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  1. Those are the two primary colors I am working with. I always like Haku from Spirited Away and was curious how that color scheme would work on a traditional dragon. I might test a few slight color variations, but nothing drastic.
  2. Over the last few days I've been juggling a lot of WIPs. In addition to the paladin I am trying to paint a full party of characters for an ongoing RPG, plus all the baddies for adventures. Tonight I switched to painting something just purely for the fun of wanting to paint it - just paint whatever I wanted so painting wouldn't start becoming a chore for RPG games. One of the THERE BE DRAGONS Bones miniatures was calling me. The one I chose was the smoother of the two. Because it lacks any scale details I envisioned him as a sleek river dragon. The two primary color combinations I wanted was a clay white and teal. Bones miniature: Base coat. Two drops Weathered Stone. One drop Yellowed Bone. Mixed. First application of Marine Teal (it looks more blue in these photos due to bad lighting) Started layering Marine Teal into the wings to make them fade into the color of water. Some quick and dirty shadowing with pure black to start pulling out the details. Started painting the clay white color over the spine spikes to make them look like fins. That's all for tonight. I spent most of my time painting this dragon while playing a game with friends so I'll clean him up a bit tomorrow. Considering there's only two base colors and black used I think it's a good start. More updates to come soon.
  3. Has anyone experienced the boiling process not holding? I have watched the video and boiled several Bones miniatures to re-position them, but a few Bones figures are not staying in the new position. Boil for 1-2 minutes, re-position, then a cold ice water bath for a minute. Am I missing something here? The Bones figure that is giving me the most trouble at the moment is the Gargoyle. I bought him at my FLGS in a blister pack. In order to fit in the blister pack his wings were bent straight back,. I have tried boiling this poor mini five times now in order to get the wings to curve inward in front of him to look like they are wrapping around him, but after an hour the wings start to uncurl. Within a few hours the wings are back in the original position. If I boiled this mini any longer I fear he may start melting. Also, can a figure that has been painted and reverted to the original position due to heat exposure be re-positioned again without damaging the paint in any way? I unfortunately ran into this problem with one of my Bones Pathfinder figures. Poor guy looks like someone broke his arm in battle. This is not a complaint. I just want to find out how to adapt to Bones figures.
  4. My demon came with two heads. I was wondering if someone else's package was missing a head as a result.
  5. I believe I saw the runes first in the Inspiration Gallery. The runes I did are different, but the original concept was not mine. Theirs was a linen white ribbon with blue runes. Very pretty.
  6. Completed the steel armor today. Honed steel with black was used for the shadows. Polished silver with white for the highlights. No changes to the gold yet. Made improvements to the face with some brown liner and tanned skin. I realize that with all the beasts and baddies I paint that this is the first human face I have painted all year. Oiy. Finally, I used Nordic runes to spell out "holy" on the front of the fabric, then "bless" and "just" on the back. Originally I wanted the runes in gold, but it did not stand out enough so I switched to pure white. More to come later this week.
  7. Some more speed painting practice. These figures are about.... 50% done.... maybe. I needed to throw together a trio of demonic casters last minute for a RPG this Sunday. I just happened to have had three Pathfinder Seltiel Iconic Eldrich Knights lying around so I they suffered the wrath of a bad paint job. My boyfriend literally dragged me out of the door to head to our game store with a paintbrush in hand yelling "They aren't finished yet!" I actually rushed too much for my comfort level so I will be backpedaling on these guys to fix mistakes before finishing them. Add it to a growing WIP collection. The interesting thing about these figures is that I got to paint a Bones figure next to its metal counterpart for the first time. Metal vs. Bones: Messy speed paint results (I cringe as I share this). Bones figure on the left. Once again, these are not finished.... A few observations: There's a notable lack of detail in the face of the Bones figures. The Bones model shown above needed three boiling attempts to straighten out the arms and the sword to match the metal casts. On the flip side, being able to bend limbs out of the way to get at hard to reach spots is starting to spoil me. I am loving Bones for gaming purposes, but for display I still prefer metal miniatures. Annndd.... add another WIP to the list. I offered to paint a figure for a player in our RPG group. He is playing a paladin so we chose a Bones Almaran the Gold, Paladin with Flaming Sword for his miniature. This is the first time I'm painting something that I will not be keeping. It's a bittersweet painting experience. Almaran the Gold - Bones vs. Metal Here's some in progress pictures. Thankfully I have until next Sunday to give him some proper love. Blue and gold is a bit overdone for paladins, but it was the colors I was given to work with. I have to admit that True Blue is such a pretty color on this miniature. For the record, I am not a huge fan of metal paints. I have not even come close to mastering the NMM technique yet so what I normally do is apply a thinned down gray over silver metals to reduce the shimmer. I started applying some shadows, but no highlights yet. I need to smooth out a few areas first. I struggled with the face on this one. I spent way too much time on the eyes before giving up. Ever have one of those nights where something is almost perfect and you're like "Lemmme add one more dot of paint...right...here...NOoo not there!" then start all over again? Yep, that was my night trying to paint the eyes. The one thing I did like was the five o'clock shadow around the mouth. Advice and tips are most welcome. This last batch of WIPs certainly need them.
