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  1. Thank you for the kind words everyone :) These were all done over a few hours to get tabletop ready to play with, I really hope to find the time sometime soon to really sit down and spend a decent amount of time to really try and improve. This forum is a massive inspiration! and I hope i can reach a fraction of the level some of you guys and gals are painting at! I'd really love to sit down and watch how some of you get the results you do or failing that scoop out your brains and steal your talents! Mwuhahaha
  2. Really good progress! well done you :)
  3. beautiful! love your basing too, how did you do the first one?
  4. Very impressed with both the minis and your work! very smooth and well applied techniques. I am jealous! hope to get to your level one day :)
  5. It looks great for your first mini back after a big break! I had given up painting when I was younger and my first mini when i came back was not as good as this one :) Moving on from this one, GW's Devlan Mud would be a good wash to give it a more aged bone look and give it more depth in its colour. Starting from a darker colour and working your way up to a brighter colour, then followed by a wash would add a greater level of depth also. Welcome back to the hobby! look forward to seeing more of your work as you go on :)
  6. oh wow! i totally missed that you sculpted him! very impressed!
  7. Looks fantastic, I really like the scales and the dragon itself, although the wings could do with a little more work. Look forward to seeing more
  8. Well, now i need to pack away my own brushes and burn all my previous work :( Your work is immaculate! I would love to learn to paint like you or have at least a fraction of your talent. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
  9. wow! fantastic work, I hope i can get to your level of painting one day! look forward to seeing more :)
  10. Hi folks, There are some really amazing works on here! it is a real inspiration looking at some of your work :) I recently converted to reaper miniatures after giving up Tabletop wargames for Pathfinder and have to say, I think i am in love! Anyway to the minis! First up - Jolie, female scribe Eando Kline, Pathfinder - Grandmaster Torch - this was modded for my GM for his Pathfinder society character, using a head from an empire sprue. He is supposed to look garish and and loud. Thanks for looking, you can expect a LOT more as i feul my new found Rea
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