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  1. Thank you MonkeySloth for taking on the huge task of organizing this! Thank you judges for your time! Thank you participants for...well...participating! Thank you Reaper for sponsoring and for being the #1 mini company in the world (in my world at least!)
  2. I am working on a troll right now and here is what I am experiencing. I washed the mini with warm water and soap and let dry over night. I then used brush on primer and noticed the primer beading at some spots. Even after priming, it rubs off with minor handling during painting. To be fair, my hands do tend to sweat a little and I have this issue on other minis as well. I remedy this by wearing a rubber glove on my handling hand. I did attempt to apply a straight wash to a bare bones mini and had similar pooling issues. For the price point, I really like the bones minis for a quick RPG setup. Nothing like fielding a squad of 20+ skeleton spearmen for under 15 bucks!
  3. I use an adjustable leather punch and various thicknesses of plastic-card. I bought a 2-inch stack of varying thicknesses off ebay and the smaller punches make great coins, the REALLY tiny one makes excellent rivets!
  4. On the plus side I did get to the local Beerfest! Over 120 of Wisconsin's finest micro and craft brewers! A good time was had by all. One vendor even had pirate themed beers! (made me sad, started thinking of ReaperCon. Didn't get a pic of his tappers, they were coming out of a pirate treasure chest! Favorite flavor was Pirate Ale.
  5. No GenCon for me either <waaaaaa!> stoopid GenCon <takes a swipe at a rock, hits it, but it ricochets and hits me in the head>
  6. Stoopid real life responsibilities.... <attempts to kick stone...misses> can't even do that right...
  7. <sitting on porch steps, elbows on knees, head in hands...pouting> I bet they are having a ton of fun right now......
  8. Mind if I join you? <sniffle, sniffle>......
  9. Ok here is what I have painted up so far from the list above: Ezren 2 goblins (originally 4, but lost 2 in the Dog attack of 2012) Yep...that's about it....
  10. Yeah these were a bit of a pain due to size. That is why I took some short cuts. Painting everything in a base color and giving them an overall wash of devlan mud (sorry, I have a ton of GW paints/washes to go through before I try MSP). On the plus side of these, I got them done in about two hours.
  11. The two surviving members of the Great Dog attack of 2012.....My dog (who thinks she is a cat at times) decided to see if my minis tasted as good as they looked. I had originally painted all four goblins, but these two were the only ones to survive. i use them with our Pathfinder RPG game so I kept the bases plain. This is a speed paint job. I wanted them to look dark (unlike GW gobbos) and I also liked the "wet" look of the LotR orcs. So I combined the two looks and this is what I got:
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