  8. Progress! I won't be completely satisfied until I give him a proper base, but right now he is good enough to throw on a table for a game. Wish I had filled the shoulder gap, but for a speed job I'm happy with the results.
  9. Ha! I'm started down the same road to have too many WIPs going at once. I am surrounded by so many wonderful heroic human fighters and casters, but yet I keep finding myself painting beasts and baddies. I suppose that is what happens when you GM RPGs rather than play them. Speaking of other WIPs.... has anyone considered painting the Pathfinder goblins like fire imps? I have so many goblin minis already but none in the way of imps. They look a bit impish to me with those ears.
  10. I just started this guy last night. He definitely does look like he's falling on one arm, but as LittleBluberry mentioned the metal cast looks the same. If anything I think it makes the Owlbear look more crazed. Mine had some gaps near the shoulder joint as well, but it was covered up nicely once I started painting. The only issue I have with this mini is that the base is so flimsy. Giving the mini a stronger base may help support the leg better so the wing doesn't dip down so much.
  11. Still painting, but not finishing much yet. I can't seem to complete a mini before needing to move on to another for one reason or another. Because I'm on a time crunch I forced myself to try some speed painting tonight. I think I picked a bad mini to try speed painting on because the Owlbear eats up paint like no tomorrow. At least he doesn't need to look pretty. All Owlbears deserve crazy eyes.... Added some skin tone mixed with a drop of orange and pink for the tongue and around the more fleshy spots near the claws and wing membrane. Then went over the brown with another thinned down black coat to further shade the recessed fur. Tomorrow I'll add a lot of warmer colors to the fur and feathers to brighten it all up. I would also like to give this miniature a new base if time permits tomorrow, although he's a bit big for the 1" square bases I have available at the moment. The current base is a bit too flimsy.
  12. Just to clarify - the Saproling Warriors are not Bones. They are part of the Warlord army packs. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/ent/latest/06202 The height can be seen here: http://www.reapermini.com/graphics/gallery/4/P06202A_w_1.jpg http://www.reapermini.com/graphics/gallery/4/P06202B_w_1.jpg They are a little on the small side which is why I wanted to add some height to them. The minis alone are slightly smaller than a standard human figure, but taller than a dwarf. The base is a standard 1" plastic base. Think of them more like baby Ents. The detail and faces on them are fantastic. I misspoke when I said pine. It was trimmings from an Arborvitae shrub which is from the thuja family, not pine. The little branches are very flexible when first trimmed so it was easy to weave it through the minis. I then used sticky putty to hang all the minis upside down on the lid of a tall Tupperware container and let the trimmings air dry naturally. Hanging them upside down makes sure the trimmings dry upwards, otherwise they would flop over when they start to die and dry out. They are a little delicate, but I love the result. I would recommend completely painting the minis and sealing them before twisting in the shrub trimmings if you try this yourself. It was my original plan, but my boyfriend needed Ents for a RPG he was running on very short notice. I will definitely be revisiting these minis and painting them properly when I get around to my Forces of Nature set.
  13. Change of pace away from Bones tonight..... I got tired of staring at scales so I switched to a horse. This used to be a unicorn, but not anymore. This will be a palomino horse for my paladin in an ongoing 13th Age RPG. Skin tone: Mix of Oiled Leather / Tanned Leather Mane / Tail: Mix of Golden Blonde and Linen White Speaking of RPGs, here's another work in progress that I started awhile back for a game that I really need to finish. This is a set of nine 06202 Saproling Warriors that I wanted to use as Ents for the Wild Woods. I love the figures, but I wanted to enhance the feeling of being in a forest. I used dried oregano leaves as my base and then I twisted some pine around the minis after applying a quick base coat. Here's how they look now after the pine has dried: I really need to find time to finishing these guys. They will probably sit untouched for a bit longer until I paint a few more Bones figures, but I they are so wicked that it wouldn't be right to leave them unfinished. Remember how I said posting stuff here would guilt me into painting more?
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