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  1. Getting the books published and trying to paint again

  2. Did a quick forum search but only found 2011. Convention page says Artistcon will return October 2012 - any dates set yet or a thread someone can point me to? Thank you! Cheers, Kath
  3. hehe...It's so cool to see all the folks who have b-day's, anniversary, or other events during ReaperCon next year. I think we ought to drag all of 'em to ReaperCon even if its just for a little while to have a big celebration. lol! My son's b-day is April 19 - he will be 17. We want to work out the logistics so he can come it all depends on school and of course $$$. And we don't stop there. The next day, April 20th is my 22 year wedding anniversary - dear God I feel old now! lol! So my hubby wants to attend as well if he can get off of work. I am so looking forward to next year, if I can get everything lined up it will be an absolute blast.
  4. The W&N brushes I got from Blick years ago also came in the tubes. And I agree Blick has good customer service. When I was dealing with the smooshed brushes it was right before ReaperCon. The clock was ticking and I was running like a chicken with my head cut off - so it was an issue I certainly didn't need at the time. Plus, I'm a re-seller so brushes and whatnot are cheaper than I can get from Blick because they don't have wholesale accounts.
  5. You mean mixing flow improver and/or drying retarder in the primer then applying? If that's the case, my gut instinct is to advise against is - just use distilled water to thin the primer. Primer's job is to adhere to metal and give the paint some tooth to stick to. Flow improvers and retarders can have acrylic resins and other stuff in them so they react with the paints and do their jobs but that in turn could interfere and not allow the primer to do its job. And we certainly don't want to have workers unable to do their jobs - they might decide to go union or something - then where would we be?
  6. The last two times I ordered DaVinci and Rafael brushes from Dick Blick recently both shipments arrived with damaged brushes. They had been shoved into a plastic bag and two brushes had their protectors rattling around loose and a third brush didn't even have a protector. Dick Blick replaced them and the same darn thing happened. All it is is folks packing the boxes and not giving a flying flip. I was growing quite frustrated because the whole idea is to get a brush that can hold a great tip. That doesn't happen when the bristles are broken and going every which way. With Reaper's brushes they are in a blister pack so the chance of damage like that is greatly reduced.
  7. Argh! This is driving me nuts! I heard Bryan talking about a different store as I passed by him going to and fro at Con but I can't think of the name! ETA: Found it! Zazzle.com but I don't see a blanket - there is a Fairweather Mousepad tho.
  8. I picked up a Reaper Kolinsky brush to try out at ReaperCon and I really like it! Unfortunately the pickings were rather slim during Con and searching through the online store, well it seems all of the Kolinsky's are sold out. Any idea when more will be available? I'd love to get other sizes.
  9. Absolutely gorgeous work on both pieces D!
  10. Heya gang! Well, I've been working like crazy to get caught up on commissions since ReaperCon. It's amazing how just a couple of days can make stuff like this snowball. I've also been working on my own minis along side the commissions - mostly to try to cement in place everything I learned at ReaperCon - or at least grab tiny wisps of it before it flees for good. I started working on Monique just for something different with the 54mm scale. The only photo I've been able to find of her is the one Anne did on the website - gorgeous, gorgeous reds! But I decided to take her in a slightly different direction. With any luck I could do a couple of simple things here and there, small stuff that I learned at Con, nothing major-tear-your-hair-out-bang-head-against-the-wall.... Yeah, right. I heard a saying awhile back and I tweaked it to fit. "Man plans, the painting gods laugh." So I kept on kicking it in between commission work because if I don't at least have a good attempt at the NMM, Michael's gonna reach through the internet and smack me. (Just kidding Michael! He's too nice to do something like that! ) I've started her a couple of days ago, so here's some catch-up photos. Genius here - NOT - decided maybe gray NMM would be the easiest to start off with for the armor. And of course I couldn't resist and just had to paint the cloak red. She's got some armor pieces that are quite unwieldy, so I am assembling as I go. I basically just concentrated on the flesh and the red to start with. I poked the paintbrush at the armor every now and then and stopped when I started getting irritated. After my fiasco with the drying retarder at Con, I'm happy to say I haven't used a drop on her. It's all layering - so that's definitely something to chalk up in the success column. Usually I try to layer and end up doing this mishmash of wet-blending and layering and fingerpainting all at the same time and it just goes downhill from there. But this time I was able to keep the layers thin - even if I couldn't get the gray NMM to cooperate. Okay now the gray NMM is seriously starting to get on my nerves. So I just go and pull another bone-headed stunt. (Sorry about the background stuff, I was playing around in photoshop.) Oh sure, if silver isn't working, gold might...uh...wait a sec.... Well, at least its not as BAD as the gray. So I'm tentatively moving forward. I haven't taken the highlights up as far as they should go or the shadows as deep as they need to be yet. I'm working my way through the rest of the armor first. Once I get that foundation, then I can start looking at flares and whatnot. It's certainly not perfect but its a heck of a lot better than past efforts.
  11. I'll throw one out there too. Paint durability can also be increased by using primer (not just white, black or gray paint - genuine primer lol!) and applying it to a well scrubbed, dry mini.
  12. Screenshot of my laptop. Whistles innocently... This one is counting down to when I actually have to pull out of the driveway for ReaperCon. I've got one for GD, ArtistsCon and the very last one is a timer. Jennifer Haley asked me how long it took me to paint a mini start to finish. I couldn't answer her question so I'm darn sure gonna find out. lol! So, ntflyer, you're absolutely right...it's not like anyone is obsessed with counting or anything.
  13. I was another newb and I have to say, I have never felt so at home at any event I've attended. It truly was a family gathering and I had an absolute blast! And yes, I had to take all of Monday to recover as well. lol! A big thank you to Reaper Bryan and Ron and to all the Reaper crew. I know how tough and stressful pulling off a convention (no matter what kind) can be but y'all handled it with smiles, grace and aplomb. Thank you to Jennifer Kaufman, Anne Forester, Jennifer Haley and especially to John Bonot and Michael Genet since I sat next to them and drove them insane. But y'all were so wonderfully helpful, had some great classes, and didn't seem to mind my curiosity. And Derek (ByDam) I hope you made it home safe! I'm so sorry I didn't get to meet everyone. But I've already got ArtistsCon penciled in and a big neon sign in place for 2013. I think ReaperCon has spoiled me for all the other conventions. hehe!!! I certainly hope to make up for that (and I'm making it my goal not to rush a last minute contest entry lol!) next year!!! Thank you again everyone! Cheers, Karrie aka Kath
  14. My son is a huge fan, so I get involved too since he enjoys it so much. But I don't think I'll be able to get the PPV for him this time and if I watch it without him, he will kill me. lol!
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