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  1. It's been months since I picked up a brush. My kid is about to start a new campaign and needs some figures painted sooooo... I needed to warm-up and found this conversion fig in my rummage box. He made me think, "Ahh, Hiratio, I knew him well."
  2. Thanks Nomad. Didn't realize that. I haven't been following all the buzz like I have in the past. The new address is the building next door and so still in the US.
  3. Well crap.... I have been out of pocket... aaaaand my shipping address was out of date. ***(facepalm)*** And I'm Wave 1 so although I corrected my shipping address I'm sure it already went out.... Guess I'll need to follow up with Reaper when the dust settles. I didn't remember that my shipping address was here at the office and the office moved last year.....
  4. Almost all surfaces have blocked in color. Some of it is undercoating for metal paint. I think that's what I'll paint next. The metal paint block ins.
  5. No. That he was a reapercon class figure. Two brush blending with Matt D. Then the metals are Scale 75 Metal Alchemy paints.
  6. Won this guy at the kickatarter conclusion party. Started painting him and is fun, but challenging.
  7. Won this guy at the kickatarter conclusion party. Started painting him and is fun, but challenging.
  8. I have picked up the whole line of BONES paints excluding the metals. I haven't had occasion yet to use every single one of them yet. So far, the only one I haven't gotten the coverage I expected was 9430 Polished Leather. The color was good tho. They are my primary go-to paint set now though. I still find myself grabbing the Liners, Clears, Flow Improver, and Nightmare Black quite allot.
  9. Ahh.... I had the visibility of most of the paint lines turned off. I vaguely remember doing that when I first bought the app and the only paints I had at the time was Reaper. In the intervening time from then to now CO has added more paint lines that I had not manually turned off the visibility. Thus my confusion. Adjusting the settings resolved my issue.
  10. It would be nice to have the Scale 75 paint lines added. Right now the line isn't huge like the Reaper MSP range. So it's not difficult to manage. But it would still be nice to add my collection of Scale 75 paints to the app.
  11. It's not retail release yet. I got mine in the Bones 3 KS rewards.
  12. I had allot of fun with the color palette inspired by Chinese Golden Dragon.
  13. We did do some brush work on the bandanna to blend some of the gradients. But not very long. We moved on to work on her bodice. The black leather parts were our next focus. Interestingly enough, we used inks to give the leather a satin finish and with the black ink we mixed in violet ink. It looks fantastic. And the last thing we had time to work on in class was the brocade. We used a blend of paint (from the Fantasy & Games line) and metal paints. The workshops were amazing. If you ever get the opportunity to attend a Julio Cabo
  14. Airbrushing the bandanna: 1. Using the mid-tone color we airbrushed the figure aiming from the bottom towards the top. 2. Using the highlight color we airbrushed from the top down. 3 Using the Shadow color we again airbrushed from the bottom up. I did not take pics after each application. Just after the airbrushing was done. Then the masking came off.
  15. Once we had the face done, we next worked on the bandanna. This we were going to return to the airbrush. So I removed the masking from the bandanna. We began to paint the bodice. There is some detail in relief on the figure. But it is very subtle. In order to retain enough detail to see we had to paint the color in thin glazes. I did not take photos... We used poster tack to cover the work we did on the face and skin. Then wrapped the figure in cellophane (or cling wrap) to protect the rest of the figure.
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