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  1. Wow; I especially like the horned summoner. Were those roofing tiles you used to build the "pool" sides? Great idea to paint up the weapons.
  2. Thanks Guys; coming along nicely: Front Left Side Right Side/Rear
  3. Hi Folks, In the old days of 2nd Edition, Ral Partha had the AD&D license and they did a lot of cool official figs (Ral Partha 11-xxx), most of which I acquired over the years. One that has been impossible to find and too much $$$ on EBay is the Molydeus. I will to make my own using the Bones Wolf Demon as a base; decided to use two snakes instead of one to take advantage of the existing armor. I bought a River Toob and took the viper and boa as the snakes. Here are the parts: and here is where things stand at the moment: Still have some
  4. Hi Folks, As the delivery of the latest set progresses, just wondering if anybody has done anything special to prep? As for me, I'm in the process of building a lighted painting station from scrap wood (seen here as a WIP): Lights are LEDs; staple gun as a size reference.
  5. Hi Folks, I've just prepped the Clockwork Dragon from Bones I for its first coat. Given the surface area (especially the wings), I'm looking to basecoat with a cheaper alternative to the MS paints, saving the latter for the detail work. Does anyone have experience using Golden Flow Acrylics on Bones? Jim
  6. I second all the Pathfinder posts. Personally, I'd like to see more monsters than character types; one of my favorites is the Keketar Protean. What impact has the WizKids Pre-painted PF line had on the balance between characters and monsters in Reaper's PF line? Jim
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