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  1. I have had no response from Creature caster to my request for replacement parts/ models. I have been busy scraping off all the mould lines and taking a scalpel to try and sharpen up some of the details. But some areas are so inconsistent in terms of depth of the detail that I am going to have to sculpt in the scales that should have been cast. This is particularly noticeable on the emperor dragon tail where one side shows good details but the opposite side shows very shallow and indistinct scaling. There was also a significant slip in the mould on that piece which left a ridge of about 2 mm between the scales on the side and the scales on the underside of the tail. At least the plastic is quite easy to carve. Although all this work is agitating my tennis elbow! :(
  2. Just to add, I certainly won't be giving them any more custom. I am so disappointed with this whole fiasco. The quality is nowhere near that of the old ultraforge dragon . Side by side you can really see the difference in sharpness. I have been busy removing all the tags on the mountain dragon. I have found some more issues. The resin in the base shows signs of not having been mixed properly! In fact there are some little areas where you can actually stick a scalpel in and pull out a bit that hasn't set! Never seen that before! Also, looking at the back left foot, this is poorly sculpted, one of the toes actually disappears into the rock. It looks unfinished compared to the other toes.
  3. Well this kickstarter turned out to be a complete omnishambles. Two years late, no hub shipping, no painting Buddha dvd, a litany of missteps and broken promises. I finally received my two dragons. I wish I could say that at least we got the super detailed high quality resin sculpts that we were promised, but alas, not even that part is true. The casting quality is as others have posted, some parts are definitely sharper than others. In particular the alternative neck on the mountain dragon has suffered a loss of detail to the point that the scales are barely defined. It will make painting the model in a consistent way quite a challenge. Also the socket on this neck piece is filled in with resin and will need to be drilled out. There is a lot of flash, and there are a few small air bubbles on both models, most not too bad and can be easily filled. There are some mould lines but I need to do a thorough check to see if there are any major misalignments. Major issue so far is that the tip of the horn on the mountain dragon's warped head is missing due to an air bubble. I have not yet decided what to do about this, whether to ask for a replacement part, whether to sculpt in the detail or whether to leave it as extra character on the model. I have recorded a couple of videos : Here's a link to the Mountain Dragon unboxing, here's the emperor dragon unboxing video:
  4. Yes the wings are a translucent resin.This is the first time I have encountered a model with translucent resin wings and to be honest I have been feeling my way along and making plenty of mistakes too! I started with painting some veining in Vallejo acrylics red and pale flesh mix and then tried to block in the transparent colour with Tamiya clear acrylics, red, orange, yellow and then a very thin wash of smoke. I confess this was a bit of a mistake as it reacted badly with the veining and lifted it off in places. Once that was dry I then over painted with a Luftwaffe green Vallejo mixed with minitaire ghost tint midnight blue for the struts where the wing would be opaque and continued on with using more transparent layers of Vallejo transparent red, transparent orange orange and tan glaze up to green towards the struts. Now I am reblocking in the veins, and using thin washes, a mix of the ghost tint, Vallejo wood grain and transparent red, adding more green towards the struts, to create opaque black patterning on the wings. Trying to get the look of a flying lizard. Have added a few pics of the wings to this album. The strength of the transparency is dependent on the strength of the sunlight. This was taken with ambient overcast lighting through window. You can see the opaqueness of the top coat on the wing resting on the table where no light is shining through. This is the effect I am going for.. https://www.flickr.com/gp/kittykat23uk/uw5wP2 IMG_20150517_174417.jpg by Jo Dale, on Flickr IMG_20150517_174533.jpg by Jo Dale, on Flickr
  5. Google dragon vs raptor or creative beast and you will find it! :) I know it's pricey but worth it! :D
  6. I saw this beast online and couldn't resist. This awesome piece is a dynamic dragon in flight being persued by a pack of angry velociraptors! I mean.. What is cooler than a dragon if not a dragon in flight being presumed by a pack of raptors? :D Assembly has taken quite a lot of time so far, haven't even started on the raptors! Hers a few pics... dragon vs raptors by kittykat23uk, on Flickr dragon vs raptors by kittykat23uk, on Flickr dragon vs raptors by kittykat23uk, on Flickr
  7. Thanks, he didn't come with the base, I made that out of sculpy. I wanted him to be perched atop one of those mesas that you get in the desert. :) really enjoying all your dragons, especially the underwater Kaladrax. Very cool!
  8. Here's a Ral partha dragon that I did as a white dragon, not sure if it helps? P3014367 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr P3014361 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr
  9. You can get a pearlescent medium that you could mix with your paint, liquitex do one.
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