable minis, which is a shame because I like Klocke's sculpts (I bought the female barbarian from his Freebooter homepage, which by the way is one millimeter taller than Freja Fangbreaker and head and shoulders shorter than Selwyn, which isn't even standing fully erect) and have had nothing but pleasant experiences from dealing with Reaper in the past (have plenty of minis lying around I haven't painted yet, including two dragons). However I don't want to buy the other two and wait for the time it takes them to ship and then find out they're the wrong size. So basically I need this help to motivate another order. :) If it wasn't for the time factor I could obviously order them and return them if they were the wrong size.
  10. I have a small problem. I recently aquired three minis for a game and they were supposed to go together. The minis I bought was number 14165, 14085 and 03563. http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/14165 http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/14085 http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/03563 Now, the two from the Warlord series are so much larger than the one from Dark Haven (and anything else I got for that matter, including another mini sculpted by Werner Klocke) that it looks silly. The elf looks like a giant and the dwarf is almost the same height as regular 25 mm miniatures, only more heavily built. I've sent an email to the only contact information I could find on the homepage (webmaster), but I'm not sure it will find it's way to someone who can answer my question. Now, I clearly need a new dwarf and elf, so I was looking at number 03363 and 03004. http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/03363 http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/03004 What I would like to know is if these two are the same size as the Warlord minis I linked above, smaller or larger. Does anyone own them and can compare? I'm not asking for refunds, or even new minis in exchange for the old ones. I just want similar sized minis to go with my game. :) If anyone can help me with this it would make a world of difference. Best regards.
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