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  1. I'd like to claim the 13th. We understand that it is a cursed number to the Templar and their heretical faith.
  2. While I understand the rationale, my preference is still for a matching scale. A smaller scale is more reasonable if the flight stand makes the models taller than CAVs, perspective will help it look right. If you put the aircraft on the ground, or close to it like the currect flying bases they won't look right next to the other units or terrain. I admit this is something that's always bugged me, but it wouldn't stop me from buying the models. I'd be happy with a better basing solution that I didn't have to buy, but not as happy as I would be with true scale.
  3. I'm going to delurk to say that I prefer that everything is truescale. The smaller aircraft look silly, and it bothers me when I see things that obviously don't fit. If you're going to have a scale, use it. If we're going to abstract it, just go all the way and use counters instead of models.
  4. Tiarnan

    Race Rules

    This sounds a lot like the FVR racing that we discussed in the FVR speedmaster tournament thread. Since reaper has already given us some fiction about that, I say use that name. BTW, part of the purpose of the original thread was to see if we could con (no pun intended) someone into running it at Origins. Any takers?
  5. This is part of the idea behind restricting the points to only 300 (maybe less) You use the points from removing weapons to purchase speed armor and pilot/WSO upgrades. I like the idea of the arena having turrets, and the crowd (meaning any spectators physically at the event) gets their own card in the initiative deck and they would vote on who gets shot based on who is being the least entertaining. There's nothing like a little audience participation.
  6. What an amazing article. I have a couple ideas now. I will post my results. Thanks you!
  7. I did some math at work today and 500 points is waaay too much. You can but every upgrade there is for a Puma with that. 300 points is a lot better. I have also reconsidered the idea of limiting this to only light CAVs. I like the idea of being able to field anything that you can afford. This definately needs playtest. Any players in WV want to try?
  8. Ok, so we have - 500 points to build one light CAV and crew. An oval, or figure 8 course on a 4x8 table. Table will have all terrain types represented, including road, buildings, trees, water, etc. CAV's will need to be properly converted as per normal rules. First unit to complete 4 laps wins. This sounds pretty good. Mad Pat, please let us know how it goes this weekend if you do.
  9. Sounds like you got the idea. I was also thinking that you could allow units other than cavs if they wanted. You get 500 points to trick out your unit. I like the idea of buying extra cards, but each unit should only activate once per turn. The fiction for the Puma in JOR makes this event sound like the CAV equivalent of illegal street racing. Now that I think about it, we may want to limit superiority CAVs, or at least their guns. A dictator would not have to win if it just shot up all the pumas out there.
  10. Last Origins I bought a boxed sets of minis very very cheap. These are old minis from the early 80's. When I opened the box, I found that a number of them have corrosion on them. This looks like the same kind of corrosion that forms on battery terminals in a car. I have tried washing it off and washing does not work. It seems to be bonded to the figure. Has anyone had any experience with this or does anyone know a good way to get rid of this corrosion. Since these are lead, I worry about taking a file to them and ruining what little bit of detail they have.
  11. I was reading the JOR again, and it just occurred to me that the FVR Speedmaster Tournament would be a great event to run in the evening at Origins. Something that could be run as a yearly competition. It could be done after the Warmaster and it would have a much lighter feel to it. I'm thinking a 4x8 table with an oval course and a variety of terrain. Each player gets 500 points to build their race vehicle and driver. The goal is to be the first to survive 4 laps. Since each person only has one base, you could have a lot of players all at once. I think this would be a lot of fun, so I thought I'd toss the idea out there. :D
  12. Tiarnan

    The black knight

    I feel that CAV is uniquely suited to allow variants in tournament play. There is always a certain amount that you do not know about your opponent's force, and you have to prepare for the unexpected. Crew upgrades, and upgrades to internal systems and the like are not outwardly visible. I like this as it adds an extra element to your strategy and force construction. Weapon swaps are the same idea, but you have to physically model the changes. I don't think this breaks the game. In the what I have played, I feel that it adds to it. From the standpoint of the CAV 'Universe' we have the Warmaster tournament where elite groups many of which field customized CAVs compete in a highly publicised fashion. This will make those with the capability to do so more likely to make these modifications, as it has become expected or a symbol of status. On the other end we have pirates, breakers and salvagers who can field units, but do not always have steady supply lines. A player can represent these groups by swapping systems with more reliable ones or ones that do not rely on ammo. We also have units built with specific purposes in mind. Suppose a person wants to field a unit with high endurance that does not require much resupply. They can build some Black Knights with improved repair units. My point is that if a person wants to use them in a tournament setting, and has done the sawing and glueing, and has done the math correctly, they should be allowed to field these units. In addition to supporting the building and painting side of the hobby, I for one would love opportunity to kill or be killed by something a different and clever.
  13. Tiarnan

    The black knight

    On the subject of variants in other games, I have to supress a shudder every time I hear of a "variant" that starts by replacing the internal structure and engine. Unfortunately in that game there are precedents for this in published materials.
  14. Tiarnan

    The black knight

    That is pretty much what I was thinking. I was wondering if you could use one of these guys in a tournament setting. Could I use one in the Warmaster competition for example? Although the more I look at it, the more I like it. It's a nice CAV for 202 points. Time to visit the online store to buy some bits.
  15. Tiarnan

    The black knight

    In JOR 1 there is a description of a variant Knight used by the Templars with the gun from the warlord instead of a flamer and the missiles stripped off. this seemed like a fun project, and a pretty good low cost CAV. I was wondering if anyone had played with these and had any opinions. Thanks.
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