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    Play Wheelchair Basketball, for Utah WHeelin Jazz, help coach the Jr's. Play AD&D atleast once amonth. Love painting Reaper miniatures.

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  1. Here's what I did in my brothers woodshop
  2. I use a Patriot 105 an a Krome, I prime, seal, and varnish with the 105. I use my Krome .2 needle to base coat and do cloaks at different angle's like this angel. I use a badger aspire 910 air compressor. I use Reaper Paints thin down with Awsome Paint Job's airbrush thinner, you can find the formula on youtube on Les site, no problem with clogs, get a little tip dry, no problem with an old paint brush, water and damp paper towel. You need to practice a little to get comfortable with the airbrush. It just another tool to save time an is fun.
  3. I use a badger patriot 105 to prime, varnish, and seal the deal on figurines. I use a badger krome to base coat and do blends on cape, robes, and weapons. Airbrush reaper paints and also use Minitaire paints, there great too. Have many bad experience with can primer an sealers. you can control that problem with the airbrush, I got my set up for around $350, 2 airbrushes an tanked air compressor. Once you learn how to use it, it becomes another great tool. And using a airbrush is not cheating haters, because if that's cheating so is using a W&N S7 brush or any top end sable.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions Heisler. I will be doing one of the giants for the single fig contest, doing something different for the diorama though.
  5. If you read the rules Heisler you can do other figs than just giants, was just trying something different, big but not a giant thats all , take a chill pill or spliff it up. I tell you what Heisler you pick the Giant fig and I'll buy it and paint it for the contest{ mind you I have a $25 budget for the fig}. Thanks for the fast reply, long live Reaper.
  6. how about the figures 03602 stone lurker $14.49 and figure 14452 dire bear $21.99, will those work for the contest?
  7. Are these figures eligible for the contest, single 03322; Efreeti Emir for the diorama 14632; Kargir Tundra Beast Rider. An in the diorama the big figure would be reaper but can the other figure's be be from another company or only reaper for the just reaper figs. Thanks keep up the great work
  8. I also have a Badger TC-910 aspire, its works great can push up to 56 PSI, When painting figs or bases I only run around 18 PSI, the compressor does make noise but not enough to wake most, Go to either Amazon or CAS, should be able to get around $200 or less.
  9. on your online store can't order fig. 03653: barrow warden lord or 03663: dwarf priest. in your dark heaven line thanks
  10. So I have recently did some airbrushing with my new gravity feed AB and used Reaper MSP. watered down with a mixture of 80% distilled water an 20% lexatex Slo-dri, 8-5 ratio slo-dri to paint. used Beacon Yellow based coated, worked great in two nice coats. The paint flowed great, very glad about this thinkin of buying those new Badger paints but after the results of the MSP thinkin jus save my money. Another great thing use an paint brush stir paint in the cup workss great not alot of paint lose
  11. Hi all its new year and I got a airbrush now jus wonding if anybody uses reaper paints to airbrush an how you would water down the paint so it doesn't clog the air brush, or do you use another kind of paint and what brand thanks
  12. I use gesso all the time get it from hobby lobby, its acrylic base, water it down a bit have no cracking problems, 2 smooth coats ready, too paint, 4oz for 4-5 bucks, its called Pro art gesso canvas primier.
  13. hey thanks you guy rock, LONG Live Reaper
  14. Please do a new color chart on all your MSP Core & MSP HD colors thanks, LONG LIVE REAPER!
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