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  1. Prior to today, I would have said ordering direct is the way to go. However, I placed an order on Wednesday (enough to get free shipping) and it's just now shipping today. That's a bunch of crap, Reaper. :(
  2. And here is Team Danger, or Team Goldilocks as the case may be... / special note - the big guy on the right was painted by a friend of mine. These to minis represent a pair of characters who are currently being played in a Pathfinder game.
  3. I'm giving that a roll on my archer. I'm pretty sure the fixing spray didn't quite make it under the cowl. @ Goblin - if you have a brown wash, you might try that on the horns (or maybe black will look better.) I'd also try to black wash your armor bits. / PS - rank amateur over here, so not trying to overstep or anything.
  4. Not sure, but could your lamps or your eyes be letting you down? Make sure you have enough light in your painting area, check your prescription (if any), try some reading glasses, or invest in a magnifier to compensate. Good light and the ability to focus close up helps keep the surprises to a minimum when you take pictures. If you can't see well, it's hard to paint clean. I do need to get the eyeballs checked. Thanks all - your comments are really helping. I will post finished pics tonight.
  5. The camera is cruel, that's all I gotta say... I like how the cowl came out but everything else seems to be really muted or just sloppily done. I haven't coated him yet so I can do repair work as needed. Thoughts?
  6. Very nice, but where's the unit insignia?
  7. It does help, quite a bit. Based on what you're saying and what Serenity said, I need to use a darker yellowish color as an under-layer. Next time I work with yellow that's exactly what I'll do.
  8. Love both minis. But as others have observed before me, the, uhh, both of her headlights are on, man.
  9. You've got to teach me the ways of the Force. I keep coming back to this figure and it gets me every time.
  10. Someone beat me to the whole fabulous comment. I can only imagine ever attaining this level of mastery,
  11. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/armor/a-z/03115 That's him. Thanks for the I.D., Derek. He's got a non-Paladin vibe, which is why I think my color scheme is a bit ironic.
  12. I have a nice ochre too, wish I'd thought of that. :)
  13. About that Roman - "on my signal, unleash Hell!"
  14. I love the palette you've chosen and how "soft" the colors look.
  15. Thank you - I used Mithral Silver and then a brown wash (Devlan Mud) and after all of that I tried my hand at some discreet black dry brushing. I'm disappointed in the sloppy look of the yellow trim on his tunic.
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