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  1. They had final copies of the expansion models at their retail launch party on Saturday, and they look great: http://imgur.com/a/qAmWn and some more shots here: http://imgur.com/a/lBRfa
  2. I don't see an entry on http://boardgamegeek.com/ which would probably be a good idea, at least in the RPG section. I've only browsed over the kickstarter so far, so I'm still not 100% sure if this is more of a card game with RPG elements or of an RPG that happens to use cards. I also didn't notice any stretch goals.
  3. I agree. Cthulhu Wars has great miniatures, but this is a completely different style which is being 3d printed instead of sculpted by Fenris Games. The Kickstarter update does have some more up close renders:
  4. An unedited alpha copy of the rules is posted at https://petersengames.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/OMD-Rulebook-Ver11.docx No final illustrations or anything, but it does give an idea of how the game will play. They also said they will be posting some more close ups of the digital renders in their final poses, and some test prints they did of actual models pre-kickstarter which are not in their final pose just so people can get an idea of the detail level on the models. Additional bonus stretch goals have also been added as well. A render of the orc crossbowman:
  5. First stretch goals unlocked: Mr. Moneybags He is a new “boss†monster, though really he is more of a reward than a boss – he spawns by himself after one of the game’s onslaughts ends, and charges through the level. He is fairly hard to kill, and if he gets to the rift, you lose! On the other hand, if you can kill him, you earn a whole pile of skulls, which helps prepare you for the next wave of enemies, so he is mostly a blessing, but a mixed one. You receive Mr. Moneybags if you have pledged at the Hero level. You only ever need one Mr. Moneybags at a time, due to his nature. Each hero comes with a hero sheet, plus three weapon upgrades, which are different for each hero and are purchased as the game progresses. Here are the current hero sheets for Hogarth & the Kobold King, but be aware that they are subject to change as our playtests are ongoing! Unfortunately until we get some pictures of samples of the actual models, I don't expect huge traction on this game here.
  6. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1346151/more-pictures-models Regarding seeing more pictures of the models:
  7. I might be more interested if I didn't just get done with the Myth kickstarter, which more than full fills my "cartoon" style fantasy model quota. I feel like I could proxy this entire game with those models if I wanted to. Maybe with some close ups or pictures of actual sculpts the models will be more impressive.
  8. Need to see better pictures of the miniatures, but from the zoomed out shot there is nothing that really impresses me model wise. I read they used the 3d models from the game for the model renders, and they just aren't up to the standard of the stuff Fenris Games did for Cthulhu Wars.
  9. Arthur Petersen said that it may be pushed back until tomorrow, and would launch at noon eastern time. Based on the fact that it doesn't appear to be live now, I am going to assume that it has been pushed back. Edit: Though he has posted since then and said maybe later today. I'm a bit curious why they don't know when they are starting...
  10. Where did you see that it was launching today? I haven't been able to find a start date listed any where but here.
  11. Any info on what time the kickstarter starts?
  12. @ Mantis Creations: You might consider adding a configuration for Cthulhu Wars, particularly if you can devise one that will fit the upcoming expansions that will be shipped this summer. I'm sure Arthur Petersen at Petersen Games could give the dimensions required for the expansion figures. Advertising on boardgamegeek.com and the Cthulhu Wars thread here and on DakkaDakka.com would almost certainly garner some interest for that type of configuration as well as just one to hold the core game which has already been released. There is some discussion of that topic already here, but those don't include spaces for the biggest models which are up to 186 mm tall: Here is a picture of everything from the core and expansions: There will definitely be people looking for a storage solution for that many large figures that protects them and is easy to transport.
  13. They are fun models to paint. I tried to get a better picture of the Flying Polyp: Arthur Petersen from Green Eye Games said everyone's pledge manager should be unlocked now and they will be sending an official backer update "soon" letting everyone know that they can upgrade their pledge if they want for anyone who misses the news on the forum.
  14. Looks pretty good. There is a good tutorial for doing ghosts here if you are looking for more ideas on how to do the incorporeal look: http://www.coolminiornot.com/articles/7943-paintingghosts
  15. Thanks, the eyes are much larger than a typical mini, so this guide on painting eyes on a bust was helpful: http://www.elgrecominiatures.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d133.html That and looking at the studio versions:
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