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  1. I'd like to see you practice something! :mellow:


    When you do your eyes, before putting white down for the sclera, put some black or dark brown down first. Then when you put the white on, leave a faint trace outline of the black/brown around the outside. It's a method that has worked for me for years. May not be the best method, but it is good practice.


    I'm giving that a roll on my archer. I'm pretty sure the fixing spray didn't quite make it under the cowl.


    @ Goblin - if you have a brown wash, you might try that on the horns (or maybe black will look better.) I'd also try to black wash your armor bits.


    / PS - rank amateur over here, so not trying to overstep or anything.

  2. The camera is cruel, that's all I gotta say...


    I like how the cowl came out but everything else seems to be really muted or just sloppily done. I haven't coated him yet so I can do repair work as needed.



    Not sure, but could your lamps or your eyes be letting you down? Make sure you have enough light in your painting area, check your prescription (if any), try some reading glasses, or invest in a magnifier to compensate. Good light and the ability to focus close up helps keep the surprises to a minimum when you take pictures. If you can't see well, it's hard to paint clean.


    I do need to get the eyeballs checked.


    Thanks all - your comments are really helping. I will post finished pics tonight.

  3. The only other color that I've used with success as a base for yellow has been a burnt umber from a non-miniature painting tube. It worked wonders, and the yellow really showed, and the dark umber acted as a dark lining to make it pop even more.


    Hope that helps.


    It does help, quite a bit. Based on what you're saying and what Serenity said, I need to use a darker yellowish color as an under-layer. Next time I work with yellow that's exactly what I'll do.

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