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  1. Wondering if there is any plans on dungeon accessories chairs, tables, alchemy, book shelves. Basicly something to give a room a little more life in a D&D campaigne.
  2. How would I make the highlights lighter? All the metal was dry brushed mythril how would I make that lighter... mythril with white mixed in? I did do another wash in some areas to try and darken them in hopes of making other areas LOOK lighter. Thanks for the tips im really enjoying this new found hobby.
  3. Hello all Started playing D&D again with old highschool buds. I have become the painter for the group. This is the model I like the most so far. Im really bad at painting faces any tips tricks would be great. If you notice on the armor there is an eched pattern, I would like to highlight that in gold with out hitting everything else with paint. Im wondering the best way to do this? Dont bash me to bad, the stuff i have seen on everyones posts is SOOO outa my league.
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