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  1. you can also check out next level painting's you tube channel. He has some pretty good tutorials. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTfnfIY3Kyxcv8sWck4sxvQ
  2. I drop the pieces into an ultrasonic cleaner filled with Simple Green, then rinse, dunk in water with Dawn Ultra Power Plus, scrub with an old toothbrush and rinse again, then let air dry. Might be over kill, but I haven't had primer flake off since using this method.
  3. Using Goblin math, you will need 20 bottles. (Goblin mathematicians, please double check my calculations.) Using regular human math: 1 Gallon of interior latex house paint from Home Depot will cover 430 sq ft. (Not exact. I just looked at a few gallons at Home depot for a bathroom project I am going to do. Coverage varies by brand but the 3 I looked at were all close to 430 sq ft/gallon). Reaper paint is .5 oz. per bottle. So, 430 sqft/128oz = 3.36 sq ft/oz. 3.36 ft x .5 oz (alternatively, 3.36/2) ~ 1.68 sq ft/bottle of Reaper paint. Coverage will depend on how much you thin and the number of coats needed. If you measure Argent's surface area, that should give you a better idea of how many bottles you will need. Argent's dims will more than likely be in inches or mm, so convert appropriately. Reaper Bottle ~ 1.68 sq ft. 1.68 sq ft X 12 in = 20.16 sq in. *Disclaimer: It's early and I haven't had my coffee yet, so my numbers might be wrong. YMathMV.
  4. Order should go: grass, tufts, then flowers. The field system overview video from Woodland Scenics shows the general order. The video is mostly an add for their products, so I am not sure I can post the link here per the forum rules. But if you google woodland scenics, then click videos, then landscapes, you will find the field system overview video.
  5. To fix the broken claw, remove any of the remaining claw. Drill a hole with a pin vise and insert a small pin secured with super glue. Use greenstuff, (or favorite air dry sculpting medium) to sculpt new claw. Alternatively, you could also use some plastic rod or wood carved to shape.
  6. Basing: Plastic to plastic: I use Testors Liquid Plastic Model Cement or superglue. Resin: Superglue Metal: Pin to base and glue with superglue.
  7. I don't think it's odd the hat band draws the eye to it. The black hat is getting lost in the background and the band and the face are the things that stand out the most to me. Using a lighter colored backdrop might help to make the rest of the model stand out more.
  8. Do a search for: MICRO TWIST HSS DRILL BIT SET OF 10. The set includes the following sizes: 0.5mm 0.6mm 0.8mm 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.3mm 1.5mm 1.8mm 2.0mm 2.2mm Should cover most sizes you need for pinning.
  9. Found this for wood crates and such on scale models: https://youtu.be/1IbGvKSwK4g
  10. I may have missed it earlier: 1. What resin did you use? 2. Was mix ratio per instructions? 3. Pouring surface was level? 4. Resin mixed thoroughly, scraped the sides of mix cup and the stir stick?
  11. A trick I learned in my scale model days was to put the masking tape on your forehead before applying it to the model. The oil from your head will reduce the adhesive enough to hold the tape in place, but not leave it so tacky that it will pull up the paint. As LittleBluberry said, make sure to let your paint cure before applying the tape.
  12. Find an image you like, reduce it to the correct size and trace it. Then transfer it to the model using homemade carbon paper (scribble pencil lead on the back of the paper, then go over the design on the front of the paper, transferring it to the model. has potential to smudge, YMMV). Or do like Corsair suggests!
  13. Think it of it like a comic book. Pencil it on, then outline with paint, then block in base colors and final details.
  14. Post the image and the size you want them and I'll see if I can print some for you. ***To self: "Now, where did I put my decal paper?"
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