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  1. FMLament

    Barsoomian Royal Barge

    Fantastic piece, very impressive work.
  2. FMLament

    Thorvald Reaper # 03386

    Oh very nice!
  3. FMLament

    Work In Progress

    I added a couple of photos of my recent progress with the piece, I edited them in under the originals. He's getting there...
  4. Great color choices, espeicially on the anime heroine. Great work...
  5. FMLament

    butterfly dragon

    Oh very nice, great work on the wings and the dragon's plates!
  6. FMLament

    Dark Maiden

    @Kuro Cleanbrush thank you, I was really pleased with the wood effect.
  7. FMLament

    Dark Maiden

    Absolutely;) Enjoy this piece, I know I did ;) ...
  8. FMLament

    Work In Progress

    Sure thing, there are other products on the market, such as ProCreate which is a bit more expensive but you get a lot more volume too for the price.
  9. FMLament

    Dark Maiden

    @Silas Coggeshall Thank you, I was really pleased with how she came out. I wanted to ask, you know that there are two of these pieces for sale right? The $129 large resin statue and the smaller one around $10.00. The one I painted above is the smaller, metal one for $10.00. Just wanted to put that out there. Here's the link to the one I painted above.
  10. FMLament

    Incredible Woman

    @Silia Coggeshall Thank you, I liked it too.
  11. FMLament

    Work In Progress

    IT has been really fun for me, it is well worth it. And the green stuff is only $8. You can easily get at least four or five minies out of that if you aren't too conservative about your mixing. Give it a go :) ...
  12. FMLament

    Deladrin, Assassin

    @Fitzeolas thanks for tip, I'll see it anyone out here carries Grumbacher products.
  13. FMLament

    Deladrin, Assassin

    @MonkeySloth Thank you, I'll have to look at Hobby Lobby when I get a chance. Sadly there isn't one, or any hobby stores, in my area. The best I have available to me is Walmart and Ace Hardware. The cost of living in a small community I'm afraid...
  14. FMLament

    Work In Progress

    @dks Yep, you were in the know on this one. Thank you for the compliments, I'm really glad I did get the color shapers. They have made a huge difference. I spent a good amount of time referencing how the muscles should look and I'm happy that it seems to have paid off. As for the wire on the hands, I'll have to remember that for next time. I've been adding the hands in separately, especially if the figure is holding something like a weapon. For my Jedi miniature I sculpted the hands on the saber and then connected them to the arms once they were cured. I had planned to do the same with this piece, in fact I sculpted his left hand on a separate weapon. I'll add that piece in with the next round of WIP images sometime this week. Thanks again for the comments :)...