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  1. Freehand, my bane. My elusive holy grail! Someday! Extremely well done obviously! -Fitz
  2. I really enjoy painting with successive washes. Especially when painting large quantities of monsters. I did a large quantity of GW Orcs that way, and they turned out great. I have found that the trick to it is using a common shadow at one point in the process. So you can do at least a few overall washes, or large area washes if overall isn't plausible. They look great btw! -Fitz
  3. For sure. If you ever get a chance. These are really great carnivorous plants. They are dynamic enough to stand alone, but sparse enough to add your own etched brass vegetation, or fuax floral to make them region specific. Well done! Maybe just a tutorial on how you built them would suffice for some of us! *hint hint* -Fitz
  4. I look forward to the day that I can afford an airbrush! Let's hope I don't end up sucking at painting with it and then regret purchasing it. -Fitz
  5. Groovy. Thanks TDD. I will give it a try on my next non BONES mini. Spray priming has been irritating me due to our humidity right now. Plus, my wife is prego, and she is going crazy over the smell of it on my clothes for some reason. Never used to notice it. Now she has to leave the room till I change my shirt! Crazy! -Fitz
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. @Joshuaslater - They still make it. You can order it off the website if needed. Hard to find in stores though. @Brunnwald - Thanks for the heads up on the Liquitex. I would curious to see the color match up considering that Michaels regularly has large percentage discount sales. (as Baphomet says) Scary though that it costs more than the Army Painter off the shelf. True that Michaels hardly ever stocks properly. Bit off putting, really. But thanks again for the feedback guys. If anyone else gets curious on this and has anymore ideas, keep em coming. Until then, time to restock my Dragon Red. I have Blood Angels, and Red based Nids to do. -Fitz
  7. I have always strayed away from brush priming. But I am always looking for reasons to try something new. Any advice for me on brush priming that can help me keep my miniatures details strong? Like, should I thin the brush on, for example. Or, always mix it with this product or that. You get the idea. lol Thanks, -Fitz
  8. You can experiment with colored washes that are already manufactured also. Using the same methods that beno and karazax are talking about. You basically just prime your mini black, then dust it with white primer from the direction you want your light coming from and then use a pre-mixed wash to stain the areas of the mini that you would like to see some color in. I recommend the Games Workshop washes for premixed washes. They are really well made and should do the job in a fast and controlled fashion right out of the pot. Then to top it off, they mix with mostly any other hobby paints well. So for the step that you have been doing with the grey highlighting; you could easily just mix in some of the colored wash into the grey to create a colorized highlight and then use that instead. Easy Breakdown: 1. Prime black. 2. Dust white from direction chosen light source. 3. Stain with washes. (stain more than once for darker colors) 4. Dry. 5. Highlight with grey, or grey mixed with a wash. 6. Cheers! Good luck! -Fitz
  9. Hey there everyone! I am looking for a possible alternative spray paint for priming my miniatures that is comparable to the Dragon Red spray primer from the Army Painters line of sprays. If anyone has a favorite, tried and true, or just effective red primer of similar color that they could relay to me; I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance. -Fitz
  10. I was just thinking how great this is if you want to do a lot of miniatures. You could easily go in on a stenciled design like this and then add some basic highlighting or shadowing or both to give it more depth. I think this would also give the appearance more similar to that of a freehanded design. Very cool idea. -Fitz
  11. I would really like that Odin. I look forward to it if you do get a chance sometime. I know that freehand can really transform those flat and dull surfaces quite a bit. I am not afraid to put in the time either. I actually really love to paint. So, thanks in advance when you get the opportunity.
  12. In answer to your question. If you have an art supply store of any kind they might have Grumbacher. I use the matte varnish for sealing. It is intended for oil and acrylic paintings but it actually works great for minis too. Just make sure you give each layer good time to dry.
  13. Thanks everyone for your comments! I took more photos of this guys and cropped them down for the Reaper inspiration gallery. They approved them! So if you want to see different photos of this guy you can check out the inspiration gallery and just put "mouse" in the search engine. I did this mostly because I wanted more detailed photos that you could see the reds better in. They turned out great, so I thought why not? I am totally stoked that Reaper put them up. Thanks Reaper!
  14. +1 love this idea I am with nytflyr on this one. +1
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