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  1. Will the Warlord be held on The thursday the 27th? That would be pretty much the only day I could try for.
  2. Anybody in orlando area. Im trying set up warlord day at Scifi on monday 16th let me know who is coming if anyone.
  3. Yeah its hard to make a perfect 1000pt army. More then none im in the 997-998 area. Anything Unq/ Unique you can only have 1 of in your army.
  4. Yeah there is a few guys on a 1in base but seem to big... But thats what there data cards say so best just try make them fit... I usually put them corner to corner.
  5. Sounds like in your case its you finding couples that both are not fully into the game. Like my wife she has hard time playing warlord so she sits out when the group gets together to play. Try getting the one in the couple having trouble to sit out an watch how the game played till he/ she thinks there more comfortable playing with all rules. An maybe do short games to test out there skills with rule following for different skills like basics for magic usage.
  6. Ok thanks im mixing with old blowthrough that used to be like trample.. I think lol been long time since G1 Warlord.
  7. I hate to keep asking many questions, but with blowthrough. I know with trample the enemy get defensive strikes because it says it in the long paragraph. But in blowthrough it doesnt say anything bout Defensive Strikes can be done, so if I use blowthrough can they attack back?
  8. If anyone still looking at this we still welcome more players to come Warlord with us.
  9. Question about Summon. I know there is a spell for Summon an those monsters don't have PT value. But like of my sister of the blade army. I got the choice to use Angel of Vengeance as a summon do I gotta still count her PT value or is it like normal summon spell? An is it still the same SP needed to bring her out?
  10. Oh lol I don't know what I was thinking, I guess I have his altered form that's why I couldn't find him. I was looking for him with a big shield and big ax. Thanks.
  11. What happen to Kharg? I cant find him on army creator for either Reven or Kargir. Did they forget him or just remove him for some reason?
  12. I know a guy here that does HTML and stuff maybe I can see if he can try to help reaper get it up again..
  13. It was very cool system, Its sad its gone. Hope they can get it up a running again since ive been trying to get more and more into the game of Warlord. So far its a good 7 of us down here in Orlando.
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